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Aubrey Drake Graham, known professionally as Drake, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.


Drake raps real talk. He has good verses and sounds like he has a good hearts. He don't rap about girls girls girls, he raps from his mind and hearts. In my mind Drake is in the top 10s/100s/1000s whatever he's my #1 rapper.

Honestly Drake is one of the best rappers alive, the reason why most people hate him is that he also sings. But that's just another skill that not every other rapper has. Nowadays its not cool to say "I RAP " because everyone raps now.. You got to have something more than that. Also I hate it when people don't like it when they rap about money and stuff. Like what the hell? He can't rap about the poor and stuff when he's at the top of the world right now. When only his socks are like 500$(just saying). Anyway rap can't always stay the same.. We have to freshen it up a bit.

That's why :
The game needs change, and Drake's the cashier. (a line of his)

Stop using album sales as your main point as to why drake should be higher. If it sells, nice, but I'm looking for someone who can flow over almost any beat with ease, whose lyrics have depth to them, and who can deliver them with proper tone and timing. Drakes delivery is solid, though he can't rap over a variety of beats, his lyrics are very simplistic (see; sing about me I'm dying of thirst by Kendrick Lamar if you want to see actual lyrical depth). Sales should only serve to emphasize the point. You guys are simply putting drake up here because he is catchy, and is a hook singer and/or are sheep. Not on drake, but he's not one of the greatest. His lyrics don't need a second look by any stretch, and his flow is limited. Songs like back to back are solid and energy is good but drake cannot be placed above many greats. Should be between 150 and 200 in my opinion

Drake has been the best rapper/singer since 2011 back when Take Care came out. Has some of the most unique beats that I've ever heard and talks more about his personal life and puts emotion in it like Eminem does instead of the traditional rapper that only talks about getting money, girls, clothes, and guns. Personally I think Drake should defiantly be top 10-15. To many people underrate him because of how big he is and because he also sings instead of only rap but I think that makes him better than most rappers since he can do that stuff making him more talented. Some people say that some of the current rappers are better than him but if you combine voice, lyrics, flow, and beat, he always out dose everyone else.

Not a fan at all. I get why people like him but most of the time he sounds bored to me. Even on his "fun" upbeat songs he doesn't seem to be having fun and just uses his monotone voice and flow. Also consistantly is disrespectful to women without any sense of self awareness (hotline bling). And what it the worst is that on his song child's play he actually is classist. He looks down on a poorer woman and threatens to give her back to the hood if she doesn't behave. How has the biggest rapper currently not been torn apart for being classist in a genre of music created to speak to the poor and downtrodden of society. I'm not saying all hip hop needs to do that but to be classist against the poor in any song and especially a hip hop one I find to be disgraceful.

I think drake is the best. He is the coolest rapper alive. I don't really like Eminem. He is good but not better I love drake's song the motto. He has a very good voice. Also I don't get how eminem is the best. I know I'm young but I just love a guy like drake. Have fun listen to drake and enjoy! I am the first best fan of drake I bet. My room is filled of posters of him. Also my ipod is filled with songs of him. I love him. He has a good voice. Also he has good raps. This is my opinion

Drake makes me listen to Every song he produce, every song he Features.
He is one of the BEST Rappers I have ever heard. He has a Unique rap style with a really cool and sexy Voice. He must be in the Top 5 along with Eminem and Lil Wayne. He puts and unreal amount of heart with his deep and Nice Lyrics. He is the BEST and Coolest rapper alive!

Drake is the best rapper ever, and he's damn fine too, so he's the whole package. I think he deserves to be up there in the top because he works hard towards his music and none of it is fake or auto-tuned or any of that, and he doesn't rap about the usual that everyone does, such as weed, money, sex, and hoes, but he actually raps about relatable things and his music is legit music, not just random yelling in the back. DRIZZY ALL THE WAY

Drake should at least be in the top five, if not the top spot. He has made songs from less popular rappers become legendary, such as 'pop that' by French Montana. Aside from that, he has worked with all of the biggest names from hip hop. Eminem, Kanye West, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, you name it. He is a chart topping mastermind, his newest album 'Views' completely dominated the charts, as the top twenty spots were filled out with the twenty tracks from the album. If u go and listen to his solo album 'If Your Reading This Its Too Late' you will be amazed at the incredible flow and feeling that his lyrics boast. 'Legend' is a legend of a song, and 'Know Yourself' will make you feel a certain warmth inside that you've never felt before. In other words, Drake is the king of young money, as well as the whole hip-hop scene. His no doubt best song, '0 to 100-The Catch Up' shows immense flow and wit you won't find in even the best Kendrick Lamar or 50 cent songs. Drake is the real 6 God, and ...more

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW HE IS NOT IN THE TOP 10! He makes amazing music, I could listen to it all day long. His music has feelings to it, he sings from the heart, unlike other rappers who sing about drugs, sex, and all that other crap. So yeah, he should be right up there with eminem, lil wayne and 50 cent, enough said, drizzy a&f

Are ya kidding most number ones ever can't rank him 39. This is disrespect to today's best rapper. He raps the realist lyrics. Can't argue with his passion just listen to any of his songs! He can rap about anything his range is far beyond any rapper you want a love song Marvin's room you want feel good song over you want just rap headlines. I mean the
He is rapping I don't think he can be stopped. Check it by the numbers it's drAke number one the rest slim to none. you can't have a list with great rappers and not have him in the top 10 at LEAST! When it's all said and done I have no doubt he will be top 5. Way to much to talent this number is you justicified and needs an explanation because this dude killin it!

How Drake is ever even talked about as even top 50 I will never know. The guy is just putting out average lyrics over a catchy beat. Hotline bling has to go down as 1 of the worst rap songs ever. He can't write and clearly he has ghostwriters which if you don't believe by now you are a fool. Meek mill will destroy this guy when his new album comes out

Drake is the best rapper of all time. Drake has the most amazing flows and anyone who disagrees with me is mental. Half these rappers are old or dead but drizzy has his whole career ahead of him. He's out there representing Toronto. TAKE CARE coming out November 15 make sure you listen to it and you will agree with me.

BEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME all you 15 year old girls probably don't know anything about rap if you think this guy is good! - Zombielover

Drake lacks what makes an artist good. His songs are as deep as a puddle. Can be catchy but this guy being in the top 20 must be a prank. I have no respect for his music. The only time he lays down more then the same three lines is when he's got other people helping him. He's the face of shameful rap. I wish more people would rally behind artists with lyrics so deep that each song is just the tip of the ice burg. No more slow beats that don't mean anything and only work at a party. I feel like my IQ drops every time a rapper can only talk about how great money, strippers, and weed is.

He's such a poet and is able to make the transition into singing and rapping quite smoothy which is impressive. He is always himself, which is extremely difficult to find in the culture of rap and hip hop, he's only 26 and not yet at the peak of his career, there is always a song of his that you are able to relate to, :-)

Drake is the best in my opinion okay he's been jimmy on the degrassi next generation he's in young money he's rapped with n. Minaj, l. Wayne, kanye west, young jeezy, bun b, T.I. , swizz beats, mary j blige, and more but drake you the best you the best best we ever had best we ever had uh you sang so good you the best from the hood I'm done.

I say you should vote for Drake because he is a good singer/rapper and he makes you feel better when your upset or even if your happy he makes you excited but still he is better than what you expect so I think you should go for what you believe in so yes I went for Drake and I'm glad that he is a great singer/rapper.

I never paid Drake much attention before, I thought he was just a very basic popular rapper then I actually started listening to his music and I was very surprised. I'm impressed how many good songs he is still releasing, it's seems like 90% of musicians coast off of the success and money of their older songs and don't put as much effort in anymore or conform to radio standards. It seems like Drake is almost the opposite, I wasn't really a fan of his stuff when he came onto the scene a couple years ago but now I am

Number of hits shouldn't be a factor, especially in today's hip hop scene. We all know this man has Ghostwriters that work for him, not saying that's the reason he doesn't belong because many artist have had them too like how Cube wrote most of Eazy-E's lyrics. But he's just not that talented as a true MC. I mean he was the dude in the wheel chair before he started rapping other peoples lyrics. And he's even straight up stolen lyrics from other rappers; like word for word. Maybe its because I'm into the golden age of hip hop, where street cred actually meant something and rapping about you don't or haven't done was a big no-no in the hip hop world. Commercial success really doesn't mean top 10 or whatever number, Flo-Rida is always bumping on the radio (at least in south Florida) but he'll never ever see top 100. Sorry Aubrey (his real name by the way) but you're just faking it. - AiJ

Drake is not a legend... Yet. Drake isn't even at his best point of his career. He is lyrically gifted. He is real in his music and not only does he rap he also sings. That's a complete artist right there. Take Care best album of the year in my opinion.

This guy is the best in the game right now. I would simply name him Hip-Hop because he is the true definition of it.. He is unique, he rhymes like no other person before. You think as to "how the hell did he even think of that line". He now deserves to be ranked number 1 until such time, someone else, somewhere tries to bit him because no one else matches him in the game right now in my view.

It makes sense when this guy raps. His songs tell a story that you can picture in your head. Only a few rappers can do that and drake is one of the best. His R&B singing is an amazing touch to a lot of his songs. This showcases most on the take care album and a little bit on the nothing was the same album. He has had countless number 1 hits. And what is so scary about him is that he is just getting started. He is 27 years old. I think he has the potential and the motivation to become the best their ever was or ever will be! Please vote for this dude

I believe that he is only this far down because he sings. His lyrics are top quality and he mixtapes before he got signed had true lyricism. Even now he makes good rap songs but it is drowned out because he can make good r&b songs. He is my favorite out right now, the best out right now.

For crying out loud drake sucks he is the most overrated rapper in the history of rapping. How is he even on this best rapper list he doesn't even rap he mostly just sings listen to all his songs and you'll see what I mean

I think that drake should be at least number 4 on the list. He is way too good to be ranked 23. Has the best punch lines and flow is above normal standards. Not saying he is better than nas which should be number 1, but give drake some credit cause he is the only hope that hip-hop has.