Changes - 2Pac


Best song ever there are so many amazing lines in the song for example, Cops give a damn about a negro pull the trigger kill a ni**a he's a hero, its time to fight back that's what Heuy said two shots in the dark now hueys dead I got love for my brother but we can never go no where unless we share with each other gotta see me as a brother instead of two distant strangers and that's how its supposed to be, that is poetry that is the lyrics that should be in rap songs these days not, real g's move in silence like lasanga, or a song where the artist says ni**a a million times, If Tupac was alive all the rappers today(except J Cole and Kendrick Lamar they're the only good rappers in the new school) would be flippin burgers at Mcdonalds.

The media were always making Tupac out to be a thug. They never bothered to really look into the meaning. 2pac wanted the world to change. A lot of stupid people never looked in to what beliefs in change and justice he had. The media didn't want change. He eventually got sick and tired of the media and decided I'll play thug for these stupid. All eyes on me was a true gangsta album but it still related to the problems and despair Tupac had when it came to the streets. It is a true testament to his despair about the situations in the world. I believe it was recorded in 92' but was not specially mixed like it is till 98'.

How Can You Put Eminem on top of tupac, eminem is commercialized rap that is mass marketed to middle America. While eminem is good he is no tupac, tupac talks about how it really is for a young black man in the inner city, he raw emotion when he spits and he made a lasting mark in just a short 25 years. You can't compare any rapper to tupac he is the best rapper and changes just glorifies his legacy

How can this be below lose yourself? This song is the most influential, relevant song in rap history that everybody can learn from. It leaves such an important, beautiful message which is to change our ways and we really need too. Look what happened too tupac and biggie if we don't change it's just gonna keep happening and nobody should ever have to die so young.

I don't know how to describe this song, so I am not gonna say anything. Alright god. For the people chose other rap songs you should the study the meaning of RAP.

Eminem is my favorite rapper but I have to admit I don't know why loose your self is better than changes? It's music like this that brings makes people want to change all the wrong in the world. Loose your self is very inspirational but does it help to change the world and make it a better place? I think not!

Love this song! I'm a huge Eminem fan, but this is a song to compete with Em. Everything about it is good. The soul, the hook, the instrumental, and probably Pacs best song lyrically. "Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races" is probably one of my favorite lines outta any rap song

dance songs are not really part of hip hop. what is a part of hip hop is lyrical meaning and how people can relate to the song. eminems Lose Yourself does have that but its second 2 me because in Changes it involves changes in people and having a black president(which we have now)!

This song is the greatest song, from the greatest era of rap. There is no way anyone should be above this. The only song I could see an argument for being better than Changes is Juicy, and even that song isn't really all that close. Tupac knew how to write. Period.

A great song from the God of Rap-Great background music, good beats, and heart touching lyrics-the best rap song without doubt-and, it's a clean rap, meaning I could let my children hear it and learn a bit about the dark history of USA. Damnit, I have the lyrics in my mouth! I see no changes, wake up in the mornin n I ask myself, is life worth livin shul I blast myself... A work of Art, A masterpiece from the best rapper. Rest In Paradise, Shakur...

The new generation don't know what rap is. They think that it's all about being gangsta. But it ain't. 2Pac was so good because he challenged reality and wanted to make a difference. Nas is right, Hip Hop has really died. - Sherv111

this is one of the greatest songs known 2 mankind. why hasen't the government listened 2 this song yet. we should do what pac tells us and stop the killin and have change?

A lyrical soulja; true feelings put into words to help make the world a better place; not to bitch or moan; to brag or to justify.. Just a thoughtful and intelligent regular guy trying to make sense out of this world for himself and us RIP King

He is an original who literally died representing rap
Tupac lyrics are deep, with meaning.
I have respect for his music and also biggies music
He doesn't say random weird stuff
He is very talented to get attention by how deep he is rather than how crazy he could get... Just saying

Great rapper, great song

Dance with the devil is great and really hits hard lyrically. But not 3rd best of all time, definitely a moving song and dope artist, but I think uncommon valor - jedi mind tricks is one of the greatest underground rap songs of all time.

This song does not only have a good beat, but it also has a deep deep meaning which not a lot of rap songs have these days. Most rappers just rap about how cool they are but Tupac actually raps about life. He is tried to make a difference.

He has always been the best rapper to me and inspire me a lot with his words and rap style. I bet if he is not dead by now I don't know what will happen or what he is bringing to the world. I love you man no size for you

Tupac always cared about the ills in our society, and this song proves he wanted to fix it. He had a big heart. He was a confused and hurt human being who wasn't afraid to write about his emotions - ranging from crying tears to being angry at the whole world. RIP.

Changes is the #1 song noo way is lose yourself over changes everything 2pac spoke about in that song was true about no peace in the Middle East and just another mouth on the welfare no song emphasized the meaning this song did its by far the best rap song

2pac had love for his people, most rappers have only love for themselves. You can feel his passion though his music. He transcended rap White/Black EastCoast/Westcoast even spread across seas.

not one of pac's best tracks, it got to this place in the list because it got overrated as the video had tupac's murder scene. That made the song gain an ironic sadness which made the song feel good.

Tupac was the best musical artist of all time. When I first heard this song I couldn't believe a gangster rapper wrote it. It blew me away and still does. With this song, Tupac will forever live on in our hearts. R.I.P Pac

PAC was more then just a rapper. He was an activist, a philosopher, and visionary and this song serves as the epitome of what he stood for

This song is perfect. It's beautiful in every way. It illustrates the harsh world we live in, and opens your eyes to the cruelty, oppression, and the trials of the African American culture. This song has a diverse meaning, a meaning that may strike personal to the listener, and can be interpreted in numerous ways. Tupac Shakir really is a visionary, and changed the Rap game forever.

How can any song be better than Changes? Ever? Eminem is great but he can never be compared to TUPAC! EMiNEM is the best rapper *ALIVE* I repeat, *ALIVE*... He is not the best *EVER*, Tupac Shakur is! #Tupac-forever-our-king!