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381 Just Cruisin' - Will Smith

Will Smith is a great rapper, this is a great song, his songs are not depressing, they are happy!

One of the best songs of the 90's and the greatest hit from Will Smith

This song will defintely get you in the mood and it relaxed you - robertoantonioortuso

A true classic from the 90's!

382 International Player's Anthem - UGK Ft. Outkast

dre's verse is sick and the beat throughout is pumping

383 I Get Money - 50 Cent

This song is off the chain i luv it. i GET MONEy all the damn way!

384 Deep Cover - Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

This is a real rap record right here. Everyone on this site must be a kid because there are some stupid songs on this list.

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385 Hellrazor - Tupac
386 Lax - Xzibit

Xzibit is the best west coast rapper ever! This song is his best song!

387 Gangsta Nation - Westside Connection

Best song, Nate Dogg really added a special thing to it. Also the beat is awesome, not to repetitive, rappers are equally distributed, really there's no better song.

388 The Choice is Yours - Black Sheep

Black sheep were a building block to the foundation of hip hop! There is no way that Soulja Boy was even close to being top ten. Black sheep brought the culture and provided a picutre of hip hop not some silly song that cranks and becomes fake!

probably the most remixed singel line in all of rap ever

389 Dna - Kendrick Lamar
390 Cut My Wrists - Hawthorne Heights
391 Down 4 U - Ashanti, Charli Baltimore, Ja Rule & Vita
392 Money, Power & Respect - The Lox
393 Shawty - Plies
394 Candy Shop - 50 Cent

Greatest song of all time, not just rap! 50 Cent will demolish all competition, He is so much better than all those other so called "Rappers" and if Tupac was alive, him and 50 will be the two best rappers of all time!

In my opinion "The Massacre" is the greatest 50 cent album of all time and it smashes his other work. Candy Shop was a huge hit and deserves to be in front of PIMP.

Keep goin' til' you hit the spot.

Dis song is the goat do

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395 Yonkers - Tyler, the Creator
396 I Don't Give a **** - 2pac
397 Flowmotion - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

This Puts All Other songs to SHAME!

398 Turf Drop - E-40
399 Word Life - John Cena
400 Bring the Pain - Method Man

listen here if u wanna feel the real G!

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