Top Ten Best Rappers of Nephop


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21 Kurup
22 Litl Grizl
23 SAWIN Aka
24 Sarkar
25 Emareff AD
26 Nirnaya da ns'k
27 James Shrestha

He is also among one of the talented rappers of Nep-hop. He is quite versatile and I love his lyrics composition. He should also be kept in the top ten list. I find it quite unfair for a talented artist like him to not get sufficient votes. Guys its high time for you to realise his amazing in born talent and rank him among the top.

28 Arluv Gurung
29 Royal Flo V 2 Comments
30 Yoka
31 Insayn

Cool mc

Most underrated Rapper of Nepal to date, period. Though he raps in English only, his level of music is beyond most of these so called pro rappers in Nepal found today. The soul, the lyrics and the flow is all there. Check him out. - hell2

33 Aroz
34 Def' Mind
35 Nepgrulez
36 Brook Flo" V 4 Comments
37 Sammy Samrat

I think he is the pioneer of nephop and best freestyler I have ever seen in nepal at that time

King of freestyle

38 FlowPilot
39 Swaggical Rapstha
40 Fat Boi
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