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181 Young, Gifted, and Black - Big Daddy Kane
182 Express Yourself - N.W.A.


written all over it

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183 Now That We Found Love - Heavy D & The Boyz
184 Runnin' (Dying to Live) - 2Pac

This songs is so good, it is rapped by the two best rappers who ever lived it should easily have made the top ten.

One of the greatest songs of all time- can't believe its not on the list already!

I love this its awesome

Are u kidding me. this is a great song! 1

185 Big Pimpin' - JAY Z
186 Triumph - Wu-Tang Clan

This rap was some of the most original pieces. Each rapper was good enough to go solo, but they sounded so good together. Soulja Boy? Really?

This is the only joint that deserves to be on this list. You all need to stop listening to the radio and all that "ringtone rap". There is real music out there...throw your radio out the window and turn off mtv please...

Hands down, the true essence of hip hop, and REAL mcing, not garbage that gets played on the radio. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG AND NOT LIKE IT.

This is a no brainer. The first verse is the best. Inspectah Deck at his best.

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187 Breathe in Breathe Out - Kanye West & Ludacris

The beat in this song is amazing, love it! It has everything a great song should. No way this song should be at 98, it should at least be in the to 20! Kanye is still himself, witch makes this 100X better.

188 Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
189 Monster - Kanye West, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver
190 23 - Mike Will Made It V 2 Comments
191 L.E.S. - Childish Gambino
192 The Apl Song - Black Eyed Peas
193 Start Again - D-Pryde
194 Red Nose - Sage the Gemini
195 Gold Digger - Kanye West

The most genre-defining rap song I've ever heard. Should be in the top 30 at least.

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196 Some People Hate - JAY Z
197 Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna
198 Slippin' - DMX

The best song DMX ever produced. Even the clean edit sounds awesome. A great song, with an inspiritational story and a catchy hook. What more could you ask for? - beanniectw

What's this song dong on 90, you forgot the DOG who barked in his raps. He's the realest rapper after Em & 2Pac so people please vote up.

This song should easily be in the top 10, this is DMX's best song and is defiantly one of the greatest rap songs ever.

Hell no yall forgot this? Should be top 5. (Kendrick Lamar said its #1 to him)

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199 Back that Thang Up - Juvenile
200 Smack That - Akon

BY:akon and eminem also cute guys - allisa

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