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Ben Haggerty, (born, June 19, 1983) known by his stage name Macklemore and formerly Professor Macklemore, is an American singer and songwriter from Seattle, Washington.


Macklemore is the best rapper on earth... Macklemore is not like all the other rappers like Wiz Khalifa/Lil Wayne/snoop dogg that rapes about drugs & girls and meaningless... Macklemore's songs heals subjects like social problems like respecting all kind of people including gays & lesbian...

It's not only the meaning of the song that Macklemore gives, it's also the amazing beats & the great choruses which makes the songs amazing for all of the ages!
What's special about Macklemore is that he rapes in a lot of ways like: fast rap/ slam poetry and more...
I think that what makes Macklemore the best rapper... Hope you guys vote for him!

Macklemore makes rap better he takes it back to the roots before the drugs and the girls. He is a storyteller that what rap is not drugs. He deserves to be in the top 10 more then some of the others. He is not the 40th best rapper at all he is way better. This is what rap should be like. I went to his concert in wellington and blew everyone away. Listen to The Heist and the Otherside remix and original then come back and tell me how right I am. - justsayingthetruth

Macklemore might rap about better stuff. But his flow is poor as are his rhymes. He is a POp rapper. Admit it.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis need to be much higher on this list. Of course I can't argue with Eminem being first but Macklemore, in my opinion at very least, deserves to be in the top ten absolutely. Listen to some of his lyrics. I mean that stuff is real. And I like how not all of his songs are deep - he knows how to have fun and lets the listener have fun too yet he is still a very self aware rapper who tells a story in each of his songs. I really love one of his newer releases at the moment - Drug Dealer.

Macklemore has showed with his recent stuff he's gonna blow everybody's minds, and the people who digs in his past have found some REALLY great stuff (Vs. Redux is probably my favorite album right now). The difference on Macklemore is that he actually is enjoying and having fun with rapping, and he raps about happy stuff, that makes me wanna be a greater person. Also Ryan Lewis is a one-of-a-kind producer.

Wing$. Thrift Shop. Downtown. White Walls. My Oh My. These are songs people can relate to. His best and most emotional song is clearly my oh my. He isn't rapping about drugs, money, or sex. He's saying, "hey, I like a sports team, and their AMAZING announcer died. I'm sad."Most people can relate to that better that "DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS CASH CASH CASH WEED SEX I GET MORE THAN YOU! "

Okay Macklemore should be top ten. He has the best lyrics which is not about oh I love them nice cars nice girls and I'm going to brag about all my drugs. Macklemore says how can other rappers just say drugs are good look where your going to end up. I would let younger kids listen to his music he sends out a message where many can relate to. Macklemore is just getting better and better.

Macklemore is the greatest rapper of all time just because he's white doesn't mean he can't rap his flows are out of this world and they make sense not like some of the speed rappers that just say random that rhymes to make a song also lil wayne seriously is that a joke or something lil wayne is so overplayed and overrated Kendrik Lamarand lil wayne should trade places on this list

To be honest, I enjoyed the heist, and there are some brilliant songs on it, can't hold us, same love and wings, but then I found out about his first, underground album, language of my world, and coming from a man who is very into rap, this was legitimately the best rap album I have ever heard, every song is brilliant, macklemore is truly a great rapper, and people need to hear language of my world.

Macklemore is just... Great. He raps about serious things, and problems, making them more deep and enjoyable. He tells stories in his songs. He can give you goosebumps even when he is singing about shoes (Wing$ from The Heist 2011). He has an amazing voice and can bring joy to a lot of people, he is the best rapper alive in my opinion.

Macklemore is amazing, he is more than a rapper. He is a role model. He is about the only rapper to not talk about drugs and gangs. Listen to otherside, wing$ or thrift shop. This guy is number 1. I went down the whole list just to find him, his lyrics inspired me to always want to do my best. NUMBER 1

Macklemore has the most amazing lyrics. All his songs are about personal experiences he doesn't just rap about guns and drugs for sales. Listen to otherside it will blow you away!

I have to disagree with the theory on him being "number one". Someone said he's a role model. Tupac didn't describe himself as a role model. He said he is a real person. Doesn't mean people won't look up to him. A lot of artists today try to mimic Tupac's style. That person also said Macklemore uses his poems. Tupac has poems in his songs. At the age of 17, his poems were very icey. There's a collection of Tupac poems. Tupac SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE. Not saying Macklemore is bad. I kinda like him too

Rappers like lil Wayne whom you placed in top 15 r overrated.. Respect the real talent.. Just listen to this man once again and you will realize the mistake you made in putting him at 39.. I don't know if he is gonna be the second Eminem but he surely is gonna be the first macklemore

Macklemore's songs like same love have true meaning. He should be in the top ten rappers not this rating! Macklemore doesn't have songs that are about hoes and n*****, like lil wayne! He has songs that show a positive message and light on people who are different and don't fit in so easily.

Macklemore is an Amazing rapper. he's my favorite. he's got great lyrics and beat, and a sense of humor. I think he deserves to be first. He does not rap all about b****** and hoes and weed all the time, he raps about more important things like gay rights and all. We can't ever forget some of his songs.

36... ? I think he really deserves a much much better place in this list. I mean... He takes the listener to a whole new world. I just think that many people haven't heard of him that's why he's on the 36th place, and this is the only valid reason. "My oh my"..."Wings"..."Can't hold us"... Such addictive music oh god!

He may use foul language, but his songs have stories behind them. "Same Love" has got to be my personal favorite, because it tells the story of same-sex rights; we're all equal. His other songs are pretty good, like "White Walls", which is pretty awesome.

Macklemore is my favourite music artist! He's lyrics are hilarious and has more energy and personality than all the rappers above him. Check out: Can't Hold Us, Brad Pitt's Cousin, Downtown and Thrift Shop and you will be blown away!

Macklemore is A great rapper he has inspired me to grow as a musician, his lyrics are real, he raps about himself and the problems of the world. He defiantly deserves some reconnection beyond thrift shoP!

I do think he's a great rapper. But for all the people saying he is not a rapper he's a storyteller and he doesn't rap about the usual cash drugs sex stuff. There are countless rappers who've been doing that for decades. All of that is not unique to him. I love this guy but people act like he's the only one talking about meaningful topics and that is just false.

There are many good rappers out there; we're just not listening to the right ones - yungstirjoey666

Macklemore should be number one he's amazing I've been to one of his concerts in Spokane because I'm from their he's amazing his songs are based on true things that are very inspirational and great to listen to in my opinion and probably others agree that he should be number one. And Macklemore if you are reading this thanks for being a huge inspiration in my life. Keep doing what your doing.

Macklemore is a boss and I'm going to rout for him and every body out there should to because he's more than a rapper he is many story's all in one and he gives each story a song and I and a lot of other people appreciate that and he is a boss

His song inhale deep is on e of the few songs that makes me feel something for the rapper and f someone can do that its good, but if someone can do that through their music that's amazing. I love macklemore's old mixtapes and EPs

This guy is my favorite rapper. He introduced me to the genre and doesn't talk about drugs and sex and alcohol and all that garbage. Like one said before, he is a storyteller. He know how to write lyrics. He should be in the top 10.

Otherside is one of my favorite songs. I heard it about a week into my sobriety, every time I think about going back I listen to this song and it reminds me of all the reasons I wanted to quit.