Krayzie Bone

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Best sounding rapper in the game. Krayzie can ride an instrumental perfectly and has some meaningful lyrics

With the ability to rap with a flow as good as anyone on this list, combined with a stunning singing voice as good as Nate Dogg. Krayzie Bone should rule this list. Easily as good, if not better, than Eminem

I wonder how many Lil kids & teenage girls voted on this list or str8 up retarded because you gotta b to think that krayzie bone ain't at least top 5 if not 1 because krayzie can sing & harmonize he has elite flows, lyrics, delivery, voice, everything he does is elite & he can kill any beat you put in front of him & the proof is in his fixtapes takin other artists beats & perfecting them & bizzy bone & tech n9ne should b up there too & krizz kaliko should definitely b considered too there's not many rappers out there that can truly sing & rap & krayzie bone & the rest of bone thugs are LEGENDS in every sense of the word & there gonna be & should b in music hall of fame if there was such a thing laugh out loud but 4 now I'll settle for rock & roll hall of fame & rap/hip hop hall of fame they innovated the whole rap game

This position is so unreal that I have to laugh laugh out loud. I'll say it like this, Bizzy bone stated in a interview on YouTube that he beat Jay-Z in a rap battle using Krayzie bones verse. In addition, Bone outshined both 2pac and Bigge on "notorious thugs" and "Thug love" no matter how you look at it. Nas only has lyrics, which is not enough to compete with Krayzie's flow, harmony, speed, and creativity. Eminem is a product of Bone and just jumped on the Midwest wave. EM is good lyrically and a little at singing, but he is in the same boat as NAS for lacking in all the areas Bone have mastered (especially Krayzie). Krayzie bone alone has a lane that no one has ever been able to follow and will probably never see, trust me, it goes that deep!

Krayzie Bone rules the rap game in every facet of rap.. The only part of his repertoire that ain't better than EVERYONE else is his lyricism.. He's not bad, most of his lyrics are amazing but he's not the BEST in this department.. Definitely the best flow of the entire rap game, he can switch up the flow and do EVERYTHING. Nate Dogg type singing, flip-flop slow, faster than anyone else with the best soothing melodic flows ever.. He deserves top 10 definitely

Best flow and delivery ever. Very strong lyricist. Created a style no one can duplicate. Singing ability is strong - harmonization is top level... Creativity top level... Only comes across hard, never soft. Krayzie Bone is the best rapper ever, and it's by a distance

Wow! I'm shocked to see krayzie bone and even bizzy bone this low in the rankings. A lot these rappers mentioned shouldn't be on the list. Krayzie bone is one of the greatest hip hop artist still putting it down after all these years. Its bone thugs forever

There is no one in the music business who can combine singing and rapping in the same way. His voice is smooth and his lyrics are actually worth taking the time to interpret, nothing like current rappers who are stuck on the same three topics

Krayzie Bone has a flow of his own and has the greatest harmony! Should be at top of this list!
He has developed the skill that only is imagined and can never be put into sound by any other person! By far the best rapper to ever live!

Is one of the only rappers today that writes meaningful lyrics and has better flow than most rappers on the top ten list. He can also rap fast and still have enough flow for you to understand what he is saying. - BTNHarmony

Krayzie Bone is number 1. He has flow, he has an amazingly unique style, and he is the most realistic rapper on this planet. No doubt, he is a unique, realistic, down-to-earth rapper. There is no competition.

Krayzie gets forgotten because of the group, but Mr Sawed-off Leathaface is the heart and sole of the group. Speaking of 'soles', they had to have sold their sole for their talent! Bone came out of nowhere and though many have tried, (especially in the 90's. There was an attempt at a "Bone Clone" song by everyone) they have yet to be matched! Though some like Tech N9ne come close. (I'm not saying Tech copies them by the way, just that his talent approaches theirs)
Anyway, I guarantee that EVERY rapper respects and wishes they had Krayzie's talent. Hell, every big name collaborated with them in the 90's till now; Eazy E, Tupac, Biggie etc. Who else can say they had that kind of attention from the great artists?

One of the fastest rappers that is able to maintain different vocal sounds and probably the best flow, as well as, lyrically inspirational and motivational in his music and has never sold his soul to the devil. Clearly the best.

Krayzie can't just rap but can sing as anyone has ever had! His lyrics are so potent in whatever style he decides to rap about! He can be a THUG and diss anyone and no one will ever try and step up to him because they know Krayzie Jackson will murder them. Also can't paint a vivid image of his hard times growing up in Cleveland that will make you feel his passion as he pours his heart out for you. He clearly deserves to be number 1! Can't nobody ever touch him or the rest of the THUGS! Bonethugs n harmony 20 plus years in the game and still don't get the respect they deserve and everyone bites their style and take credit. Pure music nowadays that will never ever be better than a laid back bonethugs song!

His flow is incredible. He can rap or sing on any beat. He is one talented rapper definitely one of the best. He not only amazed his fans in the US but his name surely reached a lot of countries. The most underrated artist.

No way 58 that makes me mad he's way better than wayne and any new "rapper" these days and he still raps to this day ill never stop listening to bone thugs should be in at least top 5 if not number 1 along wit the rest of the thugz

His flows are just amazing
There are like no other especially in the 1st of the month an the crossroads you just can relate to what he is saying point blank period his flows are great

I don't know why krayzie bone isn't near top 5 compared to some of these guys, I think people really just like whatever's mainstream and new nowadays...

I don't understand every word because I'm german, so I can't say if his lyrics are any good. But I have never heard music like this before. Flow, singing voice, beats and velocity are incredible! This guy HAS to be in the top 10 at least.

Krayzie is the only musical artist to create so many different musical harmonys. All genres try to copy his sound yet everybody falls short. His musical talent is too good for most to even realize.

Krayzie Bone is very talented and deserves recognition for being one the greatest. He could sing and he's a dope rapper. I think he's better than everyone on this list

Krayzie bone and the rest of the bone thugs family should be in the top 10 at least! They have been rapping all the way back in the 90's! What rapper till now have done that

Krayzie Bone is a innovator, a legend, and the best rapper EVER. Bone's flow is underrated but also the most immatated. He is the one who has everyone trying to harmonize in their raps (even when they can't sing) like he does but no one will ever be able to do it better. Krayzie bone should have the number 1 spot on the best rappers of all times.

One of the greatest to ever touch a mic love his flow and his style. His lyrics are some of the best I have ever heard. He should be at the top of this list

Krayzie Bone is definitely the best rapper God has provided. He should be in the top 3 at least, music these days is slipping from what it used to be.