Lil Wayne

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Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. is an American hip hop artist and is often referred to as one of the worst rappers of all time. He was signed to Cash Money Records by Birdman at a young age. Before he became a household name and the artist he is today, he was 1 quarter of the southern rap group The Hot Boys, more.


I think people have bought into the negative hype surrounding Wayne and his music. Lil Wayne is a truly talented artist and one that cannot simply be ignored. Love him or hate him he has had a huge impact on the rap game and his longevity speaks for itself. I'll agree that he has fallen off recently and a lot of his mainstream music is just that: Mainstream music. But dig a little deeper and you'll find an array of mixtapes and earlier albums which offer the best of Wayne. His lyricism, not as a storyteller, but as a rapper who can manipulate words and think completely outside the box is second to none and his flow is one of a kind. Its become cool to hate Lil Wayne and that's probably because of his latest bodies of work, which have not been up to par, but its unbelievably ignorant to dismiss him as "garbage" or the "worst rapper ever", especially when you consider how respected he is by other rappers and those who actually know what they are talking about.

He truly is one a of a kind in the rap history, he made a rap that's honest, even if some say it's just a bunch of crap that rhymes together, at the end It pleases the ears. Lil wayne may not be the best rapper but he's at least for me the greatest raw talent the HIP hop culture has seen so far.

His voice is so deep, tormented, his flow is irregular And so interesting, you'll never heard anything sounding Like him. His honesty in his music And his fierce originality touch many people. When he's recording he's not searching for the perfection he just say what he thought at that moment on this flow. And that's genius. He may laugh, smoke, breathe or even pause in the middle of a song And doesn't even care because that's truly How he felt. He is for me a true complete artist.

Lil Wayne is NOT rap. He is just a pure gimmick. An absolute Joke & A circus clown. I can not take him seriously at all. He would do anything for a touch of success & fame. Also He's a rubbish rapper, I swear auto tune should be left out of rap because it's just ruining the whole scene. NO, Lil Wayne fans, Lil Wayne hasn't created something new by auto tuning his already freaky, creepy voice & talking rubbish down the mic he has created a new genre of rap called GARBAGE & an open door to the new wave of rappers like Iggy azalea & Nicki Minaj who are all crap. This is not real Rap or Hip Hop it's just Rap-crap & these wannabe's ain't real & Lil Wayne should not even be on this list.

Actually he has some of the cleverest verses and some of the sickest beats out there, he just has a different way of doing it. Rather than criticize his rap/autotune appreciate how good his music is. - AshThaKing

Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever. Have you heard How to Love? He's singing about love and Mirror feat. Bruno Mars is the best. He's singing about girls, his past, and the mirror. Have you also heard Love Me feat. Drake and Future? He was also singing about how he loves his girls. Lil Wayne deserves to be #1 because he doesn't just sing to girls but he sings about love and the story of others. Lil Wayne is the best rapper of all time.

Starting from the album he made with Birdman (Like Father Like Son) moving towards his latest album, Wizzy is the greatest rapper alive... His voice is extremely distinguished from the other rappers meaning he do not sound alike, let alone his flows and the way he express himself through his music and the level of confidence he always shows when performing. Also, this rapper has the ability to create atmosphere that drive every hip hop lover into his-own world (Lil'Wayne's World) through his music. The way he dress, he talks, he does things, he moves when performing you could see that this rapper feels who he is and it has its own sense which says"this man is in deep hip hop/rap core so come and join his spirit, his world and his own unique sense of portraying what other rappers should learn and follow".

He kept Cash Money alive, and if there was no CM we wouldn't have Young Money and without that we wouldn't have Drake, Nicki, Mack, Tyga...
He has over 50 CD's. No one has better Mix Tape-s than him. Dedication 2 almost won a damn Grammy. He is a king of metaphors. Most people doesn't like him cause he started with autotune, but what you think Pac wouldn't start if he was alive? Come on... If you use autotune it doesn't mean your rapping sucks it means that you want to try something new. Wayne's Carter II is one album in Hip-Hop/Rap that I could play all day long since 2005. He is just the best so deal with it.

This guy is the reason we have Drake and Nicki? Well gee now I just hate him more. - hiphopgod

I think Wayne is one of the most talented and successful artists ever. He is entertaining, he has many amazing flows, his lyrics and wordplay are insane, you can feel how he express his feelings and emotions through some songs, he did a few genres too, he works harder than ANY artists and he has one of the greatest discographies of all time.

Not to mentions how many awards he has, 4 Grammys, 1 out of the only 3 rappers who went platinum in 1 week (twice), and he went platinum in 10th grade too, he has hits more than Elvis & The Beatles, etc...

He is the best are you guys crazy all cause he has a weird voice does not mean he sucks he is GREAT. He is PERFECT when he is rapping with a background. He also has produced a ton of number one hits on RAP BILLBOARDS.He is very quick especially in A MILLI or 6 FOOT 7.During those songs he is Perfect he raps perfectly with the background and raps with it spot ON. Eminem should not be on this list the only thing he has is freestyle his voice is much worse than Lil Waynes and his background is a pop background Eminem is good at BEST

Lil Wayne is the best because he's always putting new stuff out there. he always is coming out with mix tapes and albums, biggie and tupac are dead... they shouldn't be on this list because they aren't coming out with new stuff. People think they are cool because they listen to old stuff when they don't even give Lil Wayne the time of day like they should...

Lil wayne is the best idc what no one say's he's lyrics or sick. No rapper could think of the stuff he says, and what his say makes sense and rhymes too. Lil wayne is always himself and he never hates on anyone. I think he has the most haters too people just hates because there not him. Even though he says all those bad stuff in his songs his music motivates me when I'm doing stuff. The Dedication 4 is the stuff man I have to at least listen to one of his songs before the day is over

TUNECHI WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE enough SAID! He kills tracks and mix tapes. Lyrics are always out of this world and for that there will always be haters. Let them hate y'all know whos on that forever ladder and still climbing every time, leaving all the other rappers far behind. Eminem, techa nina, nikki, drake and wiz khalifa are also at top! Love love love dedication 4!

Lil Wayne Sucks, you call that rap? - GREYBOYY

Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper ever, lyrically misunderstood by haters/ non lovers. Those that don't show interest in what he says and those that don't LISTEN to his music can't understand this. Wayne is the most creative, versatile and misunderstood artist ever man, he keeps getting better and better, and the proof in which shows Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper ever, derives simply from the amount of haters he attains. The more haters, the larger the proof that he's doing something right.

His voice is like knives on a chalkboard, and him beating Rakim on this list is a crime against humanity and everybody's eardrums. Only Axl Rose's voice is worse. - yoshaholic

Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne you have some explaining on why you even said a word on the mike and sounded like a monkey trying to play the trumpet with a harpoon impaling the monkey and it taking it's last breaths just to play the trumpet. Picture that for a second and imagine the sound then (only for one time) hear a fraction of a second of his rapping. It's either the same or the image is better.Enough said, he sucks.

Alright Lil wayne is the best because great flow great beats and great voice the matter of the fact is there never gonna be another lil wayne I think you can't say that for a lot of rappers if you ask the artists themselves like bow wow or drake they say he's the best rapper of all time basically there could be another eminem just not lil wayne

No lil Wayne sucks. He doesn't rap about anything he just rhymes ransoms words.

Lil Wayne at first people say don't like him but you listen to his freestyles he lyrics you will quickly change your mind yea eminem is great I'm mean he is great don't get me wrong but Lil Wayne has the best flow he is clever and funny with his rhymes and he is one of the few artists who are real don't believe me take a listen to the carter 4 sorry 4 the wait

How can people possibly criticize this guy? His lyrics and metaphors are above anyone else in the game. He pours his life into his work and consistently produces great songs. For the amount of music he puts out, of course there are some poor songs, but hell, he puts out double the music that anyone else does. Those saying that he lacks emotion... "I miss my dawgs"... Enough said

Lil Wayne is the best he always keeps his cool like snoop dogg. Unlike most people he sounds great at live performance. Yeah sure Slim is awesome but weezy has way better beats and his style is cool and I don't care want anybody says he is just as good as he's always been not to mention he founded young money which holds the future of hip hop such as Drake, Nicki Manji, Tpain and big Sean. Weezy is the best rapper alive

He is the worst rapper of all time. He ain't even know how to rap! He is ugly too! He admitted himself that he doesn't know how to rap. - Woozaa

The reason I like Lil Wayne is from the very 1st time I heard his song, his voice, the way he tuned in with the beats, said things in his own way & I knew from that time on he is gonna go a long way. He is always working hard, always dedicated, always creative & the best quality that is NO PENS NO PAPERS just the beat & the thoughts that he has to say & share. That was some thing I had never seen in any rappers... Ya I know about freestyle raps & how it goes but when it comes to Wayne he is always free styling & working so close to beats & at the end when all works are done & are combined then you see his creation. I know how much strong that man had to be when he was falling apart but Wayne's got his own way of dealing with it & I HOPE THAT GOD ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU & YEAH... " FEAR GOD " NOT THE EVIL 1, CHEERS FOR LIFE LIL WAYNE!

I don't understand all of this hate coming at Wayne. He has some of the most memorable bars in rap history. His lyrics are so clever and he uses words in such a smart way. He is top 10 in my book. - etbbbb

Why is he on this list ahead of the man who influenced Tupac and ahead of the man who changed hip hop Rakim. This raps about lasagna and has beats (except 6 foot 7 foot) and tries to incorporate his "guitar playing" in his concerts. Not to mention people at his own label are trying to kill him. He deserves no praise and should be below soulja boy.