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421 3005 - Childish Gambino

Love this song

422 Avenues - Refugee Camp Allstars
423 Stakes is High - De La Soul
424 All My Life - Blade Icewood

Some of the best Detroit rap you will ever listen to! Blade Icewood (Darnell Quincy Lindsay, March 14, 1977 - April 19, 2005) loving memory .... this man was bout to blow up in this industry . . . Icewood and The street Lordz' - A platinum masterpiece including Juvenile, Beanie Sigel and Baby aka Birdman . . . the original Cheddar Boyz! Icewood would have topped charts all over the country if he could have proceeded his rap career! Your crazy if you don't like this mans work!!!

425 Smile - 2pac, Scarface

Smile Now Cry Later feeling! This song has that struggle story display of lyrics and hope for survival in the ghetto. - laredo1loco13

Can not forget this classic

426 Sunset - Ja Rule
427 Drug Ballad - Eminem

crazy song. deeply listen

428 Follow the Leader - Eric B. and Rakim
429 Still Don't Give A **** - Eminem
430 Why We Thugs - Ice Cube V 1 Comment
431 It Really Don't Matter - NY Confidential
432 Growing Pains (Do It Again Remix) - Ludacris ft. Scarface
433 Wadsyaname - Nelly
434 Troublesome '96 - 2pac
435 Alwayz Into Somethin' - N.W.A.
436 Affirmative Action - Nas

this song is dope excellent beat and incredible lyrics

HOW IS THIS SONG #495! It should be top 15

437 Public Service Announcement - Jay Z

How can you not get 100 pumped?

Allow me to reintroduce my self my name is HOV H to the OV I used to move snowflakes by the OZ I guess even back then you could call me CEO of the ROCK.

So let me tell you dudes what I do to protect us, shoot at them actors like movie directors

Cant mess with that - mflarose

This is sick, not one of the best of all time, but one of the best Jay Z songs

438 It's Alive - Tech N9ne

Very underrated song and started a lot of kids loving hip-hop. Great lyrics and definitely not conforming to mainstream

439 Chin Check - N.W.A.
440 No Matter What - T.I.

I can't believe anyone could doubt T. I. This song is so good it gives you chills. The lyrics are tight and the beat is awesome. A Million Times Better Than that Soulja Boy Crap (come on, 3rd? It would have to be 148th at the least)

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