Top Ten Rappers from Himachal Pradesh


The Top Ten

1 Naresh Thakur Naresh Thakur

Emerging rapper from valley of God. Keeps great essence to rock.

He is a awesome rapper

He is a good singer

Nycoo my favorite. Rapper
My vote 100 times for you bro

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2 Dinesh Kumar

Mandiyali Rap Star

Behtareen rapper mere bhai dinesh

Rapper Dinesh Kumar number 1

DK BHAI... Mandiyali Rapstar

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3 Aadarsh Rathore

Aadarsh Rathod is a First Himachali Folk Rapper From Joginder Nagar, HP - ch123

4 Turnext Rapper

Turnext is one of the best rapper in HP.

Turnext Rapper is REally A Good Rapper And FRendly Boy From Himachal. - ch123

Turnext Rapper Is A Upcoming Fast Hindi And English Rapper From Manali, Himacahl Pradesh.
Turnext Rapper IS Born In Joginder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh.
He Strarts Rapping And Writing Lyrics When He IS Just A15 Years Old. - ch123

Hey... !
Turnext Rapper in This list.
I can't believe.
My Self Shruti.
Turnext I'm Your Frend From Mandi.
I know you don't know me but really I want to frendship with U.
Please if you read this so please... ! - ch123

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5 Chaudhary Rapper

Chaudhary great hai lyrics+music

Kaberistaan bhai ka mst hai

Nice Rapper,
Chaudhary Rapper I Just Listend His Maut Ka Farman - ch123

Chaudharys lyrics faadu hai.. Dhokha I love that track - rt420

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6 Vivek Dogra

Manali rap star... new song koming soon

Vivek Dogra Is A Hindi Love Rapper And Lyricst From Manali Himachal Pradesh.
Born in Shuru, Manali, Himachal Pradesh - ch123

7 Rapper SoulHacker Rapper SoulHacker

Rapper SoulHacker is a Unique Underground Artist... The Music and Lyrics are very Unique More than other Artists... Ability of this Artist is That He make A Poem/Lyrics /Rap on the spot in Any Situation... The Tittle of this Artist 's Life is "Think BiG and Work Hard"...
.. This Artist Have no Money to Go to Stodio for Recording Rap / Tracks... He Always Record at Home in Unique Style... Clearity is Always good.. Love you All... #Rapper #SoulHacker

Nice Rapper SoulHacker I m Always Waiting your Tracks


Kamlu tu he hoga top pe...

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8 Nitesh Aka Nick Nitesh Aka Nick
9 Kasol Boy Kasol Boy
10 Rap-ID

The Contenders

11 Sirazee Sirazee
12 Vemme

Vemme is the best

Himachali eminem


Vemme khuni h

13 Rohit Chauhan

Rohit Chauhan is A Hindi Rapper From Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. - ch123

14 Rapper Fraudy

Rapper Fraudy ( Anil Chauhan is the Good Lyricst And RApper From New DElhi.
Born In Joginder Nagar, HP - ch123

15 SoulHacker

Need your Blessing... I love you All Specially I love My Haterz

16 Peter Sharma

Peter Sharma is a Himachali Folk FAst Rapper From Una, Himachal Pradesh. - ch123

17 Vicky Garg

Vicky Garg is also know as his Stage name Mr. Vela... He is also a Great beat maker.. You can Search his song on google as like as ( Kedi Gall, Yaar CRAZY)

18 Karan Razpoot

A well known artist of Bilaspur. Struggling rapper. Famous song teddy love. Keep supporting.

19 Ajax Bohemia
20 Shubham Rana Sky Shot
21 Inder

Inder is new rapper from mandi, himachal pradesh
His rapping style is very much
He is also best lyricist

New himachali rapper

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