Top ten best rappers alive, the best by true lyrical critique and punchlines that you can feel

LyricalGenious The Top 10 best rappers ever

1) Mac Dre - Had an unstoppable flow that nobody could touch, punchline after punchline you wonder if he could ever stop and the freestyle game was just as well laced. I can't compare a single rapper to him because there was none with at his caliber. We all get those favorite artists that we listen too for a couple months and you find a new one, but there never was a "new one" after mac dre. I always tried to find someone who could compete but that was a lost cause because there simply is nobody greater. therefore he takes the number one spot and stand much higher on the podium than any other. Disagree? Listen very closely and i guarantee one day you will say he was the true King as well. Much love. R.I.P. MD. The #1 Hitter.

2) B.I.G. - Yes the notorious, Excellent New York style with an amazing flow that could run the show and a freestyle king, shout out too Brooklyn. R.I.P. Biggie.

3) Tupac - Not a personal top favorite but this is by honest evaluation, tupac had a good style that was unique and he brought alot of concepts to the table that many other rappers could never do. R.I.P. Pac.

4) Big L - Although he never got to sign with Jay - Z if only he had survived in order too he would be at the top of the charts making Lil Wayne look like a clown im sure, Big L brought the heat and once again another shame that the young playa had to go so early. R.I.P. L.

5) Snoop Dogg - Put the west on the map with Dre, his young flow has continued all the way to his older days and many rappers cant like this man, good ass raps and he made plenty of hits, numba 5 stunna.

6) Dr. Dre - Without him many of the great rappers we know would not be know, or atleast not surrounded by such a great force that Dr. Dre cooked up. Props to the man he is a true legend.

7) Lil Wayne - Lil Wayne has created some songs that blow my mind, but on the other end i can't stand some of his others. Arguably a number 7 but on creativity and lyrical content he does not belong in the top 5 but top ten is a yes.

8) Jay Z - Rolled with a hard Harlem squad and he emerged into a New York King, if only members of his crew like Big L had not gone they would have had one tight regime, comparable to Dre, snoop and what the west had going on.

9) The Game - One of the firsts rappers I could listen to an entire CD from without having to change the song. The Documentary inparticulare, The game spits it and earned his place in the top ten best rappers ever.

10) Eminem - He did what no other white boy has done, branched it out to a whole nother audience, not just because he was white but because he could rap with the greats, but like Lil Wayne he has amazing songs and others that have no lyrical smarts what so ever.


Wow!There comes the game he is so good such that i play his songs daily.But somebody is knockin at the top ten n dat is TI aha! I don no how this guy rocks,he is so nice peace men luv ya'l. - visitor

wow. this is a terrible list. lil waynes raps make no sense. this website has terible lists. lupe and kanye arnt even in the top 15 on the best rappers while you have lil wayne at 3? - letsgophilly

B.I.G is in any order - visitor

Wayne 7 and eminem 10 your crazy or definitely - visitor