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441 Why We Thugs - Ice Cube V 1 Comment
442 Dirt Off Your Shoulder - Jay-Z
443 End of Days - Vinnie Paz

Most underrated rap song in history, Vinnie Paz and the Jedi Mind Tricks are so good at being rappers. This talented young group, pride themselves in their work lyrically and also tell stories.

Lyrically brilliant!, should be a little higher than this! - robertoantonioortuso

444 Butterfly - Crazy Town

one of the best rap rock song I've ever heard... plz plz plz plz everyone hear this song - shuvro

445 Killas - Lil Jon
446 HiiiPoWeR - Kendrick Lamar

Amazing beat produced by J. Cole, another great artist. Kendrick's flow is smooth and just plain lyrical. Can't hate on this song.

V 2 Comments
447 Pass Out - Tinie Tempah

Why is this 308? Top 10 for sure! The lyric quality and sick beat is next to the best ones like lose yourself, stronger, in the club if you haven't heard this get this song in your life!

Why isn't this in the top 100?
Best thing to come out of Britain since Hip hop was invented! Then you've got soulja boy in the top 10
And in the club not! Stronger by kanye west is easily top 20! And where is cassidy hotel?

448 I Got 5 on It - Luniz

Why is this not even on the list, what a disgrace must be a bunch of kids writing it. This is one of the most legendary songs ever!

V 2 Comments
449 Say My Name - Eunhyuk
450 Worst Behavior - Drake

This song is good and its lyrics are understandable and you can hear what he is rapping his not like Eminem where yu have to read his lyrics first Drake is now the best rapper of our generation FACT

V 2 Comments
451 Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi
452 Illuminate - Ab-Soul
453 Hood Go Crazy - Tech N9ne

This is the only song by Tech N9ne that I don't like - KrazzyMadd

V 2 Comments
454 Five More Nights - J.T. Machinima
455 iPhone - Young Pappy V 1 Comment
456 Don't Believe the Hype - Public Enemy

I Can't Belive This Wasn't Even On The List.
This Song Is Top 20 Material. - 12cc

457 Me Myself and I - De la Soul
458 Where the Hood At - DMX
459 Going Through Changes - Eminem
460 Just a Friend - Biz Markie

Best song ever! He tells a nice heartbreaking story but still keeps it funny, and the chorus is catchy. - TylerCryer

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