Top 10 Rap Song Cliches

Well there was already a list about pop song cliches might as well go over some cliches that tend to repeat themselves a lot in rap music. I don't hate Rap and this list isn't meant to offend anyone so let's get this over with.

The Top Ten

1 Lyrics about going to clubs or being dope
2 Cursing

Yeah it makes it inappropriate for kids and sometimes they don’t even have to curse

3 A fast rap

Get Busy is so fast, the X-Ray lyrics on Amazon Music can't keep up with Sean Paul!
- TheDuttyGyal

Like Rap God by Eminem!

4 Overuse of words like yo, whoa, yeah or hey
5 Diss tracks
6 Lyrics about being in the hood or being in a gang
7 Lyrics about killing people or wanting to kill people
8 Lyrics about drugs
9 Sexual lyrics
10 Overusing the N word

*cough* 6ix9ine. - FortniteTotalDramaFan

The Contenders

11 Rappers with Lil in Their Name

I went to HMV once and saw a whole rack of artists with Lil in their name! There were, like 4! And they were near 6ix9ine who is also stupid!
- TheDuttyGyal

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