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André Lauren Benjamin, known by his stage name André 3000, is half of the hip-hop duo OutKast. He is widely considered to be the better half of the duo, and is widely considered to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. He was born on May 27, 1975


He should be top 10 minimum probably top 5 definitely should be above #30. Flow, lyrics, creativity with production all top notch. If he'd ever released a solo album (the love below doesn't really count) he'd be near the top of this list. He runs every song he is on so you listen to it just for his part. I can understand him being below people like Wiz as they just get joke votes but it's a disgrace that Kendrick is above him. Big Boi should be top 20 he outshines andre on some of their songs and kills his verse on roses (songs can be commercial and good), deserves better than #298 but he doesn't get any votes because nearly everyone who listens to Outkast prefers dre.

Andre 3000 is easily the most interesting and creative rappers in existence. Having Lil wayne at #3 is a joke too, look up any comparison of him and dre... Its a joke how dominant dre is.. He has single handedly made me interested in rap, every other rapper sounds like someone is just reading a page written by a 5 year old with no musical or lyrical talent.

How is Andre 3000 not in the top 10? He's unarguably in there, my god he's one of the most talented MCs or artists to ever pick up a mic. Like not only that, but his pen-game is on point and his accent, his style, he engineered the south and put them on the map. Not only that but he was consistently good, just listen to the first 3 albums by OutKast. This guy needs to be in the top 10.

Wish there were more rappers I could vote for, there are so many so it's hard but I'll put my vote to 3 stacks since he's currently at 22 and that's ridiculous. - Jamest

He'd be easily worthy of top 5 if he'd done a solo rap album (love below didn't have much rapping), great versatility, flow and lyrics. Still relevant after 20 years, several brilliant feature verses (sixteen with rick ross is brilliant). Did well to make it when he's so different. Best rapper looking at what he's done and this would be more widely accepted if he did more solo stuff.

This dude is the greatest rapper of all time in my opinion. I don't know how in the world he's #60 and Lil Wayne is in the top 5. Lil Wayne didn't change rap the way Andre 3k did. He was the first to rap like a gangsta but to also rap with a deep meaning. Man this list is horrible.

Never been dissed on a track. Never saturated the market with music but everything he is on is pure gold. Unique perspective that no other artist can touch from a storytelling standpoint. Doesn't rhyme about possessions. Lyrically he's like an english professor. A true poet. Street enough to constantly be respect. 1/2 of the best rap group ever, who released 4 of the best hip hop albums in history!

He Created Class Of 3000 The Best Show Of All Time He Should Be Number 1 & Plus There Was Cameo It Was Him & He Was Spectacular At Voicing Sunny Bridges Make Him Number 1 Plus Andre You Should Make A Remake Of Class Of 3000 It's The BEST Show I Would Like TO See A remake & You To Voice Sunny Bridges Again
Please Do It & TheTopTens Users Make THis Guy Number 1 & Make Class Of 3000 Number 1 Of The Best Cartoon Network Shows & Best Cartoons List Please TheTopTens Users & Andre Please Make A Remake Of Class Of 3000 On Cartoon Network Its My Favorite Show It Would Like To See Te Greatest Remake On Television Please Do It Andre You Can Do It Please For The World Please - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

Unquestionably, Andre 3000 belongs in the top 10 best rappers of all time. His ability makes most of the rappers on this list sound ridiculous. I think that when you look at everything he's done, he ranks higher on the list.

Kills it constantly. Almost everything he touches is gold. Hit up his verse in do ya thing with the gorilaz. For that matter check out the thirteen minute version of the song, andree kills it for about eight minutes of it. It's fantastic. Lil wayne sucks, I'm not really sure what happened with this list.

I am in shock Andre 3k... Every single verse he is on he killed it he never takes a verse off even Eminem does that even J does that. he goes hard 100 percent and either tell the story or hit you with something meaningful. he is a true lyricist so damn legit he is a throwback, a legend. yes I like snoop I like Kendrick I like a lot of the hip hop heads above him but they don't compare to 3 stacks. you guys need a history lesson go listen to some early album's. otherwise I'm just starting to lose respect for the younger generation of fools who got Tyga one position behind Andre crazy

What? 3000 is easily one of the best ever! This list is clearly just thrown together, I laughed when I saw John Cena in the top 50. Laugh out loud I can't understand how legends are all the way in the back.

How is Andre 3k not top 10? He's arguably the best to ever live creating hit after hit re-defining the genre as a whole. Many rappers such as Lil Wayne and Big Krit say Andre 3k is the best to ever live. Wayne is top 10 and saying that, he has some merit. 21 is a insult to his career.

This is absurd his verses are other worldly. People say TI rules the south listen to "sorry". Best part is Andre wouldn't even put himself on this list, humblest guy in the game, I have all the respect in the world for him top 10 for sure.

Having 3stacks so far down in this list is an insult to hip hop, everything it takes to be a phenomenal rapper and artist can be found in the man and yet he's outranked by B.O.B who knows that Andre is the truth and was inspired by him...

Way ahead of his time, truly more experimental than any other rapper. Put Atlanta on the map. One of the first crossover hip hop artists. It's stupid that he's all the way down here. At least in the top ten. He's not only lyrically, but musically gifted.

I don't consider him the best of all time, but he definitely needs to be higher on the list. Also, I am glad to see him slowly being featured on more and more albums. It makes me a little hopeful...

The greatest rapper ever from the south at 101? This list is a joke right? And 50 cent in the top ten? He's a great business man but lets be honest

Such amazing lyrics one of the best lyrical rappers out and should be a lot higher than 103! His verse in the real her is my favourite verse of all time!

Who are these guys above 3000? Besides the classics I don't recognize any of their names, and I am VERY familiar with rap.

This list should be put in order of Eminem's list during his song Till I collapse.

Were he from New York or LA, maybe he'd be much higher up on this list and in sales, but the fact that he was one of the pioneers of Dirty South hip hop makes him so amazing. Also underrated as a singer.

Outkast is the best group of all time, Andre 3000 is the best MC of all time, and Aquemini is the best album of all time. You kids know nothing about rap.

Andre 3000 and Big Boi should at least be in the top 10, if not 5 at least! They changed hip-hop forever after Stankonia, and Bombs Over Baghdad is the most revolutionary song of last decade. Hands down.

This list is a joke.B.O. B ahead of ANDRE 3000? Andre is the reason B.O. B is even in the rap game

This is literally the worst list I have ever seen. Half of these rappers are irrelevant and probably not even that good. Eminem was great in his prime, but now he is kinda mediocre.

No one is giving Three stacks enough respect. Absolutely ridiculous. This is a guy that both Eminem and Kendrick Lamar consider one of the greats. It's a joke he's not in the top 10