G- Dragon was the the great rapper for me, a young man with a perfect definition of an ARTIST, from head to toe, (faint) he is a super awesome composer and a singer, nothing can you ask for, he was a complete package you're looking for an great musician, that is the reason he got a lot of fans and supporter. KWON JIYONG rule

He's Probably THE BEST if not one of the best rappers in Korea... The man has some really great rapping skills.. And oh, a great composer too!

I'm not into Hip-Hop or Raps music at first until I heard GD's song and he's rap in it. The reason I don't like raps because it's sounds boring for me. And to be honest so annoying why do we have to listening someone talking non stop :) but when I heard GD rap in his song/BIGBANG song. I feel the flow and he switch the note fast. I can feel the emotion from his voice when he rap. Not like other rapper that sounds superficial/toneless and the intonation are same over and over [boring things] since then I start to listening Hip-Hop but only G-Dragon's Song. Another thing about G-Dragon is he is amazing Song Writer every lyric he made are Deep. He is such Organic Rapper. Beside Very Good Leader in His Group and Professional, He has amazing Fashion sense.

New style, new sound, fresh-fashion new stylish young man, amazing composer, producer, lifetime in Korean music industry, sexy and cute actor, great dancer with a strong and kind personality!

Genius composer, I love his "flying rap". He's cool, but he's also sweet and cute at the same time. I love his live performance, he never failed to keep his audience alive during the concert.

What else do you expect from a guy who's been in the entertainment industry since age 6? Of course he's the best. Writes his own songs, amazing freestyle, etc.

He's simply amazing, there are no more words to be said, I was so surprised when I didn't see him on this list. He is undeniably amazing. Go Bigbang! 33

An amazing and innovative rapper with an amazing sense of style. Both his rap and voice are unique and powerful. He both writes and composes amazing songs and his rap is genius.

One of the Best Singer/Rappers ever along with T.O. P! Just cause they aren't that recognized in America doesn't mean that they Aren't good, I Believe they are way better than the rappers in the U. S, I mean he's not considered fluent in English but has pretty good Pronunciation for someone who doesn't know the Full English Language. Also One of the Top Rappers in Korea.

He may not be as great as Eminem or whoever but I think he is the best rapper, composer producer and aband leader in Korea..

Well, although he's Korean, he's not pretty boy. He is chic, cool and swag and he has his own style. He is different with other Korean boy. He is a smart rapper. Every night after he sleep, he always write lyric for his group song. Everywhere if he looked something and then close his eyes, there is new song in his mind that will be a trending song. Even he is a fashion icon in Korea! You will be fall in love with him if you look his performence!

Amazing rapper, composer, and he definitely has the most swag out there. Along with writing, composing, and producing for Big Bang, he models and has a lot of success with his solo activities. As an artist overall he is very successful and very skillful. He's been working hard and rapping since he was 13 and I can't wait for more people to hear his great skills.

His style of rapping is extremely unique. The lyrics he raps to are much more inspiring than other rap artists, and most of them are not about partying or getting drunk, they are about serious topics such as love and break ups. He's a great composer and has the best stage presence anyone could wish for. He's seriously just THE best.

Yess he is the best! Needs to be at least in the top 10! He composes so many songs in different languages and works his ass off 24/7 so yeah that just sums up why GDragon is so awesome! - kenyawilliams

Obviously the best rapper out there, he's got the greatest style of rap flow and even if you hear him rap for 24 hours you won't get bored of it. The amount of swag he puts in his rap is just right and he can rap in various types of feeling (e. G slow, upbeat fast, sad rap, playful fun)

He s got his soul in his songs. A great rapper who makes people fall into his rhyme, rhythm and soul. One of the great things he has done as a rapper is that he has made so many non-hiphop-lovers get to know about hiphop and into it later. I think great rappers must have such talent that makes people listen to their sounds of soul. There are many rappers with great skills yet haven't got somethin to get people's hearts. GD you are one of the best rappers! He is ALSO one of the greatest composer, lyrics, performer writer, producer of Bigbang, GD&T.O. P and himself and fashionista. He's an extraordinary multi-talented musician YET very young so has much more potential. He deserves one of the best rappers of all time!

G-Dragon is not only one of the best rappers of the world, but also an music genius. He composes, makes up songs and melodys in one moment and every single one of them is a hit. He is caring, gentle, friendly and funny. His lyrics aren't any overused "Oh, women, money, sex, whatever" things, but have real meanings in them. He is truly one in a million, someone who will change the musicworld one day!

Leader of number one Korean boyband BIGBANG, G-Dragon. Of course, he's a great composer, awesome rapper, a fashion icon. His unique voice, you cannot ignore his talent. He's great at singing, rapping, dancing. He's perfect and really charismatic. The powerful voice. And, HE'S PROFESSIONAL!

He is a musical genius who produces his own and his group's music. He sold more records than more than half the rappers on this list. International sensation and fashion icon, he is probably among the greatest rappers in history.

Come on, he's supposed to be in the top 10. He's so amazing. He is insanely awesome! His lyrics are great, his rapping is great, his fashion sense is WICKED and damn, he's so adorable! I'm not much of a hip-hop/rap fan, but the only rapper I actually like & listen to other than Eminem is G-Dragon.

Kwon Jiyong is an amazing rapper, he can also sing. He does even dance. He writes his own songs and his band songs. He is so young but so talented. He is what we call "a musical genius". He is very humble, and he easily feel shy when someone tell him how great he is. He is a leader, he is perfectionnist. And he is handsome. You can't deny that. With all the talent he got, he is handsome. A funny guy too. That's why he is the best.

I think G-DRAGON is the best rapper after T.O. P from BIG BANG because he not just a singer, but he is a songwriter and already make a great song and big hits in the world with BIG BANG and also with his solo album I think he should be number 1 like Eminem

Just so original, and fresh from Korea. His music develops and varies all the time, and it's really quite mind-blowing to see him playing with different genres and mixing them all up. He is not just a great composer and rapper, he is an innovator.

Best rapper. Anyone can feel intense power from him on stage and his charismatic features is amazing onstage. When you listen to his sensuous flow and charming voice, you can not help falling in love with him. He is only 23 years old!

I'm his Fan, I think he has a great ability about music. I love him! He is the greatest rapper of Korean Idol Group's. He has a good ability of composition, singing, rap, fashion, and also about the leader of the Korean Idol Group BIGBANG.