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281 Canserbero


282 Quavo

He sounds like a robot with all that's autotune

Y is he 300 top 50 easily!


283 Pitbull Pitbull

What the heck. I do not understand how John Cena and Will Smith are better rappers that pitbull. He should be AT LEAST in top 20. This is like saying Tom cruise is the best singer in the world. So if you are saying that this legend in the making is 43 then please there is no point of this site. By the way have you even heard a song from pitbull. Because for you to put him here means you have not even heard one song

Because Will Smith is a mediocre at worst rapper that was popular since the early 90's - JamesBourne

I like his most song because his song have something special that people can make interest on him. So he will be the world famous rapping man that I ever seen in my life and his sound should be something special that people can love on him... I like him very much...

Hey! He is the best, he can get billboard champion you know, he should get more votes, support, he is handsome too

When I first encounter with this list,I saw Pitbull at the 98th position and I can consider the list acceptable with Eminem also being at number one
So,I beg to any psychopath making this list
Please put things back the way it used to be!

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284 Charlie Scene

Hollywood Undead wouldn't be the same without him!

Funny and stupid when I see Charlie Scene and Fred Durst in this page... Why mike shinoda not here to? - muhammadfajri

Quite Literally the "Gangsta Sexy" he should be much higher

Wow charlie is on 224? he should be on at least 20 or 30

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285 Honey Singh

He is a punjabi rapper from India and his songs are most popular these days and he should be in this list. He is the highest paid actor in bollywood too.

This guy is worse then lil Wayne and the most pathetic artist he should not be above 10000000000000000 his songs don't make sense he raps about girls party and alcohol which has bad impact on society poor lyrics and he coppies other artist call himself Eminem of India and is totally opposite

HE is amazing Indian rapper from the villages of Punjab but was brought up in Uk... - YoYoShivank

Yo yo best rapper of india

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286 Hossein Eblis Hossein Eblis

Great new hip hop style and he's becoming a great rapper ever even better than some of American rappers

The best in the world

He is style is good very good raper and hi is incomparable

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287 Hidra Hidra

I think he is Best Rapper in the world

Free de 1 numara

That the best young rapper in the world yet 21 years old but has a huge fan base and the best rapper in Turkey protest

No emiem is

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288 Elleran Elvis

The best Diss king
The best rapper

She Is A Best Turkish Woman Rapper

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289 Tyler Joseph Tyler Joseph Tyler Robert Joseph is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and rapper. He is best known as the lead vocalist and keyboardist for American musical duo Twenty One Pilots.

The most incredible singer and rapper known to mankind. King of beauty and talent, he is an multi-instrumentalist who is passionate about what he does and has a story behind his lyrics. How Tyler is below Lil Wayne has to be some kind of joke. He really cares about his fans, and puts on an amazing and memorable show at his concerts. Lets not forget he has an unreleased album called "No Phun Intended, which is an amazing masterpiece Tyler created at the young age of 19 in his parents basement. He has had a tough childhood, but he started writing and creative beautiful works of art from his paper and pen. Tyler Joseph is a charming, lovely, handsome, and talented man who deserves more credit for what he does.

Okay, I'll admit, my vote is a little biased, but come on, Tyler is an AMAZING rapper. If you can rap fast enough for people to forget the words, yet feel touched anyway, then THAT is what a rap should be. It's not just the fact he raps in almost all his songs, but they have so much meaning. It's not about money, or the hot chicks, or the two black Lamborghinis you have parked in your driveway in front of your mansion, or any of that. No! It's what's most relatable and humane, and it makes me so disappointed to see him so low! Insecurities, depression, struggling for fame, that's how everyone starts! And for some people, that's what their entire life is like! Ain't nobody gonna vote for him if he's almost the 300th person on this list!

It's astonishing how low he is on the list. He is a fantastic rapper, great singer, awesome multi-instrumentalist and knows how to write songs. His lyrics always have meaning behind them, talking about things such as depression and his insecurities. Even before he joined Twenty One Pilots, he was a great songwriter, singer and wrapper (No Phun Intended songs Drown and Tonight come to mind). It's completely illogical to rank Tyler before Lil Wayne and Drake.

Rapping is not about how you phrase your words and rhymes. It's about the message behind the songs and how powerful it is that it can literally break your heart.

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290 E-40 E-40 Earl Stevens better known by his stage name E-40, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and investor from Vallejo, California.

E-40 is the best spitter of all time, his flow is simply the greatest. His albums are getting better and better every time he should be at least in the top 5

Master of rhyme and flow, no one can touch E-Fizzle, if anyone disagrees they can listen to the Grit and Grind album then come tell me different...

E-40 is way too under rated and recognized! He speaks great truth and really has many songs on many albums that are great hits, that could blow up he was more wide known.

Should be WAY higher - venomouskillingmachine

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291 Fat Joe

Worst rapper of all time need to be on this list! He is definitely my 19203902039 favourite rapper of all time...

This Fool Is Hilarious! And He Has Good Ass Music! Shout Out To Joe - AutumnNicole

Voice is amazing. Don't understand why I don't see him in this best rappers of all time list.

Yeah its true

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292 Chris Webby

Chris Webby for sure is the most underrated rappers, and one of the best rappers there is. He may not be the best, but he deserves a spot in the top 20. He should have a lot more fame than he does.

Clearly this list is a joke with Wayne at 3, but webby at least needs to be mentioned, amazing rapper

This is a joke, Chris Webby is such an underrated rapper. Listen to all of his mixtapes and tell me that he's not top 50. The kid can spit. Listen to his song Raising the Bar.

A rapper with his own style, and just because of this he deserves top 50!

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293 Jay Sean Jay Sean Jay Sean is a British singer and songwriter. He debuted in the UK's Asian Underground scene as a member of the Rishi Rich Project with "Dance with You", which reached No.
294 Chip Tha Ripper V 1 Comment
295 MC Lyte

358 that's bull. She's one of the best female rappers of all time. Same as lady of rage, lil Kim, queen latifa, roxanne Shante, foxy Brown and Laurin hill.

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296 Gudda Gudda

Best ever Asian rapper. He's a zillion times better than Tyga

297 is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor known for being the lead vocalist in The Black Eyed Peas. He was born in Los Angeles, California. He has released several solo albums such as "Songs About Girls" and "Will Power" .

He's had a number of hits, both on his own and with the Black Eyed Peas. Okay, he's been involved with mostly poppy songs, but the amount of hits he's had when he's rapping surely puts him in the top 50?... People seem to forget Where is the Love, Pump it, Meet me halfway all had him putting out good rapping verses.

Seriously, this list is jacked! Will.I. am, #263! Whatever!

So sick of people saying he uses autotune! He hardly uses it at all! In all of the Black Eyed Peas concerts he sounds EXACTLY the same he does on their records


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298 Amber Liu of f(x) V 3 Comments
299 Has-Lo
300 Shaggy

Should be higher good classic lyrics

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