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421 Asher Roth

At 146?! Are You Serious? People Haven't Gave Asher His Opportunity. Only Song Everyone Knows Is I Love College. Go Listen To His Mix tapes. Asher Is Absolutely Top 50.

Why he is so underrated. His lyrics are great, he knows who he want to be. Top 20...

Honestly my favorite rapper, and celebrity in general, down to earth, caring, a real contribution to the rap game and is massively under ratted. APR

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422 Red Power Squad

Native Rappers with a cause - Kaluyuti

423 Litefoot

Brothers been around longer than most non-native rappers - Kaluyuti

424 Gift of Gab

Very underrated - djdangerous

Love his rapping! you guys check out [Clockwork] and [Deception] both by Blackalicious. you'll see what he's made of

425 Geologic

He's the MC of the Blue Scholars, and he has got some sick stuff. - HALOOOOOOOO

I don't even know this rapper. Just no he is good. Because all the other people swear!

426 Shyne

He stupid

427 Chipmunk

Chip as he is known now is a muchbetter rapper than ksi, Lil Wayne & nicki minaj

428 Celph Titled

Come on, Is that possible...

429 Omarion Omarion Omari Ishmael Grandberry, better known as Omarion, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and dancer.

I like the way Omarion sings and rhyme, I don't feel like he should be 532!

430 Big Love
431 Soulja Slim

westcoast had tupac, eastcoast had biggie, down south had soulja slim... underrated! -

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432 Masta Killa

Old man is one of the best songs by wu tang ever! - eatmaxeat

Really! Ke$ha is higher than him

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434 Kano

I bet none of you know him, he is the best british mc ever! if you don't know, listen to his freestyles on youtube. - thenewrapgame

He's amazing what why not top ten?!

435 Saugster
436 Turf Talk

Like Keak, Turf is not in the top 200 and he has such an original sound, his album West Coast Vaccine is bangin' hard from start to finish!

437 Clipse

Now I personally favor inspectah Deck as the goat but you can't just NOT mention pusha t and malice as one of the greats. As a duo or standing alone they can hold their own against any one of top mcs. Clipse is definitely one of the most underrated hip hop groups of all time. - Nocandoisavirus

438 Slim Thug Slim Thug Slim Thug gained mainstream attention for his contribution to the popular single from rapper Mike Jones, "Still Tippin'".

Perhaps not the greatest rapper of all time, but still has some great lyrics an beats.

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439 C-Bo C-Bo

A real gangster rapper only rapper to be sent to jail for his lyrical content for his hatred for the police and presidents - hiphop10

440 Hyro Da Hero

He raps to heavy metal music which is very different! He is awesome as hell! - mcrmy4ever

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