Tupac, Eminem, Biggie

Nobody has made such a large impact on the hip-hop audience as these 3 have. Personally, I believe Pac was the best of all time overall. But I would definitely be willing to consider anyones arguement who says that Eminem or Biggie are better or whatever. It all depends on what you look for in a great rapper and what makes one a legend. Music is something that is both subjective and objective which makes it truely wonderful. Heres a breakdown on 2Pac, Em, and Biggie and why they should be on the top of this list above any others.

1) Tupac- When it came to the poetry and writing aspect of rapping, he was above and beyond the greatest. College professors and regular people compare his lyrics and poetry to famous writers in the past from Langston Hughes and even going as far back as Shakespeare. He also had the most influence and image of any rapper before or after him. The FBI even wanted to take him down because they feared he was a threat to national security and would start a movement similar to the Black Panthers. He was seen in hip-hop as a warrior and a fighter for truth above all else. He worked hard to stay real and true to himself. He could care less about the money and fame, he was doing his art to awaken people to the realities in the world. No ones lyrics even come close to the death blows and sheer artistic writing that tupac inbedid in his music. (Best at Poetry/Philosophy)

2) Eminem- Now for the wordplay and lyrical aspect of crafting rhymes, he stands unparalled. Listen to his words and see how they differ from almost everyone in music. He has the special gift of internal rhymes and playing words off of each other to create incredible wit and sarcasm. Eminem is a master of doing this. Shady can also rhyme things which at first thought shouldn't rhyme, but changes the pattern or cadence midway through to make the rhymes fit. As far as raps wittiness and wordplay proficiency is concerned, he is the best. (Best at Wordplay/Wit)

3)Biggie- Simply the best flow. His flow should I say is hypnotizing because it is so good. He never misses a beat, and can rap over anything that he was given. He had a smooth flow that at the same time could present lyrical knockouts. When he was around nobody on the East Coast wanted to mess with him because he dominated so well in the area of flow and rhythm. Sure his lyrics were simpler than someone like Tupac, but I understand why Big could be considered as one of the greatest for his perfect fusion of rhythm and soul when rapping. (Best at Flow/Rhythm)

These are the 3 that should be at the top. Lil Wayne, Kanye, Jay-Z, Drake, 50 Cent, T.I., Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy and all these fake little bitches and demons feeding off of rap do not deserve even a top 50, let alone top 10 recogniton as the best rappers. People need to understand what the artisty of rhythm and poetry really is. The music is supposed to have message and rhythm behind the lyrics. Just because you have a "hot" beat or some simple lyrics doesn't make you any more a rapper than playing in high school puts you in the NFL. What happened to REAL RAP. People that had balls and something to say. The radio, TV, blog and mixtape sites have nothing but this s*** seeping out. This s*** makes me feel ashamed that I am part of this generation. Seriously, Is this all party music and lets go have a good time and get f***ed up? We must be really stupid as society to think this s*** is music. It is lowering the standards that past musicians that worked hard to get their talent out there and respected. I am not strictly against party music, but you have to have substance behind it. Life is not about having a good time everyday or being happy!! Life can be really hard sometimes and people need to hear music that addresses the reality of this, and make you see the world differently when you deal with your circumstances. I know the standards are lowering in every music form, not just rap, but I am adressing rap specifically because nowadays, it is what the youth mostly listen to and they are the ones listening to Nicki Minaj and thinking she is edgy. What happened to rappers that challenged not only authority, but ourselves. Chuck D anyone? What about Tupac, The Wu-Tang Clan, The Roots, Scarface, Guru any of these dudes come to mind? Hip-Hop has fallen off hard. When I go to parties now and hear people talk about how good Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye or Mac Miller are I just feel a disgusting feeling in my stomach. There is some genius material that was written by rappers with something to say that gets ignored way too often. Nowadays rappers seem like the only reason they exist is to get paid, and turn over a dollar on stupid bulls*** like chains, sports cars, or enourmous amounts of weed. All this s*** is killing rap and real music; people in this day and age better recognize, because in the end this is going to end up destroying us. Hendrix, John Lennon, Biggie, Kurt Cobain, Tupac, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash all must be rolling over in their graves after hearing the shear stupidity and narrow-mindedness in today's music scene. Can anybody come original anymore and truly shake things up or at least make you nodd and say that motherf***** is dope. The only rapper I see really doing this today is J. Cole. While he is not the only good new rapper out, he has potential and skill that he could use to elevate him on top of the game. I feel he needs to leave Roc Nation alltogether and forget about that snake Jay-Z. Don't even let me get started on that man because I could go on forever. Hip-Hop is rebelious in its nature. It is meant to challenge authority and not to pander to them to make money or to sell out your brother or sister (this goes for all races). I am a young mixed dude, (half black/white) but I despise the music most people, especially black people my age listen too today. The amount of s*** that the musicians and thinkers that came before us went through to give us the truth appears to be completely wasted on the abscence of talent and unoriginality that mainly appears today for all genres. How are we going to go from real music like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson to Ke$ha and Kanye West who are winning grammies. It is just completely f***ed; people that came before and poured their heart and soul into their music I guarantee you would despise the pop music of the Gaga, Justin Bieber and LMFAO crowd. LMFAO is coming to my school next year for a concert, and it is coming out of our school tuition; that s*** is f***ed up people. I don't care how many girls will take their clothes off to theis music, I bet girls will take their clothes off for Satan too. No disrepect to any, but their music is the lowest common denominator and if you like them than you are a germ that shouldn't be allowed to breed, EVER. Anyway, We are so caught up in Facebook and our f***ing cell phones that we can't even stop to ponder if a musician or a piece of art (movie, painting, videogame) or whatever is even worth paying attention to. We accept the lowest common denominator, and are becoming a world of sheep and mindless consumers. We need music now more than ever to help expand our minds to truth and reality. Music goes beyond pure entertainment, and that is why truly amazing music is loved the world over. Finally, the END OF MY RANT! Comment if you want on who you think are the Greatest rappers ever or if you just want to discuss about the general state of hip-hop today.


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This is an absolutely SPOT ON blog! I didn't grow up in the era of pac and biggie, but I agree with the subject about how no one knows real rap these days, how we are all sucked up in our little worlds. But, on the other hand, some of those rappers you dissed are great too, like Kanye, Drake, Jay Z etc. I don't know, maybe it was just the music I listen to, but you have a great point dude, hell yeah! - Mushroom99

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Um, these aren't the only 3 good ones. - bubbles1111

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I agree with this so much! - dross18

I get the impression people hate kanye west because of the media and his attitude and stuff, because it's "cool" if you like. I see no reason why people hate his music, its amazing. - iamjoe54