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481 Young Dre the Truth
482 Prince Markie Dee
483 Manafest
484 Mark Universe
485 Chevy Woods
486 Rich Boy

Possibly th most underrated rapper of all time. Most people haven't heard the album. Just listen to the song "Lets get this paper"

487 Arab
488 Ace Mac
489 Six 2

He has opened for bone thugs n harmony and reps that's Funky Town so hard!

490 XV

XV will get big soon! Too good not too!
His rhymes are sick, he stands out because he enjoys being a nerd, he will be the new face of hip hop in years to come.

He will get big when he finally drops his album because every song he makes sounds like a hit single

491 Shad

Must hear to believe. He is the best rapper not known by mainstream listeners.

Really good but some of his mixing is off

Should be higher he ain't no Lil Wayne gretsky, shad is a great MC with thought behind his lyricism and he always brings it fresh all his stuff evolves over time from his first album it ain't over to his new release melancholy and the infinite shadness, this dude keeps it FRESH.

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492 Ishmael Butler
493 Tydo

Amazing lyricist, making Manchester proud and he's only 13! Probably one of the best in manchester

One of the best mc's coming from Manchester! Gonna be big in the future! His tracks are banging!

He speaks the truth unlike other rappers and is an influence 2 many other rappers eventhough he's only 13! One of the best out there though

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494 E-Dubble

Extremely talented but still undiscovered, just go listen to "changed my mind" or "be a king", this guy has some real potential.

His lyrics are so meaningful and he doesn't try and out-rap everyone. He's so good to listen to.

This guy is brilliant! Deserves to be much higher!

He is just awesome. That's it

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495 Yubin

Yubin is awesome! She's an awesome rapper! She's also from the WONDER GIRLS! Please vote for her she's amazing and cool!

Yubin from the Wonder girl's is amazing! Listen to Be my baby, nobody, so hot, tell me and more. She's an amazing rapper!

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496 Giggs

Best rapper in the UK, certainly a contender for the best rapper ever!

497 Hussein Fatal

A member of the Outlawz. He has rapped with the best and he is definitely on top with the Outlawz - YoungJoker

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498 Smokey the Ghost
499 Ester Dean Ester Dean Esther Renay Dean, better known by her stage name Ester Dean, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress.

Ester Dean is not a rapper! Oh yeah, did you forget that Ester Dean is a SHE not a he?! Wow. Grammatical error. - SelfDestruct

He is very cute rapper. His song invincible is very much excellent from wrestlemania 28. He do rap in very fast way and we don't understand that words which he speaks.

500 Young Noble

A member of the Outlawz with a great voice and great raps

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