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Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royce ...read more.


Eminem has such a way to put in technical flows and has story and meaning behind everything he says in his raps. Out him up against anyone he will destroy them. Rap is a joke now Em Jay and Kendrick will save it get rid of Lil Wayne Drake Nicki Minaj and the rest of that crew "YMCMB" it's a joke. Eminem is timeless and will always be king.

Greatest rapper of all time. He can make sad songs like When I'm Gone, Mockingbird, and Stan. Angry songs like Rap God and The Way I Am. Songs about relationships like Love the Way You Lie. Till I Collapse is an amazing workout song. Lose Yourself is amazing and Not Afraid is my favorite song of all time.

Isn't obvious? He can freestyle better than any rapper there is whether they are known or not. People just see his skin and don't even give him a chance. He goes far beyond outside the box and still manages to keep his own style while others copy their styles off of rappers before them.

He's is not only the best rapper in the 21st century, he's the best ever. I am 12 at the moment and I listen to his music whenever I get the chance. Every song and album he makes is famous as soon as it comes out. He also has the smartest lyrics.

Lil Wayne spits crap Eminem spits genius. I know only one good song by Lil Wayne, he makes no sense. Every song I know by Eminem is either ok good or awesome. Lil Wayne may be cool and rich but he is a bad rapper.

Simply the best raps about his life, not just about money cars and girls, he can own any rappers in a freestyle battle, ad he kill rappers in their own songs such as lil Wayne jayz and many more. He IS the best hands down.

Has the most styles in the game... Has his crazy old stuff and the newer stuff is real. Every album Eminem has released has been amazing and now even with Bad meets Evil he is still killin it

The impact he's had on hip hop, and the art of rapping is incredible. Just look at how easily he can literally bend words so that they rhyme. He really is a genius. Plus his songs get to you easily;you understand the feelings in the songs, and very few rappers can produce this kind of effect. Deserves the number 1 spot more than anyone else.

Too bad Eminem's first album came out in the 90s. He shouldn't be on this list. I love his music and he is my favorite rapper but come on people both him and Jay-Z made their debut albums before 2000

eminem is the best rapper alive. he has consistency nd has sold more records than any other rapper. he's lyrics and word play are crazy. he also killed jay-z on his own song

There is no other like him, he's a lyrical genius, the fastest rapper I have ever heard, by far makes the best rap music and the ONLY white rapper to have such success

Although I disagree with some of the other rappers places I can't do it to Eminem he certainly is the greatest of all time and he earned my total respect - 11112222

Eminem is the greatest. him and 2pac are in a different league to Lil Wayne and kanye west. They both sound like a gerbil got shoved down their mouths.

Wow! Really hard to choose! Oh wait? NO IT WASN'T! And do you know why? Because Eminem is the GREATEST RAPPER TO EVER LIVE! That's right! No one better!

Eminem is the best, there's no doubt about...from his 1999 My Name is to his latest single Rap God...damn this guy is really the God of Rap

EM is amazing. If you doubt or go against that, you probably aren't that much into the rap game, or are just lacking taste.

Eminem is the only rapper I actually like, apart from some Aussie rappers/hip hop artists. The rest of them are crap..

Eminem is definitely the best rapper. His lyrics are good and his speed like on "Rap God" are definitely unbeatable!

he got the highest sales craziest flow his own style and very hard to imitate, freestyle legend and very humble

Best rhymes most thoughtful and provocative rhythms can listen to him over and over again never grows old.

Yeezus is a revolutionist. He creates things that no ones done before. 50 is one of the best selling artists in our generation. Em is all of this and more. He doesn't do what he thinks will sell best, he does what he wants because he loves hip/hop. Nobody beats Slim

I feel he's the best lyricist that has ever picked up a mic... He's the embodiment of intelligence... Pure art

He is no just the best rapper of the 21st century he is the best rapper of all time!

Look simple too say look at all of his songs and at least 50% of raps he has written are platinum winners

has anybody sold more than slim shady since 99... the ill-est smoothest rapper consistently.