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DMX brought his deepest emotions into rap when he decided he would rap to sustain his family. He wanted to be good for others, and expressed this passion with lyrics deeper than most rappers since he was in the game.. His emotion and determination are moving, and his story is sure to bring a tear to your eye, and he poured all of his emotion into his songs, and made music that was remarkable, launching him into fame. When he went to meet the definitely jam president, he was recovering from an accident, and had wired in his mouth. People were amazed when Kanye "spoke through the wire", but DMX spat so hard wires could be heard POPPING out of his mouth. His downfall was brought on by his cocaine addiction, but if the seemingly harmless blunt he smoked wasn't laced with cocaine, he would tear down all of the rappers in our time. His lyrics are profound, his voice gets an old hag hyped, and his passion is immense. DMX will always be the greatest rapper and man alive...

DMX is the really legit rapper! He talks about real life stuff like in his song hows it going down. And he is a lyrical genius. Just listen to some of his stuff like, we right here, party up, no love for me, we in here, etc. He talks about hardships especially in his song slippin.

I'm a high level exec in the corporate world. Not someone who you would guess listens to this type of rap. I also would definitely not allow my children to listen to him, but for me, DMX just reigns alone, unbeatable. The only one that I compare him with is 2Pac. Now I'm not talking about who has made the most money, or who has the most albums or hits. I'm talking about who on this list could have been able to go toe to toe with DMX in his prime and come out on top? No One!

DMX is just amazing. His songs have a brutal truth to them and with a relentless beat that gets stuck in your head. He has an excellent flow with an amazing real world situation. One of my favorites of all time.

Dmx is crowned King. with out crack he would owned the rap game.

Between all the various fakers and studio gangsters that now dominate the rap game, there remains only one truly real rapper: DMX. Not only is he talented, but I firmly believe that at this point, he's the only rapper who is truly everything he claims to be, which is worth a lot.

Hands down the greatest EVER. And for those who don't agree by now, well... Let's just say, the way dogs flip out, cats will NEVER understand.

how is DMX number 29 and people like will smith, 50 cent, drake etc are voted better its the most stupid thing I have ever seen who has put this crap on here?

I hate when people say "he's on crack and it ruined his career". He's been on crack since his first album and sold millions of records. He was untouchable in his 5 year reign & acknowledged in his music all he wanted was a "5 year run". He's top 5 for me & top 10 arguably regardless of what he is portrayed as now. 12 million albums sold first 3 albums in 2 years... Enough said.

Really underrated on this site, I know he's in the top 30, but in my opinion he's top 10. A lot of people just think he's a rapper who isn't lyrical at all, but that's not true. Slippin' is a very emotional song by him. - venomouskillingmachine

Dmx is probably to me the most amazing hardcore rap artist, he speaks of life and hard times

In my opinion DMX should be in the top ten, he's got a great message in his songs, and genuine talent, with a sick flow. He's right up there with Tupac, Nas, Eminem, and Biggie.

How he can be no.34? 4 real listen to his lyrics and his beats he ist the only rapper who make me think bout if 2pac is the best rapper!

Illest rapper of all time. His new album is coming out next month. GET IT!

Not the best but majorly underrated he is a bad ass ruff riders anthem is amazing and party up is a great song he needs to be up in the top fifteen at least.

X is the most unique and realest rappers in the game. Talks about gangs from experience with hard verses and yet he can be emotional and very religious

Dmx is one of the best rappers of all time he made some of the most famous rap songs like x going to ya and party up and were the hood at

After Big and Pac died DMX was one of the few hard rappers he's not number one but he's a top tenner for sure

He has a beautiful testimony, showing that the Lord is with him and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST:AS IT IS WRITTEN!

DMX isn't top five but 31 is a joke. He was for a time the most popular rapper alive and had two number one albums in the same year

Best lyrics besides Eminem and pac. Lives what he raps about. DMX has a dark side as much as a soft side, its very easy to relate to his music. THE LOX, one of the best up there forsure top ten if not top 5.

Kanye and Lil Wayne. Over DMX?!?! What the hell is wrong with you idiots?!

WHY IS DMX IN 31 PLACE? He deserves 1 2 3 place beside Eminem 2pac or BIG

He sold many more records then Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa I love DMX he is a hero

I love his songs, Where the hood at, We right here, etc.. He never introduced himself to pop. He's awesome..