Mike Shinoda

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Michael Kenji "Mike" Shinoda is an American musician, rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, graphic designer, manager and film composer.


Mike Shinoda is really underrated, he deserves a whole lot more. His raps speak truth and are extremely intelligently put together. I think anybody can relate to them, they all tell a story and are not about sex and other degrading content. He is the one person I truly admire. In my opinion, Mike is one exceptionally talented musician. A person like him is difficult to come by.

He deserves to be in the first position because he is the best rapper this world has ever seen... He is very versatile and multi talented... I think their is no other rapper who sings as well as he rap... He is also a very very very good lyricist... He write meaningful lyrics... He is a good composer of music... He plays guitar, piano. Keyboard etc etc... When he and chester sings together, some kind of magic arises... Moreover he is a good painter and very good in creating art works... He created the poster of Linkin Park's albums himself.. HE IS A COMPLETE ARTIST...

Rapping isn't bout money, drugs, booty!
Eminem is on number 1 because he raps about life
So does mike shinoda!
Man! You should see the lyrics!
What was left when that fire was gone
I thought it felt right but that right was wrong
All caught up in the eye of the storm
And trying to figure out what it's like moving on
And I don't even know what kind of things I said
My mouth kept moving and my mind went dead
So I'm picking up the pieces, now where to begin
The hardest part of ending is starting again

MIKE SHINODA! To Start With, Thank You Mike for being My BIGGEST Inspiration in Life. You are, for a FACT, The Most TALENTED Person Living Today. There are just No Words to describe how much You truly should be Glorified! Countless Thanks Mike!

He is multi-talented as is already mentioned before. He just has something to him that distinguishes him from other rappers. There are rappers who try to copy Eminem because he is great. But not Mike. He has a different style that sets him apart from the other rappers. He just has an extra oomph and is very versatile. Linkin Park became famous mainly because of the two vocalists- Chester and Mike. Mike is underrestimated, but he is one of the best rappers. In his words - "I just scream the hell out until Chest screams! " He is awesome in all possible ways. In my honest opinion, he should at least seal the number 2 spot for himself with Eminem being number 1, or Shinoda should be top. Thank you for reading.

Unlike others Mike is certainly multitalented. He's the reason Linkin Park is a legend today. He doesn't keep blabbering words, his voice is the most clear, pleasant and addictive. Waiting for the end has the best rap he has ever done!

Whether using a hip-hop style or in fist-pumping hard rock, with rock lyrics, straight rap, or political statements, all of his raps are smooth and his flow is as solid as they come. Mike Shinoda shines with a clear voice and plethora of musical talents that no other rapper can touch. Live or recorded, he can sing, play instruments, and rap and not lose anything in the translation. Shinoda might not be the most influential or game-changing rap artist of all time, like Tupac or Eminem, but the man deserves number one based on his talent alone.

Mike Shinoda is an extremely versatile rapper! His lyrics have deep, soulful meanings! Besides working with Linkin Park, he has achieved tremendous success as a solo rapper! Not only is he a rapper, but a soulful singer, an excellent pianist and guitarist and an innovative music producer! This guy has tremendous talent!

He raps smartly his lyrics is awesome and apart from rapping he is Musician, singer-songwriter, lyricist, composer, vocalist, guitarist, pianist, producer, graphic designer, visual artist. He can play- guitar, keyboard, piano, samples, organ, percussion. That's truly awesome he is the perfect entertainment package.. In short he is "ONE MAN ARMY". /If Mike would have been a solo rapper, then the top might have been seized from Eminem by Mike for sure..!

Mike Shinoda undoubtedly is one of the best rapper ever. Apart from rapping, he also writes lyrics and compose songs for Linkin Park as well as Fort Minor. The songs that he compose and the lyrics that he wrote are meaningful. Breaking the Habit that he co-wrote with Brad Nelson is one of the greatest song ever. And the lyrics are meaningful too. Mike Shinoda is the best rapper ever.

If Mike would have been a solo rapper, then the top might have been seized from Eminem by Mike for sure..!

Mike Shinoda is the best in the rap game (almost the only Asian in the rap game, too). His flows are great. He raps about real stuff like losing those you love (Where'd You Go? Feat. Holly Brooks and Jonah Matranga), and just how hard it is to be a rapper (Remember the Name feat. Styles of Beyond). He's not only rapping about "ballin', " fame, drinking, and how awesome he and himself are. He is the bomb. Hands down, Fort Minor and Linkin Park forever!

He's the greatest. No one is influential in rap other than him. He's the only one to make you emotional with his raps other than him

Mike shinoda is the most underrated rapper alive. He should be in a good position in a list. Maybe not as much as tupac or eminem but, at least, he should be more famous than lil' wayne and all that gangsta new crap who keep talking 'bout bitches, money and drugs in all of their songs... Up for it?

"petrified", "kenji", "when they come for me", "second to none", what does Eminem have? Slim Shady? My little cousin writes better stuff than that. Mike rose from poverty to THE best rapper. Mike Shinoda: second to none!

Mike is really great, awesome, and electrifying. Of course, Eminem is the best but mike has got some sheer talent and he is supposed to be at a much higher rank. I vote him the most amazing after legendary Eminem.

Mike has got a unique way to rap... His rap has a different style... He stresses on some words which no other rapper does! Hear him at his best in a place for my head, step up, paper cut, catalyst, when they come for me and even faint! He may not be at the top but he deserves a place in the top 5 at least...

Shinoda is great vocalist and rapper then the other. So come on Shinoda you can beat the other guy for rise your rank. You is my best idol in my life because you main person in your band while you so talented.

Best in the world! Nobody can beat him. He can do anything! Shout, scream, rap and sing! Play guitars, keyboard, piano, percussion. He IS NO. 1

Amazing. He should definitely be number one. For all you haters, listen to his music and I guarantee you will say he is number one!

Mike's One of the greatest rappers of all time..!
Listen to Wretches and kings, When the come for me, hands held high, Kenji, Where'd you go, Waiting for the end, And count less others...! Meaningful lyrics Awesome flow.. Smart timing.. Smart blending of rhythm, tunes and all techno stuff...
Sheer Brilliance..!

Every piece Shinoda lays down holds meaning. He is the smartest rapper that has hit the main stream. His lyrics are unrivaled as he uses words that you would never expect. His flow is solid and his meaning hits home. He is top class, and the best part? His hip-hop career is only his side project as he shows his complete diversity. Fort's epicness is unavoidable.

He is very dedicated to his work and he is the only multi-talented rapper I know. He isn't like one of the typical rappers (mainstream) that raps about drug, sex and money, But actually raps about things that most of us face in our life time and about his past. Personally I think he should be higher in the top ten.

Just listen to his rap in 'When They come for me and "a place for my head' or even in 'Papercut'.. Then people will know why does he deserves to be with Eminem and pac..!

His lyrics and style are unsurpassed. There is no other like him, Mike is so multi talented. By far one of the most underrated rappers as well. I believe Mike should hold number 1. All these rappers sounds alike nowadays, no style whatsoever with the whole women and weed concept. Get on Mike's level.