Kid Cudi

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Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, better known by his stage name Kid Cudi, is an American recording artist and actor from Cleveland, Ohio.


Cudi's style is by far unique and very profound. He deserves to be up there near eminem unlike lil wayne who admitted to everybody that he doesn't even know how to rap. At least cudi can freestyle and pretty well too, write meaningful poetry, has moods of every kind, and it's just like many of his followers who lived a very similar life. I'm in the cudi zone! I don't know about ya'll!

Cudi has the biggest flow of all time, straight up. His music's deep and the fact that one of his greatest songs of all time like "The Prayer" is not as well known as some other trashy music from already-prominent rappers probably places him on the 45th place on this rating, but personally, I think Kid Cudi most definitely deserves to be in top ten. Check out his Mix Tape everyone. It's called "A KID NAMED CUDI. "

CUDI is the best... He destroys little Wayne in every manner...
... Okay. Cudi can rap and sing. He is fantastic live and he's a great entertainer. He also writes his own songs. Lil Wayne doesn't. Lil Wayne should not be in the top 50. He's an arrogant person whos songs all sound the same. Name one song of his that doesn't say how great he is or the money or women he gets. Cudi writes about what he feels and he should get more credit for that. His songs are sad sometimes but at least there not all the same. He can also rap pretty fast, but chooses to have a flow more than speed. He is the best in my book

Okay kid cudi is the master, I mean just listen to his debut album man on the moon:end of the day. seriously kid cudi is original unlike Lil Wayne and 50 cent, seriously he should be in the top ten. I mean Lil Wayne raps like a toddler. how many rappers do you know can rap and sing? How many are good at it too? Not many and definitely not as good as KiD CuDi.

Kid Cudi changed my life and opinions about what rap music can be. "Soundtrack 2 My Life" is one of the best songs every created. Anyone who has ever lost themselves in the complexes of their mind, personality, relationships, and view of the world can appreciate and feel what Cudi has to say. He is a true artist, with a truly brilliant mind.

Long live Mr. Rager!

Cudi is an amazing rapper and doesn't rap about money like some mainstream rappers, and he definitely deserves a higher spot than Lil Wayne. If anything, he should be somewhere in the top 20 at least. He even has different beats and different genres for his songs instead of just rap and hip hop.

Bottom line, Kid Cudi is an amazing artist and deserves a higher spot on this list.

KId cudi has great beats and he has a naturally easy to listen, unique voice but his lyrics are so so and all about smoking weed, but he sings it so well usually that you can ignore that. He should be higher on this list for his unique style which has never been done before.

Kid Cudi should top every list that involves music as far as I'm concerned listen to his his music step in his shoes and you are guaranteed to understand what real music is. Seeing Lil Wayne before this killer artist I drop a couple points on society at this point. Kid cudi is the king aka king wizard of rap. I'm done with this list. Bye

Kid Cudi not only touches your soul he speaks to it and deserves what should be coming to him. He's done everything from rock to dubstep it really is a wonder why he isn't at the top of the charts right now

I can see how he's not in the top 10 rappers of all time but he is definitely a top 10 artist. He combines all types of genres and makes it his own. He doesn't limit himself to one type of way to make music and puts his soul on the track. His lyrics are meaningful and can get you through life. Cudder is just ill

I've never liked rap music in my life, but recently; I heard Kid Cudi on my cousin's radio and it was the most honest piece of rap I had heard (to the point that I began to enjoy it). If you want genuine lyrical artistry, then listen to Kid Cudi.

No one beats him. He is different. Each album has it's own story. His songs connect to a lot of people. And his flow is sureal. His rhymes are out this world. He's different. And it's wonderful. He's a true moon man. This man is different than any other rapper. His sound is different. His beats are different. Everything is different. And it's perfectly unique. In the top artists of all time. But people won't realize. Cause. He's different. Kendrick and Eminem are the only ones I think that beat him all around. Still to me. CUDDER FOR LIFE

Cudi writes great lyrics and delivers them perfectly. His music is different in a sea of rappers all talking about money and women. His lyrics are how he really feels.

Great rapper who doesn't follow the usual rapper blueprint. I like how it's almost like he's singing and rapping simultaneously a lot of the time it gives his songs a unique vibe and he has a great voice. His songs also have good lyrics and instrumentals

I agree with like two of your top ten choices. One of those being your number one choice, Eminem is definitely one of the greatest rappers of all time. But how on earth can you not put Cudi on the top ten? He is more of an artist than most of your top ten rappers. No he doesn't only rap, but he makes music worth listening to. Which is more than I can say for some of your choices. He kind of lost it in his last album, but hello, Soundtrack 2 My Life, The Prayer, Up Up ^^ Away? Three completely different songs, completely genius in their own way.

Best rapper ever. He can sing and rap unlike most rappers. His concerts are AMAZING. Step aside Eminem, Kid Cudi is the rap god. His music is so much more creative and he doesn't talk about the norm like most mainstream rappers. This guy is a legend and I would rather go to one of his concerts then one of Eminem's or Lil Wayne. MR CUDDER YOUR A LEGEND

Kid cudi is not only just a rapper but he can sing not like Lil Wayne in how to love he can actually sing and he is a good rapper and all of his lyrics are from the heart unlike everyone else

He's got so much meaning in his songs and the flow is just amazing. He makes you feel as if you were in his situation and felt how he feels. And if you think all he raps about is getting high, listen to The Prayer or the Soundtract 2 My Life. He truly is one of the best rappers and he should definitely be in the top 3.

Cudi hits so many genres, he should be ahead of most of the rappers on this list. His lyrics are real life and he does all the writing and production himself.

John Cena is above Kid Cudi are you kidding me? Kid Cudi had a very different type of music. It was a mix of many different things. Kid Cudi is perfect to listen to when you're high.

Cudi is wacky! I belive he should be rated higher! He brings something new to the rap game. Just give him time an he'll become a great! Now that his left kanye he can travel the road by himself! Future great!

Kid cudi is one of the most underrated artists of all, he definitely belongs in the top 20. I know he doesn't always rhyme too great in his songs. Honestly he rhymed more in his Westwood freestyle than most of his songs. But he's a great story teller. And he just puts so much heart and soul into his music. Just listen to mr rager or soundtrack to my life or anything basically. He also helped create a new genre of rap. His also really creative, his whole wzrd project was weird but genius, and he can produce pretty well too, he produced all of indicud. He's also one of the realist artists of all time too he always does what he wants when he wants and stands up for what he believes in, he's got some great songs to just relax too

Kid cudi's music is just amazing if any one has not heard some of his songs listen to Mojo So Dope, King Wizard, Just What I Am, etc. He is just so talented at what he does and I think he deserves to at least be in the top 10.

One of the best of all time, music wise, in my opinion. Cudi is a great personality and has put out albums where every single song is a masterpiece. Maybe not top 10 (respect to all that are before Cudi,) but he deserves to climb the chart

Kid Cudi should be way up at the top of this list unlike Lil Wayne who doesn't know how to rap(even watch his freestyle)