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201 Back that Thang Up - Juvenile
202 Smack That - Akon

BY:akon and eminem also cute guys - allisa

203 Role Model - Eminem

DON'T YOU WANNA GROW UP TO BE JUST LIKE Eminem? He is a lyrical genius who has enough balls to diss the most respected role models ever!

204 King Kunta - Kendrick Lamar
205 Guilty Conscience - Eminem
206 F*****' Problems - A$AP Rocky

This is a great song with all great rappers this is Kendrick and a$ap breakout song and they just killed it

207 When We Ride On Our Enemies - 2Pac
208 Welcome 2 Detroit - Trick Trick & Eminem
209 Give Me Everything - Pitbull

If only Shadow the Hedgehog, Wiggler, & Nayer sang this song with Afrojack being the DJ.

Best rap song ever from mr worldwide
Should be on top with lose yourself
Amazing song very breathtaking
Pitbull & Eminem for life!

210 She Knows - J Cole
211 Nature of the Threat - Ras Kass
212 Hands Up - Black Eyed Peas
213 No Mediocre - T.I.
214 Prelude to Panopticon: "On Doing an Evil Deed Blues" - Lil Ugly Mane
215 Deadly Combination - Big L
216 No Turning Back - Lor Scoota
217 Patiently Waiting - 50 Cent
218 Knuck If You Buck Freestyle - Lil Wayne

The rhymes are amazing and the lyrics are incredible! Th only good song Lil Wayne has ever made!

Great song, and definitely a legendary classic in the hip hop business, good flow and amazing chorus!

Great beat and based on cool rhymes and dope lyrics, this song will knock your socks off!

Best song ever.. The rhymes that Lil Wayne comes up with are amazing!

219 Love the Way You Lie - Eminem

Please check the complete list before voting people.. This is the best Eminem song ever... How can one put some Soulja Boy crap ahead of this? This is way better than Not Afraid and The Furious Five.

Go screw yourselves haters... this is the best Eminem song OF ALL TIME. PERIOD. I was surprised it didn't make it to the top ten, let alone no. 1. Please vote people...

I'm a fan of ALL shady, so, ya, my favorite has 2 be either berzerk, rap god, beautiful, when I'm gone, or lose yourself, I'm sure I missed a lot, but these songs got me into rap, now I'm a rapper and can rap all of shadys song perfectly, even the fast part in rap god, anyway, love SHADY! GO EM! GO BERZERK!


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220 When I B on tha Mic - Rakim

One of the Greatest lyrics ever. This song is a great example for real hip hop. Forget soulja boy, Lil Wayne and drake. They keep repeating the same words over and over.

This is a hardcore song from internationaly known rapper (add laugh)

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