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281 All Eyez on Me - 2pac

One of the best Tupac songs ever made and it inspired an album which has to be the best in Hip hop history!

Because all rap songs are bad, and this is better than all that other crap. - RobetH

Just a great song by one of the greatest rappers ever - joro808

Needs to be higher

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282 What's the Difference - Dr. Dre

"What's the difference between me & you? About 5 bank accounts, 3 ounces and 2 vehicles"...that line alone had me hooked. Should be way higher.

283 Mo' Money, Mo' Problems - The Notorious B.I.G.

Literally an iconic song. Better than Juicy in my opinion and released posthumously, though Juicy does for sure deserve to be up there.

Best rap song ever! Puff Daddy, Biggie & Junior M.A.F.I.A. were GREAT!
RIP Biggie Smalls

Top 30 no way 114

284 Just Lose It - Eminem

Lol why is this here

285 That's That - MF Doom
286 Hall of Fame - The Script
287 Coming Home - Diddy - Dirty Money & Skylar Grey
288 Homecoming - Kanye West

Anybody heard it? Its really good. The background music is awesome. Must hear once to like it.

289 Circles - Hollywood Undead
290 Young Forever - Jay-Z

Great song should definitely be ahead of just lose it

291 Moses vs Santa Claus - Epic Rap Battles of History
292 Buggin' Out - A Tribe Called Quest
293 Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force
294 Bawitdaba - Kid Rock
295 Ain't No Half-Steppin' - Big Daddy Kane
296 You're Gonna Get Yours - Public Enemy
297 9am In Dallas - Drake
298 Hustlin - Rick Ross
299 Chainsaw Symphony - Lo Key
300 We Don't Die - Twiztid
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