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221 Get Back - Ludacris
222 It Takes Two - DJ Ez Rock & Rob Base
223 Whatever You Like - T.I.
224 Dead Wrong - The Notorious B.I.G.
225 Buzzin' - Mann & 50 Cent
226 So Good - B.O.B.
227 Pow - Lethal Bizzle
228 Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
229 Regrets - Jay-Z
230 Shots - LMFAO
231 Superman - Eminem
232 Shredding the Balloon - Hilltop Hoods
233 Roger That - Young Money Entertainment
234 Baytar - Sagopa Kajmer

It is the best rap of turkey

If you haven not listen that rap yet you have to listen it

The best world of rap song Sago

Best lyrics

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235 Space Bound - Eminem

Yo... This really inspires me. I love the drama. If you watch the music video, it's pretty emotional. It reminds me of my girlfriend... Like how the situation is.

The best song ever. The lyrics are superb but the beat is just classic. Love this song its awesome listen to it you'll love it too keep it up MNM yo

Eminem has to many great songs, and it's really hard to pick your favorite. This is mine. Song is just that good, after listening you Google everything about it. Such a great lyrics, huge mix of emotions (love and hate for the girl). And Em described how love of 21st century looks like "You want em when they don't want you, soon as they do feelings change", like wow. Man just knows how real life looks like and raps about it. Not about drugs, clubs, gangster things, owning girls and calling them names, and his every fifth word isn't ni**a so you gotta admire to this guy. Should be higher.

Favorate song with lose yourself and rock bottom it's so depressing it like me with my ex I hate her but love her want kill her but don't

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236 I'll Still Kill - 50 Cent
237 Thug Luv - Bone Thugs-N-harmony

I'm from st clair in Cleveland datz where BTH from and Tupac is the greatest of all time

This song should be towards the top of the list.

Someone explain to me why this song is so low...they went off on this joint.

238 X Gon' Give It to Ya - DMX

I listen to this song whenever I go to the gym and get pumped. It's a really motivational rap that never gets old. Dmx hits spot on with every lyric in this song. Definitely belongs in the top 10 - Antwon

Aggressive, full of energy, best DMX song.


239 I Wonder - Kanye West
240 Truffle Butter - Nicki Minaj

This would be good if Lil Wayne's entire verse was cut. - WonkeyDude98

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