Best Rappers In The Philippines

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1 FrancisM

The first filipino rap artist and always be the greatest of all time. The Master Rapper, Man from Manila, The Mouth and The King Of Filipino Hip Hop

He is the King of Philippine Rap and Father of Philippine Hip-Hop

He's our master rapper here in the Philippines

He's the best rapper! He sings his heart out!

2 Gloc-9

Arguably The Best of All-Time. Respect to Francis M, but this guy is something special. People won't accept the fact that he is the greatest of all time because they have so much respect to Francis M. But let's be real, we should recognize him as the greatest. He moves records, he told stories in his songs, he has a skills that comes up with his discography. Also, the relevance and impact not just in uprising rappers in his generation but also to the Philippines. His song are the most influential in his generation.

Most influential and most successful filipino rap artist. Gloc-9's fast-flowing vocal style reminds me of Eminem so he could be like The Eminem of the Philippines. He is also my favorite filipino rapper nowadays.

Ah gloc 9 is so amazing and his songs have meanings

And rapper na BINAY'aran!

3 Andrew E.

He is the best

Lets all admit na this guy nahuli and kiliti mga titos and titas of manila

Loved & Hated at the same time but you cannot deny the fact that he's one of the pioneers of HipHop in the Philippines

Andrew e and francis m still number 1

4 Salbakuta

This rap group is wack

Salbakuta was platinum already

Very good rapper

5 Sevenes

The best in this generation! Deserves to be on top 5

# 1 of the best pinoy rappers of all time

One of the best in my book! The illest tagalog emcee!

The first filipino rapper to feature a tagalog rap music on a American T.V. series, NCIS Los Angeles! Bangis!

6 Loonie

I vote #Loonie because he is the amazing rapper I ever seen.

Hmm just a great rapper


Most viewed battled rapper in the Philippines.

7 Smugglaz

Smugglaz your are best rapper

Best rapper for me. He can be able to bring up lyrics so good and his rhythms as well plus the way he deliver his fast rap.


Idol galing mo

8 Abra

Abra and number one bakla na rapper sa pinas

Abra the bakla rapper

Tang ina mo Abra

Abra I'm your Supporter

9 Jewel Caburnay

Newest sensation. youngest rapper!

Idol bat pang 92 ka?

Jewel caburnay AKA JENINE someday :) rapper!

Idol dba idol mu si gloc 9?

10 Booker Tee

His rhymes are no joke. Man is a wordsmith in English and Tagalog.

He'll put you in a trance...
He'll make you wanna dance...
When you see Booker Tee...
Rapping in his money pants...

He's the waiter for all you haters!

BADANG is probably BA-ROKE!

The Contenders

11 Stick Figgas

Best rapper

Now loonie is the best rapper in the Philippines

12 Curse One

Spreading the LOVE in rap and also most of his song is make the people goodvibes

Good at Music Composing

I like he's song's so much and ilov him

Most of his rap is all about "love".
His song "Masaya Ako Sayo" is so popular and one of my favorite

13 Bugoy Na Koykoy

parehas sila ni pricetagg na wannabe gangster hahahahahaha

Dami ng songs, pero wala man lang Hit hahaahahaa tapos nakaw lahat and beats

2joints parang mafia ser

Bugoy na koykoy is # 1

14 Michael V. Beethoven del Valle Bunagan, known by his stage name Michael V. and also known as "Bitoy", is a Filipino comedian, actor, impersonator, director, composer, singer, rapper, voice artist and parodist, who appears in the GMA Network show Bubble Gang, and in his own TV show Pepito Manaloto.

Because his good in everything not just in acting but also in making lines... And more

Michael v best comedian in the Philippines!
She is not a best rapper in the Philippines!

Hindi naman talaga rapper si Michael V. comedian lang talaga siya at kung nagrap man sya noon patawa lang nya yon pero idol ko sya

I remember the days nung bago palang si Michael V. sa showbiz as rapper, isa siya sa mga unang Pinoy rappers pagkatapos pasikatin ni Francis M and rap sa Pilipinas, together with Andrew E, Lady Diane, Denmark... Rapper talaga siya bago maging comedian sa Tropang Trumpo, some of his Hits are "Maganda and piliin" at "Eksena sa Jeepney" Respect to Michael V.

15 Mike Kosa

Mike Kosa is one of the illest rapper of all time here in Philippines

His style is so unique! Pang pinoy tambay!

I think he is the dopest and when the rap music is gone in philippines mike kosa lift up so many rappers

Mike Kosa Is The One Who Bring The Rap To Come UP. :D

16 Dello

Rebuttal God and a Freestyle king! Natural born rapper!

King of rebuttals

Mas magaling si dello mag rap

Hmmm. Comedic rapper.

17 Hambog Ng Sagpro

I'm only a sagpro fan but I'm a rapper and composer too I'll beat some tugs here in my place because of my skill but the true rapper is like sagpro

I love all song of hambog..i love whats the meaning and the story.. I was empress because he faster when he rap.. I love him

He's great for me,because he's rap were more love song

Sagpro is so very nice song

18 Sinio

He's the best rapper in me his voice is good and rebate nya cool

Sinio is great. He's funny though. I love his generic lines

Sinio is the big hit rapper in the generation 2012-2015 to bag a million of views in just 3 years. Maybe 2-4 years from now Sionio would be a big time rapper and could have a big name.

I love his jokes. He is great and funny. And I agree that he was the joke king of fliptop.

19 Dice & K9

The two rapper who study rap.

"drugs speak"

the legend


20 Bassilyo

The rapper joker


He is great

21 Jhomajikero

Sana manalo ka idol/crush.. Paqppray k0h yan!

Dapat number 1 to c jho majikero...

^_^ idol JOEMEEN TO ^_^


22 Anygma

No contest, best one in the game!


23 Crazy As Pinoy
24 Skusta Clee

Best Singer / Rapper in this era

Skusta Leak! lol

And galing mo man.


25 Flict-G

Si roderick paulate ng pinoy hip hop kamukha nya hihihi

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