Lupe Fiasco

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Wasalu Muhammad Jaco (born February 16, 1982), better known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco, is an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He rose to fame in 2006 following the success of his debut album, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor. He also performs as the frontman of rock band Japanese Cartoon more.


This guy, here, Lupe Fiasco is the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae. He is what hip hop needs. In fact, he fills the empty vacuum in hip hop since 2Pac died. Like 2Pac, Lupe sends out a great message to people. Just because he isn't mainstream like Lil Wayne or Jay-Z doesn't mean they ain't better than him. This guy is makes classics! He will be a hip hop legacy. None of these here would even match up to Lupe's lyrical style. There's a reason he is called the King of Lyrical Trickiness. Take 'Touch the Sky' as an example. He was a newbie but he outshined Kanye West in that song. It was because of him that the song was such a hit. This is seriously sad. Why don't you take up the challenge and actually listen to this guy's music? You won't regret it. Songs like Kick Push, Superstar, Words I Never Said, American Terrorist, Around My Way (Freedom ain't Free), Bitch Bad, ITAL (roses), Dumb it down, Daydreaming, Gotta Eat... And so on. There all just phenomenal! His music leaves me ...more

How is he not considered a top five rapper? This list is an absolute joke as far as Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne... You even have Ice Cube ahead of Lupe? Ridiculous. He does not rap about all of this nonsense that has become mainstream, he addresses world-wide problems and challenges us all to stand up and make a difference, and he does it in a way that makes us actually want to. That is true talent. Fiasco is so much more than just a rapper, he is a leader. He leaves money, prostitutes, strippers, alcohol, drugs and murder to the immature thugs that have nothing important to say. The only time he brings any of those subjects up in his lyrical masterpieces is when he is CALLING OUT OUR SOCIETY, stating in a way that only he can a simple yet vital message: We must fix ourselves. Lupe Fiasco is, without a single doubt in my mind, the greatest of all time.

Are you kidding me? Why is Lupe this low on the list?

Actually, I know why. His metaphors go over your heads. Rappers have punch lines that are metaphors. Lupe's entire songs and even albums are all one big metaphor. Take "The Cool" as an example. The album is about someone named Mike Young History (My young history). Its all about Lupe's childhood. Look into it... LUPE IS GENIUS

Somewhere I have heard that the greater the ambiguity the greater the pleasure. Lupe has rapped about so many powerful themes in so many of his songs. Sometimes you may not be sure of what he is talking about, but you can relate the lyrics of the same songs to many other things. I love his song "streets on fire" because it talks about some type of ideology. Just great.

Lupe spits real stuff he's the Tupac of our time why are the other rappers who spit about money, cars and stuff number 1? Because they are an industry artist whereas Lupe is an artist in the industry. why doesn't his tracks get air played unlike the others? Because of illuminati yes they exist! Despite comparisons with sales hands down Lupe is number 1. Tupac and Biggie greatest of all time but Lupe best rapper alive! Eminem can have the number 2 spot and the rest can follow haha! The other rappers are regarded as the best because of their sales etc.
"super Lupe lyrical" - soulja boy! Lupes number one easily he's a rap genius!

Lupe is certainly a breath of fresh air in a corrupted, mindless industry. His lyrics are intricate to a point where it forces you to deeply analyze what he is trying to convey. His lyrics may be complex, but an important message is always behind them; it's not just the same "stacks of cheese" we hear daily. His beats are also great! Shame he's not higher on this list!

Best rapper of all time no matter what anyone says, Tupac is amazing, Eminem is even better however, when you literally have to sit down and and go through a rappers lyrics in order to fully comprehend the meaning of a song then that rapper is truly great! I would define Lupe Fiasco as a lyrical genius.

41 is way too low for a guy who raps with such meaning and good flow. Arguably the best lyricist rap has ever seen. Lupe has never sold out and his songs ALWAYS have a deep intellectual meaning behind them. Also one of the only rappers you'll find who doesn't use misogyny in his songs, something deeply embedded in the rap culture.

This man is perhaps the realest rapper in the game, his single "Words I Never Said" was by far the realest song I have ever heard, he speaks about stuff that only him and Eminem have the guts to talk about, I don't understand why he's not in the top 10 or top 5.

He has it all. Fantastic introspective lyrics, a great storyteller, a very dynamic flow, and has some beautiful production. Probably the most versatile rapper after Kanye, can rap lighthearted fun songs as well as intense, darker ones and over any kind of beat.

Two Classic Albums and a ton of masterpiece songs like "Hurts Me Soul" "He Say She Say" "Superstar" "Hip Hop Saved My Life" "All Black Everything" "Prisoner 1 & 2" and "Atomic Misphilosophy".

This list is insane. Check out his SLR series, Dumb It Down, Enemy of the State, a Rhyming Ape, Revenge of the nerds, The Cool, Food and Liquor.
He is lyrically insane.

No one comes close to the lyricism Lupe shows, except maybe Nas, but even he is not as good as Lupe. and with his new album Lasers it shows that he can do the pop that the labels want, while still putting the issues he wants into lyrics.

Great beats, great lyrics, great message. He raps about the black community, culture of hip hop, and the state of this country. In my opinion he should be in the top ten. His first two records changed the history of hip hop forever.

Lupe is extremely underrated, and what he is famous for, he is famous for the beats and chorus in his songs, not his lyrics. He is a lyrical genius and should be put up with other names like 2Pac, B.I.G., and Nas by the end of his career.

Such a good Emcee. Lupe is a lyrical genius. His beats may not be very catchy but it's not all about that. It's about painting a picture with words by telling a story and Lupe does that. Best in the game I'd say at the moment!

What the hell is lupe doing' here?! He should be up there, at the number one rapper of all time position! He's a lyrically genius! The fact that he's way better than Eminem..

Lupe is just the most amazing rapper.. He speaks of things through his own way, pointing out the truth. He doesn't contribute to the way others rappers go. He turns his own way through his own path he's independent.

Gifted rapper. Keeping true hip-hop alive despite all the commercial product out nowadays. Lasers was a great album and step-up for Lupe lyrically. - CrossRoad

This rapper doesn't compromise his music for hits. He's a smart rapper that's been underrated by the game of late, but that hasn't stopped Lupe from making beautiful music.

He's obviously not going to win this as he has had less commercial success than most on this list. However, take time to listen to food and liquor and you'll understand why he's around the top

Way more lyrical than most on this list is inarguable, saying he is the best is debatable and he has a great argument. Besides all of that his flow is still good also

Does not rap about the things most mainstream rappers talk about... and some people frown upon him for this reason... But every single one of his songs has a message, and each one of his songs are so lyrically complex that it does take many many listens in order to fully grasp every metaphor he makes... Id argue to say he is one of the best... top 5... for sure

Lupe Fiasco's lyrics are well above the mainstream standards. Lupe's songs all have a very deep meaning and he even has a group of songs that fit together like a timeline. In The Cool and Food and liquor Lupe raps about Mycool young. He says she says, The die and The cool are just a few songs in the sequence of Mycool young songs. No rapper now days even comes close to his lyrical abilities. The album cover for the cool even has deeper meaning so Google it an be amazed.

This guy is not only rapper but he is a genius. Anyone who could arrange scattered words that beautifully, good to hear and still sounds deep, must be a total genius.

I'm disappointed to see lips so down on this list at 34. He's the best lyrically in the game now and although he's had his moment of selling out(which was very brief), his lyrics are so high level that it's rare to find only one interpretation of it. Lupe isn't the best ever, but he's way ahead of people of his time lyrically