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361 I Am Not a Human Being - Lil Wayne
362 Ridiculous - Dope D.O.D.
363 BLKKK SKKKN Head - Kanye West
364 GZ and Hustlas - Snoop Dogg
365 Can't Be Touched - Roy Jones Jr.

Great song by an even better boxer! Really makes you ready to do any kind of sport or even just get pumped for no reason! Just listen to the beat!

Wow, I didn't even know who Roy Jones Jr. Was, This Song, is an Extremely good pump up song...

His other stuff is good too!

366 Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison

This is the best song, for rolling down the street in the car! The legendary song and Mark Morrison is a great artist!

One of the best songs ever! Just reminds me of going through town at night and this song playing

Mark Morrison has created a masterpiece!

Definitely an amazing piece of music and will always be! Funk and R^^B cross paths!

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367 Act a Fool - Ludacris
368 Let's Ride - Bone Thugs N Harmony

Don't know it listen to it ya love it.. n if you have vote

369 Breathe - Fabolous
370 Little Weapon - Lupe Fiasco

In my opinion, Lupe is one of the best rappers of all time. I do not think that this is his best work, but this song has very good flow and is very good. I pray to god that Lupe will not consider retiring until he has at least 5 solid albums out. He said in an interview that he would retire after The Cool, but he didn't. He also said that his last album would be called LupE.N. D, and that would be it. Then he came out with Lasers instead, which was very good, no surprise. He said he would be coming out with a sequel to his 2006 album Food and Liquor, which I think was his best album, and one of the best all time. Hopefully F L2 will be just as good as all his other albums, which I have a feeling it will.

Should be Number one song, but I think this is not lupe's best song! There are show goes on, kick push, ghetto story, American terrorist, hurt me soul and so many others songs.. Lupe is an underrated rapper, lyrically genius and multi talented artist!

371 Ingen Sommar Utan Reggae - Markoolio V 2 Comments
372 Warrior Part 2 - Eminem

this should be number one, so much better that all the others, i dont care if the nuber one is a clasic, new school can beat old school

373 Smoke Dope and Rap - Dre Dog
374 Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-lot

can not believe this isn't on list yet! best and funniest rap song ever! - luvtoread

Like legit the best rap song it is really hip

375 Get Your Walk On - Xzibit

I can't believe this song is not even in the top 100, it's one of X to the Z's best songs

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376 Cut My Wrists - Hawthorne Heights
377 Gangsta Nation - Westside Connection

Best song, Nate Dogg really added a special thing to it. Also the beat is awesome, not to repetitive, rappers are equally distributed, really there's no better song.

378 The Choice is Yours - Black Sheep

Black sheep were a building block to the foundation of hip hop! There is no way that Soulja Boy was even close to being top ten. Black sheep brought the culture and provided a picutre of hip hop not some silly song that cranks and becomes fake!

probably the most remixed singel line in all of rap ever

379 Down 4 U - Ashanti, Charli Baltimore, Ja Rule & Vita
380 Just Cruisin' - Will Smith

Will Smith is a great rapper, this is a great song, his songs are not depressing, they are happy!

One of the best songs of the 90's and the greatest hit from Will Smith

This song will defintely get you in the mood and it relaxed you - robertoantonioortuso

A true classic from the 90's!

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