Lose Yourself - Eminem


Easily the best rap song ever. I remember hearing it for the first time and nearly broke down with tears streaming down my face. And it had nothing to do with the content - I had no idea who Eminem was at the time, his story, his other songs, nor did I care much for rap. It was all about the moment of realization that I'm experiencing true genius. Every beat, every word, the intensity, the conviction with which the words are delivered. And the technical mastery - rhymes within rhymes within rhymes - intertwined - but not in a "fake" way with nonsense words or something like that - and none of it takes away from the message, the telling of the story. Then, when fully in awe you're convinced that nothing can top this, he goes and doubles-up in the "baby momma" part of the song and you're left shamed with the thought that your previous amazement was at someone just warming up. It is humbling. It is the realization that whereas other songs can be rated on say a 1-100 scale, this guy ...more - mkg9859

How on earth is soulja on this top ten list what a disgrace! As I scrolled down the list I was happy to see Eminem and Tupac at the top I agree with the third choice as well then SOULJA? I can see a hundred rap songs ahead of Crank that! 99 problems, Gangsters paradise and stan to name a few!

What a song by the KINg- Eminem, it has all the qualities of a good song as well as the best rap. The rap being tough was sang by Eminem without any difficulty and when we hear that we see tat all the words are related to each other and last but not the least. JAY Z is far better than Eminem but LOSE YOURSELf just rocks..
It's Eminem! The best thing about this guy is his attitude of bringing out the raw truth through his songs. Stan touches my heart because it brings out the fragility of life. It makes us look past the words and delve deeper into the true meaning of the song. It brings out frustrations, obsessions and guilt. It gives us a peek into the master-rappers conscience, as it brings out his vulnerability. Truly a cultural milestone! Deserves every single sale and rank it has ever made. Proves precisely why Marshall is the best. Bravo!
BUT Eminem has a lot of loss attitude.. But JAy z showz no attitude.. So According to me Jay z the best and Eminem the 2nd...

I used to be like all of you, loving Eminem, listening to all his songs and telling everyone how good he is. I used to come on sites like these and look to see if Eminem was number 1 and if he wasn't id be complaining.

But I now see where I went wrong. I only listened to Eminem so I missed out on seeing other artists and what they brung. I was a real eye-opener for me listening to other artists like Tupac, Mobb deep and Nas. I'm currently a big Wu tang fan but I still listen to other artists as well. I'm currently listening to Lifestlez ov the poor and dangerous by Big L and Sun rises in the East by Jeru the Damaja.

So please, everyone mindlessly voting for Eminem. Listen to other rappers and broaden your knowledge. It annoys me when I see people saying every Eminem song is the best and Eminem is the best rapper ever when they haven't listened to almost any other rappers to judge it against. And don't just say "i listen to Tupac and BIGGIE and I know Eminem is better" ...more

This song has so much passion and tells such a deep story... Em tells us his life, how he grew up and how he managed to get to where he is today. He raps from the heart. And he takes us to another place, an escape from here. And many of us can relate with having that one moment, one shot, trying to grasp that chance of a lifetime. And as he tells us his story, we can relate to that feeling. Pain. He finally breaks free, he took the chance. This song is the best song ever cause it's has so many emotions rolled together.

Of course it's the greatest rap song of all time it was the first rap song to win an Oscar and till this day it's the longest running number one hit song on the billboard hot 100 for any rap song staying at number one for 12 weeks or 3 months and it was written for its own movie as the original song for the movie 8 mile in which that's one of the greatest hip hop movies of all time. I'm glad to see lose yourself at number one at first I thought I was the only one who thought lose yourself was the greatest hip hop song of all time but looks like Anerica agrees with me.

I'm sitting in silence... And I can still feel this song. I was trying to think back on my favourite song. I thought Eminem for sure, then I thought of which song. "Cleaning Up My Closet" was my number one song... But it's not even on the list. Then "The Way I Am"... But I've got to say. No other song had the feel of this song. If you need to ask where Eminem was at his best, you need to listen to this song again.

Greatest song ever best lyrics and I can here this song over and over again. Eminem you are the god of rap and all ways will be. This song is crazy ass good and is incredible the pace is awesome from slow to fast it is just great. To good a song Eminem you rule rap and I love this song to death and all the songs he will ever make or has ever made. No one will ever be as good as him.

this song is like the best I love all of his songs space bound is even me and my boy friends song and I like this one better. if he had any other song on here I whould probly vote for that one too!

I have a really hard time when it comes to giving out a "Five Star" Song. I mean the song has to be better than MOST songs out there... most as in like 99 of them.

Before listening to the song, I thought I was going to be disappointed with it. Not because Eminem isn't a great rapper, but I thought that Eminem wasn't going to get a Five Star Song. He proved me wrong

The lyrics here are so TRUE, the beat is BADASS, the tune is beautiful and inspiring, but also dark at the same time... A masterpiece that will NEVER be topped. The whole song is so gripping, you're actually surprised by the time it finishes

The only reason Eminem is on the list is because he still sings. The 12 year olds that vote for him have never even listened to some of the greatest like Tupac, Biggie, and Mobb Deep. This song was written in about one hour and is about some guy in a movie. Tupac's is about changing the world and Biggie's is about how you can do anything, no matter where you start.

Not surprised even a little that this is the number 1 rap song. Eminem, without a doubt is one of the greatest rappers of all time. This song is very inspirational and amazing, I still listen to it, It will never get old. This is what we call real hip hop! It's more then how tight your beats are, it's about lyrical complexity and talent. Eminem is the physical embodiment of all of this.

The pioneering single of modern urban hip hop. Revolutionized the perspective people sought to regard rap as a music genre. Not to forget, it was the first rap song ever to win an Oscar academy award. Eminem spits his whole life into three verses and a "to-die-for" chorus that is unbeatable. Still reminds us of hip-hop's peak critical acclamation days.

This song's got it all; genius lyrics, great storytelling, amazing flow, fantastic beat and best of all: Eminem in his best years. His voice is all grown up, yet young and fresh. The song makes you feel like you're actually B-Rabbit and even though you've never been in Detroit, it's almost like being there. If this is not the best song, I don't know what good is!

This is outraging that people think that this is the best rap song ever. Eminems rapping is okay but all he can do is yell and attack people in his raps, none of his songs are musical or artistic and they are all pretty much the same. I don't like how he is always attacking people in his songs and rapping about himself. Thought there is no doubt he can rhyme and rap fast but we are all loosing the true meaning of rap and eventually we are all going to get tired of his consistent screaming and yelling in his songs. His songs just make me want to punch somebody. we all have really lost the idea of what good music is

The number 1 record of all time is How Soon Is Now by The Smiths. The second best record is Lose Yourself. Both have brilliant lyrics and delivery but The Smiths just pip Eminem because of the music courtesy of Johnny Marr. Eminem is the greatest lyricist of all time, ahead of John Lennon and the second greatest vocalist of all time, behind Robert Plant.

Eminem him self a inexpressible words can't express him, he is just amazing so is his songs and specially lose your self been my all time favorite songs from Eminem's records, first time I heard the song when I was just 14 years old song peaked top spot in billboard ranking and been awarded by Grammy award.

Best lyrical song of all time in rap industry... This song change the whole rap game and brought it to a new level... The struggling of Eminem in his early years and being a white kid who owned everybody in a genre that is consisted of 99.9% black folks is prove that no matter what color you are you could be cool at what you're doing

I love Stan. I love Cleaning out my Closet. But this song is the song that made me understand what rap was about. Before I was listening to songs like Stupid hoe and Ice Baby. I thought rap was for the developmentally challenged but then I heard this song. Lose Yourself completely changed the way I look at rap and I thank Marshall for that.

I grew on this stuff, man. I love Eminem. Even though a lot of people see him as a rude and hateful person, I love *him* because he's true and his music is his outlet. He puts it all out there and I respect him.

This is the only song I'm listing from six years still this song never get bored, every words were spoken like firing bullets. If you are a rap songs listeners then this must be your favourite song if you didn't got the tune of the song then listen it again and again as same as I done

Honestly I loved this song there was no word that was a waste in the song. Sometimes rappers say random words that rhyme to make a song, but Eminem is different that's why I like his music. Also I can't stop listening to this song I know every word. Another thing, I loved that movie 8 mile. Eminem is a beast that's all I have to say

This song is simply so motivating and tells such a deep and realistic story, which tells a lot about Em's daily struggles or feelings, like anger towards himself or guilt towards his family. The beat is great and his flow in this song is just insane, definitely the best rap song ever made.

Before any competition, I make a must to listen to this song. This song stimulates me more than any other song. Eminem has been lyrically gifted and I would not probably be close to where I am today if it wasn't for him. Eminem, Thank You!