Why Rap Music Isn't as Good as It Once Was

I actually used to like Rap music i may be a Metalhead but there are some Rap Artists i like however most of them are from the 80s and 90s but anyway i won't be surprised if i get hate for this list but all i'm not hating on the genre i'm just saying why it's not as good as it once was i also put loads effort into this list
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1 Most rappers use autotune today

Back in the 90s there wasn't Autotune and Rappers actually had to have talent to sing Rap songs and to prove this Eazy-E sang very well and he didn't need autotune like most rappers use today now I'm not saying all rappers today use auto tune I'm just saying that they need to try not to use so much autotune.

Hip hop is better now than it was in the 90's. I'm sorry.

Yes. Auto tuned to death.

2 The lyrical themes are mostly about sex, drugs, or alcohol in today's rap songs

While there was lyrics about sex and Drugs in Rap songs from the 90s but not it wasn't as used back then as much it seems today loads of popular rap songs use these themes just for shock value or what ever reason they do I wish their was more variety in Rap music today other than these lyrical themes not all Rap artists do this but I wish that there wasn't as much of these lyrical themes.

It was always like that...

it seems as if the entire music industry forgot about grandmaster flash and the furious five

3 Most rappers only do it for the money today

Back in the 80s and 90s Rappers mad Rap songs for two things making money and the music for their fans Example N.W.A made the music because they loved making Rap songs and they were poor and they actually needed the money but most rappers today are saying they are rich in their songs we get it you like Money do you have to rub it in our face so many times when they probably never needed the money.

4 Good rap artists get overshadowed by bad ones

Unfortunately, this happens with every genre, but just know that a few bad artists doesn’t make an entire genre bad.

This is true as this goes for any genre of music bad artist get all the fame and fortune while good ones don't get as much praise and are usually outcasted by other bad music artist

5 Rap dance songs

Oh Boy this is the absolute worst thing to have ever come out of rap music is songs like Watch Me Juju on that beat and Hit the quian which are all horrible songs and they only get popular because of websites like Vine and Youtube which makes them chart in the billboard 100 and cause other artists that have talent to start making these songs in order to stay relevant in music

6 Some rappers today claim they are poor when they never were

Example in the song Started From The Bottom by Drake in the song he says that he was poor when he was actually on a T.V. show when he was a teenager so he's not truly a poor person N.W.A were true poor people who actually were poor and needed the money because they actually lived in a ghetto and didn't receive that much money.

7 The generic beats

This is one thing I hate about modern rap the generic beats which basically are always the same and it gets annoying hearing the same beat over and over again I wish rap artist could do something more creative with the beats.

The only Rap song that actually hasn't a generic base or beat is Papercut by Linkin Park

8 Lots of rappers today become famous for short periods of time

There are some exceptions but rappers today like Silento are only famous for one song they made and then after about 3 months they lose popularity and basically don't make any more music now not all rap artists are like this but I just wish the songs were more memorable and not memorable for how bad they are (Watch Me by Silento is a perfect example of this)

9 The songs are more generic nowadays

It’s repetitive as heck too. There are probably some good modern rappers out there though.

While there was a lot of gangster rap songs in the 90s at least there was some variety most rap songs today to me sound the same and feel a bit generic and can be boring now not all songs are like this but lots of them are and I wish there was more variety

10 The fanbase

Yes while not all rap fans are like this loads of them treat rap like it's the greatest genre of music and that every other genre is trash when in reality every genre has its flaws and rap certainly does it flaws

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11 Many rappers nowadays don’t put as much effort into their music as they did in the 80s, 90s and 2000s

Did they ever?

12 There are fewer good rappers making good music
13 Kids becoming rappers
14 It has very little culture

Some people actually call rap their culture. Most rappers are not good role models and kids today still try to imitate them.

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