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221 Knuck If You Buck Freestyle - Lil Wayne

The rhymes are amazing and the lyrics are incredible! Th only good song Lil Wayne has ever made!

Great song, and definitely a legendary classic in the hip hop business, good flow and amazing chorus!

Great beat and based on cool rhymes and dope lyrics, this song will knock your socks off!

Best song ever.. The rhymes that Lil Wayne comes up with are amazing!

222 Love the Way You Lie - Eminem

Please check the complete list before voting people.. This is the best Eminem song ever... How can one put some Soulja Boy crap ahead of this? This is way better than Not Afraid and The Furious Five.

Go screw yourselves haters... this is the best Eminem song OF ALL TIME. PERIOD. I was surprised it didn't make it to the top ten, let alone no. 1. Please vote people...

I'm a fan of ALL shady, so, ya, my favorite has 2 be either berzerk, rap god, beautiful, when I'm gone, or lose yourself, I'm sure I missed a lot, but these songs got me into rap, now I'm a rapper and can rap all of shadys song perfectly, even the fast part in rap god, anyway, love SHADY! GO EM! GO BERZERK!

Mann... This song is so good
Most voters no, most of the world is full if idiots...

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223 Humble - Kendrick Lamar

Best song ever

224 When I B on tha Mic - Rakim

One of the Greatest lyrics ever. This song is a great example for real hip hop. Forget soulja boy, Lil Wayne and drake. They keep repeating the same words over and over.

This is a hardcore song from internationaly known rapper (add laugh)

225 Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It - Ice Cube
226 International Love - Pitbull

California Love? ,Great song!
But International Love is better!
It deserves top tens of every best rap song list!

This is just an opinion not a fact but between California Love and International Love I love International Love more
And this is coming from an Eminem,Tupac,Biggie and N.W.A fan
So please I personally think that this song should be higher
Give Pitbull the props he deserves
He is just as good as any other rapper and this song proves it
Listen to it and if you think it is better than California Love then it should be on top ten
This is not its position

227 Get Back - Ludacris
228 Pow - Lethal Bizzle
229 It Takes Two - DJ Ez Rock & Rob Base
230 Whatever You Like - T.I.
231 Dead Wrong - The Notorious B.I.G.
232 Buzzin' - Mann & 50 Cent
233 So Good - B.O.B.
234 Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
235 Regrets - Jay-Z
236 Shots - LMFAO
237 I'll Be In the Sky - B.o.B
238 Nothin' on You - B.o.B
239 Superman - Eminem
240 Shredding the Balloon - Hilltop Hoods
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