Stan - Eminem


Fantastic song, when I first listened to that second last verse, for some reason it just psychologically scared the crap out of me. Just thinking about it, that some guy would... Well, I won't spoil the story, but, Eminem manages to make a song that actually sounds like a letter in each verse, even though it sounds like a Dr Suess book for adults with all the rhyming. A masterpiece, the pinnacle of his career, so much better than every song on this list

I think that this song, is what embodies rap. It shows that rap isn't for a bunch of stupid pussies, it shows that rap is about real things. Not about stupid things that these stupid rappers pass off as rap. Rap, and real life isn't about flashy things, girls, fur coats. Maybe it's my bias towards Eminem, but any song that he makes deserves to be on top. He's one of the only remaining pioneers of rap. The story is completely, and wholly captivating. Its easily the best rap song ever written. The emotion is raw. It makes you feel some thing. It makes you feels Stans pain.

This is more than a Song, This is a story. It was not only a sad story but a clever metaphor and this song will always be my personal "Best Rap Song of All Time" and nobody can convince me otherwise. It's also worth mentioning the performance Eminem did with Elton John that silenced all his critics telling him that he's homophobic.

I was listening to random Eminem songs on YouTube until I found this one it's so realistic. I felt as if I was scared for Stan and the end and last few lines were pretty ironic and in my opinion express the fact that many people don't realise what happens right in front of their eyes whether it's politics, friends, family etc.

Marshall mathers one of the best song Stan can't be on number eleven and a great collaboration with Dido makes this song a great lyrical content song and Two side rap makes Eminem a extraordinary person.

Wow. How is Ice Ice Baby and Crank tat even on this list, let alone in the top 10. This, in my opinion, is should be number 11 on the greatest songs of all time. This is an amazing song, with an amazing story to boot.

Honestly, the song seems like a poem with a beat. I'm absolutely not saying it's a bad thing. The whole song focuses on the most unique topic of any hip-hop song: a psychopathic fan that kills himself because Em never responded to his fan letters. 10/10

This song should be higher than Not Afraid, this song has such a great story behind it, the beat fits perfect and Dido does well on the hook. Not to mention Eminem's ability to tell a good story. Original and shocking, Eminem at his best.

For me, it was either Lose Yourself or this. In the end, I went with this piece of art. Most songs are about 3 to 4 minutes. This song... About 5 minutes at the minimum. And it's simple with so much meaning. Can't believe it's behind Soulja Boy crap! - bubbles1111

Incredible lyrics, heartbreaking story! While simultaneously saddening you and making you sad, and then hitting you with a chilling chorus to top it all off, possibly the best song of all time.

The perfect rap song. Shady rhymes words that don't even come close to rhyming. The character of Stan feels so real, it's scary.

I can see why people like Lose Yourself, but personally I think this song is way better. I love how the music slowly gets more intense as Stang gets angrier and angrier.

Stan is a revolutionary song. You can go from listening to one of em's silly song in the marshall mathers lp and then listen to stan and you will be hypnotized

This song is possibly the best song he has ever written! First song I ever listened to of Eminem's. he's awesome! But the story line is the best part for sure.

At the same time hilarious and sad, this song perfectly showcases Eminem's talent for telling an engaging story and creating a great beat.

I'm 11 old girl and know every word to this song! I love rap! My brother made me listen to this when I was so much younger and I've loved it since then!

This is an excellent song, but it shouldn't be on here because the tune that he raps over makes it a little bit boring. It's still a great song

A lot better than Lose Yourself, tells a real story and is Em at his best and most lyrical.

Go, even though it's not a fictional story, this song will leave one of the realest impact on you that is hard to find in just about any song

Eminem shows how amazing his story-telling ability is in this song. Its deep, has a wonderful chorus and is really got me into Eminem.

You want real rap, it is what you need, a perfect example of a perfect rap, Eminem at his best. Proud to be a STAN

Such a deep, dark, and haunting song. Really makes you think about life and the real meaning behind a song like this one. Excellent.

Eminem always brings it home this song showed something so damn close to real emotion this song is rap and Eminem is the king

Eminem tells us a story in this song, a story that never gets old. The song sends shivers down my spine whenever I listen to it.

This is amazing. If you were to make a list of the most disturbing songs of all time, this would be up there for major hits