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Marcus Jamal Hopson, better known by his stage name Hopsin, is an American rapper, record producer, director and actor from Los Angeles, California. Hopsin was born on July 18, 1985. His first album was called Emurge but he's best known for his album titled Raw.


Hopsin definitely should be up way higher. Other than his amazing flow, his beats, his message, and his delivery; his hustle from the point when he first started rapping is something that should be respected. He was signed to a major label, put out a great album - that never got pushed out to the public! That's tough. Knowing your art, lyrical TALENT and hard work is just waiting for the world to get on with it - but the people higher up from you just wont put it out. Then having to wait for your contract to expire and literally after that, go from NOTHING to picking yourself up from and trying again on your own. With your own money so you make your own risks and are responsible for them. He got himself on the XXL freshman list. He got his Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5 song to millions of views on his own. He produced all of his stuff, he directed his own videos... that's just something that has to be respected and being 26th on the list is a big slap in the face. Just listen to any of his ...more

Seriously? 0.4% of people voted Hopsin? We need to change this! Hopsin is easily one of the best rapper of all time. Maybe not as good as Eminem or Tupac but he is easily better than Lil Wayne or Snoop Dogg. But because he has his own record label he doesn't get the recognition he needs. His delivery in most of his songs is amazing but his lyrics are so powerful and meaningful! His music has gotten me through some tough times. He raps against alcohol and drug abuse, against mainstream rappers who just rap about money and smoke and he raps about the dangers of unsafe sex. All of these pressing issues in our society today. So please, vote for Hopsin and spread the word about this amazing rapper.

Hops is insane! Lyrically stronger than most, people need to realise rapping is about expression of self not gangsters and sex. Not a lot of rappers have a flow close to his. Rhyme schemes are brilliantly put together. Metephors are creative and unique. He's a great entertainer and he raps because he loves it and you can tell that. A lot of rappers hold them selves behind barriers but Hopsin doesn't do that

Hopsin, should be #2, after Eminem. He may not have grown up in the hood, but he raps about real-life problems that he went through, a lot of the same problems I'm going through. He doesn't do drugs and he doesn't drink, he's actually strongly against that. He wants kids to stay in school and follow their dreams and hang out with good people, who help them achieve their goals. He's actually one of the best influential rappers for everyone. He tries To lead people in the right direction, and makes great raps in the progress!

If rap is measured by *meaningful* lyrics (this is where Lil' Wayne falls short) and flow, then Hopsin will, without a doubt, go down in history as one of the best rappers ever to have graced the game. It's early days (July 2012), but the potential is there; just listen to Ill Mind of Hopsin 4 & 5... They are game-changing songs. He's the next Eminem.

He obviously should be in the top-10 and maybe even the top-5. His multi-syllable rhyme scheme is far superior to any top-40 rapper in the United States and on an international level. The level of intelligence and social relevance in his verses are second to none and no flow comes even close to his besides Eminem, who definitely deserves the top spot, for now.

I think Eminem is the G.O.A.T., but he's already holding number 1 spot, so I though I'd support my favorite rapper. This dude is what rap is supposed to be about, his rap is like the offspring of Eminem's and Tupac's. You can't beat it. Listen to his music and tell me you don't think he deserves top 10, let alone higher than Lil Wayne's sellin' out ass..

Ill mind of Hopsin 7 and 6.
Nocturnal Rainbows.
Many more amazing songs both meaningful and funny.
This guy in my opinion should be nearing the top10 because today he is the best rapper in the world without a doubt.
My top5 is
Eminem, Tupac, Nas, Rakim, Biggie. Hopsin should be in at around 11 for me because he's the best today but nobody will take notice. You're all complaining that rap is terrible now. That's because you're not taking notice of rappers like Hopsin and Kendrick Lamar. Hopsin hands down is the best rapper right now though there is no beating him every song he puts out is dope

Used to love this guy. Not so much anymore. He does often talk down to the listener when talking about social and political issues. Such as on fly where he actually insults the listener. Is a bit overly juvenile for me. He does have great flow and technical rapping ability and I like some of his more dark and aggressive material. Though what I do like from him wasn't at all on pound syndrome and his tracks released sense them were bad to me. Particularly the production.

He is almost as good as slim shady he should be at least in the top 5 and tech nine should be to that's not even cool come on I love hopsin and tech nine what the hell are you guys listen to if I was you I would be banging my head out to hopsin and that's damn straight no joke

Hopsin is the man. He deserves to be number 1. He's got a sick flow, sick lyrics, and he's got sick beats. He's 10x better than Eminem. And he's a hell of a lot better than lil Wayne.
You guys should listen to real good rap instead this crappy rap now a days with drugs and sex.

Hopsins flow is amazing. I love how he calls out rappers who just talk about the stupid stuff like Kanye west and Tyler the creator. Eminem is the greatest but hopsin should be up right by him. Don't forget he isn't the type of fake rapper who does every song about the same thing. (One reason I don't like lil Wayne is that) he sings about what is going on in either a funny, serious, or sad way. And almost anyone can related to his music.

Are you kidding top 15 at least he represents positivity and negative together and sounds great he has his own label that's successful raps about how other rappers are full of it. You don't see that from any other rapper. he's a role model and legend in the making.

What is wrong with you people? Hopsin should be at least No. 3. Because he's got amazing flow. Not to mention, his story-telling ability is off the charts. I mean just listen to: Sexy Cyber, Story of Mine, Good Friend, and there's lots more. Listen to that and then you'll realize that Lil Wayne is nothing compared to him.

Genius. Underground, but gaining swiftly in popularity, and his songs just keep getting better. Just listen to his album RAW, or tracks like ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 5, Nocturnal Rainbows and Sag My Pants. A lyrical mastermind with some of the best out there.

Top 3 of the most underrated rappers. EVER. His flow is weird, and it works. He talks about his real life. Not about his money or his girls. He is real, his words make sense and it all works so swelly. I just can't believe how HOPSIN and Funk Volume (who easily beat YMCMB) hasnt gotten a lot of attention, that they deserve!

He's the best in the game. You all don't see this guy much in the mainstream because he's honest and knows that drugs and guns get people killed. All the industry tries to shut him up but he disses them before they make a move. Spits best verses from his ill mind.

Hopsin spits mostly truth he is real he is raw he ain't like washed Wayne he should be up there with Eminem seriously he has awesome lyrics its just sick like he just deserves billions of views and millions of dollars

Obviously not Em but deserves much higher than 33. One of the only good rappers today. It's sad news that he's leaving for a while. Definitely better than Drake Wayne and Kanye all combined. Knock madness was sick.

It blows my mind that Hopsin is lower on the list than fools like Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa. People need to vote for the real rappers in the game..

One of the talented remaining artists in rap. Great flow, great lyrics, touches on multiple topics from religion to what's wrong with today's kids. Listen to the Ill Mind Of Hopsin Series for a glimpse of his best work.

Hopsin should at least be in the top 10 he is one of the only rappers who speak the truth. Compared to the others who talk about the same stuff over and over mive hopsin up

His word play is like nothing I ever heard
I'm Eminem's biggest fan and I hate to admit people are better then him but Hopsin's word play is just amazing and I don't think anyone can compete with it
What he does behind that mic is just incredible and I'm giving him his props

You have to be a socially awkward 12 year old kid who is full of himself/herself to think that Hopsin is good, he is barely in the top fifty current rappers so get him out of this terrible list.

The only reason Hopsin's far behind those mainstream suckers like Lil Wayne is because he's an underground rapper. He can rhyme, he's got the flow. Why not?