Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian American rapper / pop music artist. Nicki is most known for songs like "Anaconda", "Only", "Truffle Butter", "Super Bass" and "Stupid Hoe" . Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She was born on December 8, 1982 in Saint James Trinidad and Tobago. more.


I thought I would find this woman within top 10 but when I couldn't I was like, "Oh damn who forgot Nicki over here" but still I kept on searching for her and I was terribly shocked to see her so down in the list. Now I see, it's actually because people have started to turn out more insane nowadays. They don't understand what the best is, it's just hatred and dilemma ruling there mind to like the best of the best! I agree Eminem deserves that spot! But Nicki is nothing less than him! May be people hate her for her sexiness. But tell me who in the world doesn't stare at her a**? Come on now, you people wouldn't admit anything! Hate her, because young money raised her? How many songs she has contributed? Man... The fans? You gotta count all the stars up in the universe! Her beauty and charisma annoys you, because you couldn't accept it? Where is there a fault in her rap? She knows to rap, insult, laugh, move sexy! You couldn't accept her because she's a female rapper? Oh my ...more

To be one of the only female rappers to sell upwards of 40 million singles, 3.5 million albums, and to not be at least in the Top 10 shows that misogyny in the hip-hop industry is alive and thriving. Nicki Minaj is an incredible rapper, something she's proven time and time again. During her DEBUT she featured on a track with some of the biggest names in the game -Kanye, Jay and Rick Ross- and STILL managed to out-rap every single one of them to a point where Kanye was contemplating cutting her from the record all together. Although she floated more towards pop-princess at the beginning to launch her career, no one can deny her raw talent when given a mic and a beat. Why is she not even in the Top 40? Nicki deserves much more recognition for her work and impact.

The girl is sick. Great voice, great style, great flow. And she goes so hard.
What is up with the rest of this list? Half of them aren't even rappers, and the other half suck.

Hard to make a top ten list out of female rappers, but here is the top 5:
1. Nicki Minaj
2. MC Lyte
3. Lil Kim (who I might have put at 2 if I hadn't just been listening to MC Lyte)
4. Lauryn Hill
5. Eve (had to show her love cause she's underrated)
Honorable mention to Trina

Nicki Minaj is beast! Shes beautiful AND talented. Her rap is a new style of rap, more unique, and hidden meaningful I suppose. Rock on Nicki I'm supporting you all the way!

Best flow, rhymes that make you think, EXTREMELY versatile with her music, and she knows how to get people's attention. All the endorsements and gigs and movies she's been in are examples of what a good businesswoman she is. She's #1 for a reason. What makes people the BEST is how they appeal to the public, and Nicki is killing ...more

A lot of people only hate her because of anaconda. Nicki Minaj is amazing and is not afraid to be herself, she is unstoppable, and an amazing rapper. When you think about it she isn't really so bad. As I said before she is not afraid to be herself and show the world who she is. But then again without her haters Nicki wouldn't be where she is now.

Why you guys always think about men when you say rapper...? Nicki Minaj has a powerful talent when it comes this field and truly deserves to be part of the top 5! She's superb! Go Go Go Nicki!

Nicki minaj is very underrated and shes is lyrically sick and one of the most creative and popular female rappers of all time

That face though her and her terrible rapping skill, not the best a terrible role model and really blacks are rappers and singers but she disgraces both. Below me this comment states she gives inspiration but it's negative. And a female rap artist there's no problem but really Anaconda is not a rap it's a jumble of nonsensical lyrics that would cause spontaneous human combustion from the first seconds of it

Nicki is a beautiful woman that can sing, and believe it or not but can rap as well.. Her lyrics is amazing! She also been in a feud with Lil kim, but kim is just jealous of the Queen of Rap.

Nicki Minaj is so awesome! She is the only good female rapper and she is my favorite singer/rapper. Her songs are awesome but she is kind of weird because she wears crazy stuff

WHY IS NICKI ON 72!? Oh my I love her so much literally she isn't fake she has fake implants, doesn't make her fake. And her raps are sick like genuinely amazing her talent is off this planet

I think nicki is awesome "she got that super bass" no kidding! She should so be number one in the top ten I mean come on those top ten are good but nicki is better she is great!

All you gotta do is listen to her verse in Monster and you'll know why she's not only the best female rapper, but the best rapper, period.

Yeah I get how some people may say she's copying Lil Kim but, Lil Kim was the one who Nicki looked up to. Nicki Minaj is the best female rapper out right now and the songs she does by herself have meaning to them if you really listen to her lyrics. - TiannaBossChix

It really shows how sexist the rap industry is when nicki is one of the most successful rappers of all time yet she's all the way down here and is the first female rapper on this list. - NathanCreek

She's amazing. Most people question her talent because of songs like "Anaconda" and "Stupid Hoe". She really knows how to rap and sing. Listen to some of her most decent songs like "The Night is Still Young" and you'll find out what I mean.

Nicki definitely deserves to be higher. She is a leader and one of the only successful girls in the industry. She receives so much hate for strutting her body around, but if people look around, she is NOT the only one. She gives hope to many woman, expressing through her songs that woman can do things "unlady" like without fear. She truly deserves better.

Nicki Minaj is amazing and if you disagree I could care less. I'm not a huge rap fan but I will listen to her music anytime. And Nicki Minaj has one of the most unique voices anyone has ever seen so if you agree with me thumbs up.

She is different and all that and one of the best but she is a very bad role model he videos are very sexual and disgusting in anaconda but she's successful and not stupid when it comes to dudes

This rapper is great... for the US government. If they want to interrogate anyone all they have to do is play one of her songs. They will talk in no time.

Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap. She spits clever verses with cooky ascents, great lyrics, and awesome beats. She can sing great with or without auto tune (listen to Moment 4 Life). Roman is so creative, talented, and awesome and deserves #1. And that's from a Rihanna fan.

What's this joke doing on the list?

Do you want to know why Nicki Minaj is this far away from being the greatest rapper of all time? This is because people often mistake her as a Pop singer than a rapper. Think about it.

I can't Believe she is not in the top ten! She is such a great rapper and she can sing! Most rappers only rap whereas she raps ans sings! I LOVe her songs! Whether others do or not!

Catchiest, hottest, baddest, chick around. You may say she's talentless, but none of these hoes can even touch her golden pedestal.

I think its funny that John Cena is higher on this list, and he doesn't even rap