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281 Nick Crompton

If you sit there and think of the greats it is often that Nick Crompton is left out. This is a travesty, I would argue that is because he is a relatively new rapper on the scene. However what he have seen from him so far has been revolutionary in the genre both lyrically and thematically. No rapper to date has been able to become such a cultural phenomenon as quick as Nick, I would go as far as to say that this man from the city of England could very well be the voice of our generation and generations to come. By the way I would like to clear up a common misconception no the man is not from Compton, although one could be fooled by his great flow and lyricism.

One of the best ever, his music has inspired a generation and really showed us the truth about hip hop. "England is my city" is an example of poetic lyrics still being a thing. I love Nick Crompton, because his collar stays popping.

The best rapper in the world. He never sleeps because England is his city. He is the boss. Team 10. He's coming Straight Outta England. His collar stays poppin'. Marshall who? , Nick Crompton is the next big thing. (If you didn't realise, this is a joke, his rap was terrible, it's hard to see that he's English because his Grammar is so bad).

England is, in fact, a city. Search for it on the map and see for yourself.

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282 Mete Erpek (Joker) Mete Erpek (Joker)

Hutame is best Respect HipHopJobzz

283 Filthy Frank

He is a lyrical genius

Not only is he a great rapper, he has a great personality and good looks, he's the whole package!

Never heard a more sincere and down to earth artist.

Not even a contest.

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284 XXXTENTACION XXXTENTACION Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, better known by his stage name XXXTentacion, is an American rapper from Lauderhill, Florida.

I want to see him succeed

This guy yells in every song and has stupid background music. Sounds like somebody's operating an Automatic blow dryer over a trap beat

Only modern rapper I like

Very talented young rapper.

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285 E-40 E-40 Earl Stevens better known by his stage name E-40, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and investor from Vallejo, California.

E-40 is the best spitter of all time, his flow is simply the greatest. His albums are getting better and better every time he should be at least in the top 5

Master of rhyme and flow, no one can touch E-Fizzle, if anyone disagrees they can listen to the Grit and Grind album then come tell me different...

E-40 is way too under rated and recognized! He speaks great truth and really has many songs on many albums that are great hits, that could blow up he was more wide known.

Great west coast rapper - djdangerous

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286 Suga

I love the way that Suga from BTS puts feeling and inflection into his voice when he taps. I absolutely LOVE when he performs live because he's even better. He uses all of his emotions and you will fall in love with his voice once you hear it!

Suga is an absolutely amazing rapper. He has this unique sense of rhythm which you can't help but fall in love with. Even though it hasnt been much time since he debuted, he can rap better than most of the other rappers that have been there for a long time

Great rapper, much respect for him and is (in my opinion) way too underrated for what he's doing.

Best rapper in BTS (J-hope and Rap Monster are also good)

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287 Honey Singh

He is a punjabi rapper from India and his songs are most popular these days and he should be in this list. He is the highest paid actor in bollywood too.

This guy is worse then lil Wayne and the most pathetic artist he should not be above 10000000000000000 his songs don't make sense he raps about girls party and alcohol which has bad impact on society poor lyrics and he coppies other artist call himself Eminem of India and is totally opposite

HE is amazing Indian rapper from the villages of Punjab but was brought up in Uk... - YoYoShivank

Yo yo best rapper of india

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288 Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius was born in Oklahoma . Jacob is a singer known for his top 90 hit Sweatshirt, which amassed over a million YouTube dislikes in less than a year, and other singles ABC remix and musical .ly clips. Jacob Sarorius has a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media.

This dude may look young, but he can beat Eminem, Tupac, Nas, Snoop, and Notorious any day! Just listen to his awesome song Sweatshirt; it is an inspirational song about the power of clothing made of cotton. Not only can he spit bars, he also has the voice of an angel! Lose Yourself is boring, it's only about Eminem's spaghetti. Sweatshirt, and all other songs made by Jacob Sartorius, are revolutionary pieces of art. - yaygiants16

4 Dislikes? Wow, you people need to understand what sarcastic humor is. - yaygiants16

Unlike all of these other rappers, Jacob can do something they can't: Rap the ABCs. Like that was legendary. I wish I could have been there to see that epic performance. And his ability to lip sync songs by other rappers...godly. WAY better than actually rapping the song and showing that you've got talent. Jacob doesn't even need talent. He's just too good and too irresistible to the 10 year old fan girls.

Sartorius's latest track, sweatshirt is easily the best rap song of the 2000s. It describes the struggles of a young boy growing up in the inner city and details his battles with addiction, gang violence, and love in a perfectly hard hitting yet nuanced way. Jacob's flows and lyricism are incredible and the production is great. I am very excited to see what this young prodigy will release next.

10/10 best rapper ever - Sierra2050

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289 Brotha Lynch Hung

he has some of the siccest gangsta rap - t9xstrange

I don't think there will ever be a rapper like brotha lynch hung, he should be considered at the top from all the rap fans... together with tech n9ne, x-raided and some other hella underrated rap cats

In a league of his own. One of the best of all time. Hands down. A bit under rated. But that's because of his lyrical content.

Best horrorcoe rapper and my favorite out today. - djdangerous

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290 Zenka Mysterio

Turkey is a rapper

There are more than 50 albums, part 2 of 4 times a year

A renowned name in the underground rap kocaeli

Man in the street has two new albums

Turkish rap underground respect zenka mysterio

Respect nederland zenka underground king

Respect zenka and mysterio

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291 Mir

He has amazing skills. He has THE perfect attitude to be a rapper! He has that swag for it and his voice is not too deep and not too high for a rapper, it's just PERFECT!

He's from MBLAQ. His rapping skills are amazing Listen to Mona Lisa and you'll truly hear his wonderful rap!

HE may not be that popular that's why I added his name.. Please vote for him guys he is truly a very good rapper n tried very hard..

Just listen yo any song od MBLAQ and you'll see

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292 Papoose

Rapping from a to z without sounding retarded... That takes skills

Lyrical king, this guy definitely deserves to be in the top 10! Just listen to his songs, dudes so underrated. He chooses not to sign a contract but to stay underground because he loves rappin and expressin how he lives. One of the realest mcs out there.

He has a clear pronounciation
When rapping. Also whatr's good is that,
He has such a unique, cute voice that
Does not make it sound retarded.

293 Bun B Bun B Bernard Freeman, known by his stage name Bun B, is an American rapper and was one half of the southern rap duo UGK.

big bun is the realest rapper alive. he raps from experience and for the love of the game not to make money. he is a lyrical god

You Got That little Dude flava lav But not Bun B somethings wrong here on the realz!

Needs to be at least top 15 if not 10!

top 60

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294 Rap Monster

Rap monster is the best rapper in Korea, he is so intelligent he even learned English, Mandarin, Japanese, etc. He has even made english songs such as Change. He is a genius.

Too Underrated, for someone his age, very impressive, his voice is amazing and his name speaks for himself. A Genius with a good heart.

If Eunhyuk can be on this list, so can Rap Monster lol

In terms of korean rap, he has a unique voice and great feel!

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295 Ceza Ceza

He is the best rapper ever

He is very good

He is very ugly

He is number 1 bitch, ignorant dogs

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296 Aesop Rock

In all honesty Aesop Rock being this low is just sad. He is the greatest lyricist on the planet from any genre, has a pretty amazing flow (see None Shall Pass) and his beat selection (props mostly to Blockhead) is top notch. You know hip hop is in a sad state when someone like him is outside of the top 100 (along with Ali, Cage, Slug, Del and a tonne of other great rappers). Though I wouldn't be surprised with people reasoning on here, Nikki Minaj obviously deserving of such a high place on the list because of her number of twitter followers - since when has mainstream popularity ever even hinted at greatness? She's pop. Plain simple. I won't even bother getting started with some of the other just idiotic reasoning behind the other acts, but if you're looking for a good laugh make sure to check out some of the entries for Lil Wayne, Drake and 50 Cent (smart business man, what? He hires people to do the business for him. )

Lastly I just can't help but wonder if people actually ...more

Aesop not being in the top five is unbelievable! Its an insult to lyricism. He tears rappers heads off word for word. I mean sure Eminem is insanely popular (and a spectacular rapper) but he's never made anything nearly as astounding as No Regrets, Basic Cable and Mystery Fish. I actually think Aesop makes Shakespeare look illiterate. He's not just (in my opinion) the greatest rapper of all time he's one of the greatest poets to ever put pen to paper. A true inspiration for anyone who loves wordplay and storytelling.

How is Aes this low?! His rhymes and raps are insane. He is one of the smartest rappers, and he will reference everything. Best songs: Daylight, Big Bang. Other rappers on this list that are WAY too low: Slug, Del the Funkee Homosapien, Raekwon, Chuck D...

350? this is a disgrace

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297 No.1

Respect number 1 Best rapper


He is the best melancoly rapper. And he have some hardcore, battle songs. He is the best undergrounder in Turkey

Number 1 from Turkey,Denizli

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298 Honey G

When I say honey you say g HONEY G. HONEY G.

Best rapper alive

Honey G is Beast

HoneyG is the best rapper I have ever heard she should be number 1 by now - UnovaKurusu

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299 Rich Chigga

Rich chigga the great new rapper from my country indonesia

Listen to that stick

He is one of the great mumble rappers.

Simple lyric, good music and best song 😍

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300 U-God

This dude is a legend, he deserves to be way higher. At least in the top 20 of the Best Rappers in history god dammit

He belongs on here way before John Cena? He was a part of the orginal wu-tang clan

His distinct deep vocals made him one of the best wutang members, only rza, rae kwon, and insepktah deck are better.

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