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Shawn Corey Carter, known by his stage name JAY-Z, is an American rapper, entrepreneur and investor. He is best known for his album Reasonable Doubt.


Amazing rapper. I have to agree with what a lot of people are saying, Jay-Z's rapping days are pretty much over, but if were talking when he was REALLY good and spitting some crazy stuff. He's how Kanye got his start, who is another great rapper by the way. Jay-Z is legendary. I don't know about best-ever, but he is pretty great. The guys above him are not from my generation, so maybe they are greater to other guys. But, I witnessed Jay-Z's great raps first-hand.

HE RULE! He has is the best rapper I have every seen! He have a awesome flow of rapping, jay-z flow and delivery is like no other he is no doubt on of the most talented rappers to come into the game. All I can really say here is Jay should without doubt be above 50 Cent, Nas and Lil Wayne.. I can at least accept why people might put Biggie, Tupac or even Eminem above him, but the other three just aren't in the same league Jay-Z is the best selling rapper of our time 50 cent is no comparison to him. Not only that but Jay-z runs one of the best rap labels there is with rappers like Kayne, Nas, and many others on it. Plus where the hell is 50 its been years since he made a hit. There is no comparison between the two. Jay-z should be up with nas and all the other rappers who actually changed the rap scene all 50 did is talk big and brag about getting shot he's a trash rapper.

Wow! Jay-Z? 5th? No No No. I can't believe people like Jay-Z aren't first or second just because little kids listen to Eminem. As for the others above him? Tupac was good but not number 2 material. Biggie was good but same reason as Tupac. Nas is also amazing and really is hard to choose between Jay-Z and Nas but in the end, what album could you NOT live without? Illmatic and The Black Album. Both are amazing but Jay-Z really nailed this album, which is the best album ever. Better than all of Em's albums combined. And he still releases some pretty good songs today but, as today is messed up with the 5 year olds listening to Drake, who can't rap for you-know-what, he can't even get anywhere near the top 40. I mean I live in UK and I NEVER hear Jay-Z on charts. Disgrace. People need to show more respect to the REAL Hip-Hop artists like Jay-Z and Tupac and Nas and 50 and Biggie and more. If it wasn't for these guys, there would be no such thing as hip-hop, just all the five year old ...more

I'm not trying to offend any Jay-Z fans, but I can't stomach seeing him above some of the other rappers on this list. While I do respect Jay-Z's climb from poverty to one of the wealthiest men in America and his first few albums during the 90s were truly phenomenal, the fame clearly tarnished his career. Once he began riding the Biggy and Big L wave to keep famous and successful and then began remaking music and using his fame and media influence to make good music was when I lost respect for him. If I were only judging off his career up until 1999 or 2000 I could comprehend this choice, but overall he should be below many of the rappers on this list, ESPECIALLY RAKIM.

Jay's world play and flow keep him on top of the game for decades now - no other rapper has matched that feat. He's rapped with the best (Brooklyn's Finest) "kept his name in music" with constant hit records because not only is he an MC he's a business man, he knows what sells. As much as he hates this new he does it because it sells yet still sublimely delivers great story telling and lyrical masterpieces and if you want to hear that in his "prime" where he wasn't limited by what sells - check his first 3-4 albums. "JayZ can't rap fast?!?! "?!?! " - a rapper is defined by how fast he spits words it's the world play and flow and lyrics that matter the most and if you want to see him spit fast watch Can't get with That. He's mastered all areas of the game - best MC.

Jay-Z should be in the top three. No other rapper has been as consistently great as Hov. In an industry that is difficult as is to make it in, Jay-Z has proved himself to be more than worthy of not only one of the greatest rappers alive, but maybe one of the greatest rappers ever. You cannot logically rank 2pac and Biggie over Jay-Z, because even if they were alive, you don't know how they would have evolved and how their raps would be now. Look what happened to top rappers like Ja Rule and DMX. They once were on top of the rap world by far, but they weren't consistent. Jay-Z, however, has not missed a beat. In his own words, "Ever since I made the change over to platinum, the games been a rap. One. " Not to mention the genius lyrics and flow, Hov is the American Dream.

Jay is definitely the best alive right now. He's been going hard for years now and isn't stopping yet. He is extremely successful and one of the richest rappers. The only reason Biggie and Tupac are so glorified is that they were shot. Don't get me wrong they're still greatness, however jay has had rap in is grasp the entire time.

Jay-z one of the rappers to accomplish many things that not all rappers could and still does more to. Every song he makes has great quality of him rapping and he's always leaving the fans to want more. Make a solo album a year and people always beg for more and more I'm pretty sure he's going to come out with more great music.

Greatest and most consistent rapper of all time without a doubt, his current success shows it. If Biggie and Tupac didn't die they won't be as successful as HOV at this point of time. He easily blends in with what's popular in the music industry. Doesn't really shout at mic's, keeps it cool.

His flow, his delivery, his beats his everything! His songs are deep but he also has fun songs and he has been in the rap game for a long time and he is still in his prime. Songs like Takeover, Izzo and 99 Problems are all time classics and he has very underrated songs and Kanye and him make an extremely good rap pair. All 3 Blueprints are all time classics and he has very good albums today like Watch the Throne etc plus he can actually rap live he isn't all fake studio only

The word play and delivery are just plain sick. Listen to Reasonable Doubt. First album and still a hip hop classic. Like the older Jay-Z stuff more than his new stuff. Watch the Throne was an attempt to stay relevant. The only ones in the same class are Em, Pac and Biggie. The rest shouldn't be mentioned in the same phrase. Lil Wayne = by far the most overrated.

No one is touching Jay. His longevity is unmatched. Delivery in his rhymes is so smooth and true to life. He appeals both to purists and casual hip-hop fans. With each album you can hear his evolution and maturation as a person...G.O.A.T.

Jay-z is one of the oldest rappers still in the game and is still producing hits and he is in giantic fashion lines like New York Yankees and Brooklyn nets and has been in the game since 1995 that's 19 years and has created one if not the most famous singers in the world rihanna and friends with the legendary kanye west and will smith and mike tyson and Michael Jordan and married to pop diva queen b beyonce and is one of the richest rappers ever and created massive hit rockafella records

He is the most consistent over two decades. Has more number one albums than ANY solo act in music history, he's only second to the legendary Beatles. His ability to mix extremely technical rhyme schemes with deep subject matter is literally unmatched by any other rapper of his caliber. He combines the skill of Eminem or Biggie with the depth of Tupac or Nas. His catalog is more than double any rapper in his caliber.

2Pac and Eminem have an amazing talent in telling stories in their songs, and Biggie has music that you can listen to anytime of the day but Jay-Z just happens to have all of the above and is most definitely the best rapper!

His rap music has no meaning no values and no principles. He is all about money as his label and colleagues reflect his evil ways.

He's leading the league in at least 6 statistical categories right now... Best flow, most consistent, realest stories, most charisma, he sets the most trends, and his interviews are hotter. Holla! Seriously though the man changed the game. He shut down nas in their feud and had some of the best albums ever (blueprint and reasonable doubt to name a few). Songs like murder to excellence and moment of clarity have proven him a phenomenal lyricist, and the man seriously knows how to party. I gotta respect tupac even though most of his hype is because he is dead, but the others have nothing on Jay

One of the best rappers ever! Top lyrics, top flow and a golden ear for music! He is honest in his raps, composes the lyrics in his head and stayed relevant, or better at the top of the game for so many years! Untouchable HOV!

Easily the GOAT of Rap.. He has the smoothest flow and voice.. Smoother than Eminem's.. I even think he destroyed Nas in their BEEF w/ Supa Ugly and Takeover because all he said were FACTS. All Nas said about Jay were completely opinions!.. Jay-Z is an all-around rapper.. Jazz, Hip-Hop etc.

Jay-z is the best rapper of all time, hands down. This is a very vague category. Rap has so many obstacles and what you vote for is what you look for in an individual rapper.

You got it backwards, Tupac wasn't the best lyricist but he got his message out there and he spoke to the people. Biggie had the flow and lyrics, the one who truly changed the way MCs rapped

When people die it is the true test of what that person was/is worth. When Jay-Z dies it will be the biggest death in hip-hop (other then maybe Eminem if not equal). If Pac and Bigge where respected after their deaths then Jay-Z has a place. In my opinion I felt that after Biggie's death, Nas won the battle BUT Jay-Z won the war.

Jay-Z one of the greatest put him up their with Nas biggie and PAC he's definitely better than 50 and Wayne o god lil Wayne is horrible these list are meant to be based on a rapper's skill and not mainstream popularity.
Also J. Cole Lupe Fiasco Kendrick Lamar Talib Kewil deserve more recognition
And how is T Pain or Chris Brown can even be possibly considered a rapper? That's ridiculous.
I Love Kid Cudi as an artist he should be respected very much as a rapper but he isn't up their as the best

Come on guys. REALLY?!? Eminem? I know there are people who support him, but Jay Z and Tupac should be higher. And Dr. Dre, really number 7? No they should all be higher up. Jay Z was alive 20 years ago and is still alive today, and yet no one remembers him as the guy who was the original rapper.

An unpopular choice but like it or not its a matter of Opinion, Even time of day, month, year but as I said like it or not Jay Z is by far lyrically, Intellectually, Flow leaps & bounds light years ahead of anyone in this list (Only guy close is Eminem) He is the GOAT! My own preference is Pac, Jay Z, Big Pun, Em, Common. Lets not get Sentimental