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Has the most versatile flow of all rappers because he's been around so long and still is in the game. He came from nothing and isn't on another artist label, he made his own and is helping others off of it! He does multiple genres within reason unlike lil Wayne. Has the most loyal fan base, every fan of him is a strong fan and knows almost everyone of his songs. Goes by the motto "tech will never go mainstream, mainstream will go tech" he also doesn't hate on artist, he's done stuff with lil Wayne multiple times as well as E-40. He does features with rappers he notices are elite like Hopsin and B.O.B. I personally think he's the best rapper, his KOD album was looked at as dark and evil but it actually teaches people how to deal with their dark times and people have even said this album stopped them from committing suicide. He is also the fastest rapper that is understandable and can switch the flow up at those speeds, he is just clearly the best and any fan would say that, people that ...more

Tech should be number 1! He is so much better than any mainstream rapper. He has amazing diversity in his music, he can do party music or he can do slow meaningful tear-jerking songs. His music is crazy, the other artists he works with have awesome talent too which makes his songs even better. He has gotten where he is now completely independently, without the help of the mainstream. He himself said a long time ago, "Tech N9ne will never go mainstream, mainstream will go tech", the fact that there is now many mainstream artists calling on him now and wanting to work with him shows that he was right and people are finally starting to realize his amazing talent. This list is ridiculous because most of these people only know what they hear on the radio, so they think people like Lil Wayne deserve top ten, even though he is truely as much of a discrace to hip hop music as Justin beiber.

Technician For Life!

He has the some of the best if not the best flow, rhyme, and a unique ability to change up his style. Great at rapping fast as well. I think he isn't talked about with some of the "greatest" as often because he didn't sell out to the major recording companies and therefor he didn't get as famous from all the deals that comes with that sort of deal/contracts, yet he has still managed to make millions without them. His live shows are also second to none, he draws a crowd of all types and ages simply because they heard he's a great show.

By far the most overlooked talented rapper. Without a shadow of a doubt if more people knew him he'd be a top 5 rapper of all time easily.

No one string rhymes and flows together like Tech does, the way is tracks, rhymes... Everything flows together to form beautiful music, he's the fastest out of this list, plus he's independen, if he had all the media attention that Em and Wayne have, he'd probably be different, when Em was Underground he was awesome, when he went mainstream it went all to his head, just like the self proclaimed king (Lil Wayne) I'm glad Tech didn't go mainstream early in his career, if he did... He probably wouldn't be as good, mainstream ruins people, it makes people over confident, plus people now-a-days listen to bad music, no lyricism what-so-ever now... Look at Wayne's lyrics... All I can say is what!? He brings the delivery, but not the lyrics, Em, I think he's number two, but Tech all the way, I'll solidify my point... Mainstream ruins talent, Tech's the king, no doubt

Tech is without a question the best rapper nobody can deliver with the impeccable timing that he brings on a track. He feels the music he writes and puts his soul on the beat not the garbage most of these other rappers record (minus a few exceptions). There is nobody with the range of tech from making gospel songs to straight up rock and roll, and making it all sound amazing. There is a tech song out there for everyone and lyrically he will blow your mind. Its a shame he's this far down the list his music is like therapy.
TECH N9NE #1 independent dapper in the world baby

Tech N9ne is the greatest rapper alive from the way I see it. He has speed and lyricism, he doesn't leave out any of it, and he can switch up his style just in one verse. Some people think that his older music is better, but I think he got more talented as he made more albums. He was way before his time when he began, and he couldn't have been a lot more famous sooner if Tupac would have stayed alive, because they almost collaborated. More and more people are learning about Tech, and are being blown away by everything he does.

There is no question... The KC King is more than a Rapper... He's the Head of Strangeland... He sets the bar for what a musician should be. Along with all he's done for himself, he is also head of the #1 independent label in the world. He is finally gaining more popularity as the Mainstream goes Tech, and as the years go by, he gets better, and more people recognize what he's done. Nobody is more respected in the game for a good reason. He doesn't spit about how much money he's got.

Best Rapper Alive! He is not an industrial brat and it is difficult for anyone to keep up with him. After listening to him I don't feel anything when I hear Eminem. Still keeps his great flow on all his songs. Sick music and lyrics is a bonus.

I have done production with him have not met anyone touching my brother at all he is in a league of his own... I listen to a lot of people and songs they do they do the same patterns on all there songs.. He lets the music dictate what he does... He is a beast his rhythm is something few can match.. Congrats tech for being different and staying strange.

Tech N9ne is easily the greatest rapper ever to spit on the mic. Each one of his songs take lyrics to the next level. I mean honestly has anyone ever listened to any of his music. He makes half the rappers in the top 10 look like vanilla ice. It bothers me that just because he's independent people don't give him his due. "World Wide Choppers", listen to it and you will understand what I mean.

Yes, Eminem, 2Pac, Jay-Z and all those people up there may be good. But I believe in Tech. Tech N9ne is a real rapper who spits some vital. His flows are top class and should be way up there. He has more than 150 singles and has been rapping since 1990. Lil Wayne on number 11, whats wrong with this list!? Just listen to some of tech's flows and read about him, more than 10 hit albums sold, owner of Strange Music and has performed with several famous rappers such as: B.O. B, Wiz Khalifa and Krayzie Bone.

Here's my list (and I'm taking all of your ranks in acknowledgement as well)

1. Eminem
2. 2Pac
3. Tech N9ne
4. Dr Dre
5. Jay-Z
6. Twista
7. Kanye West
8. Notorious B.I. G
9. Snoop Dogg
10. Busta Rhymes

If you agree with this list and I hope most of you all do because it seems really fair, then lets renovate this list! - Rishpr0

Tech n9ne is a beast. His flow is by far the best that I know of. Some of his songs might suck... But then again what artist doesn't make a bad song? Overall there's way more songs that are good than bad. Tech also raps about real stuff for the most part he actually puts feeling into his music and usually relates it to his life and others. I hate when people are like "raps all about money and smoking weed" uhh no that's retarded. That just sell out mainstream garbage that can be good but for the most part sucks. Tech has word play, flow, amazing rhymes, and is fast I honestly can't think of anyone better than tech

Tech N9ne is the best rapper because he raps about his life, pain, happiness children, marriage or whatever he cares about. He's original, lyrically blessed, the number 1 independent rapper in the world vice president of strange music inc. He doesn't say he's better than anyone and he's gone a long way in the rap game

The greatest rapper, lyricist, performer, artist, you name it, of all time. The definition of a real MC, and the greatest, most loyal fan base ever. Tech's been doing it longer than the casual fan realizes because they are just hearing about him, now that he is blowing up. And no one deserves it more. He built the number 1 independent label in the world from the ground up, stayed true to himself, and knew (he called it a long time ago) that the world would finally recognize, and you know what him and all of the Techn9cians around the world have to say about that? F.T.I. always and forever. 6688846993

Tech N9ne isn't on top? He is the greatest rapper alive. He has more skill than most of the rappers listed in the top ten. The hell kind of list is this?

TECH N9NE BABY! He is by far better than any rapper that has ever lived his lyrics are perfect, he always comes with some sick insane rhyme scheme and triple rhyme schemes and has so many small elements in his music that you would have to be a true Tech9cian to even begin understanding. He is going to go down in history as the most talented, bad ass, fastest, skilled rapper to ever live. nobody is better than him now, nobody ever has, and nobody ever will be. enough said STRANGE MUSIC BABY!

Nobody is on Tech N9ne's level in any way. He didn't need any radio or T.V. airing to get to where he is now. His lyrics are the best, his beats are insane, and his vision is not even comparable to anyone else. Most versatile artist in the world. Tech is the GOAT. Hands down.

Thank for people who realize tech should be number one he raps so hard no one messes with him he gets respect he raps like no other goes harder than anyone most independent rapper also he doesn't sell his soul like pretty much every other rapper he is real always ahead of the game not even in his prime and only getting better tech n9ne makes rap alive still king of underground and mainstream is going tech tech n9ne greatest rapper of all time - Realtechnician

Extensive vocabulary, fantastic usage of literary techniques and wordplay, meaningful, worthwhile lyrics and a great guy to round it all off. He's phenomenally fast and consistently so, has top-tier delivery and a great flow, is respectful of the prestigious, and his indie productions have served him well. He deserves to have gotten where he has in life and I think He should definitely be higher than #18.

Tech N9ne is by far my favorite rapper. I have much respect for his flow and speed. When you really listen to his lyrics instead of just bopping your head along to his kickass beats you can hear a lot about his life. His failures and successes. A lot of relatable scenarios and feelings. I definitely credit this man (along with others such as Krizz Kaliko, Eminem, and Hopsin just to name a few) with the reason I'm still alive today. He showed me that I could take all that pain and misery and construct it into something beautifully strange. Gotta give the man all the love I can. And anyone that I know that is into rap/hip hop and knows about Tecca Nina has him as number one.

Tech n9ne is the greatest rapper to ever set foot on this planet. He has it all, sick beats, great flow and delivery, speed and slow when he wants and some crazy rhymes. He puts rappers like Lil Wayne to shame and it's a disgrace that he's way down at 18 behind some horrible rappers (Lil Wayne) pleeassee just listen to him, if your a true rap lover there's no way you can't like him. The only rappers that are even close to him are Tupac, biggie, jay z and Eminem

What?! Not in the top ten? Come on, Eminem is a criminal. Tech n9ne is clearly better than Eminem's quality. His rhymes are smooth, and his lyrical speed brings a sensation to the already excellent music. And the lyrics are easy to get. Best soundtracks, one of the fastest rappers, and pure excellence is what makes tech n9ne deserve the top 10 spots.

Tech N9ne isn't simply a fast rapper. He has a great flow no matter how fast he goes, his lyrics are great, and his songs are mostly about real. Sure, there's "Hood Gone Crazy" and "So Dope", but even though the lyrics in those songs are not about something in particular except for partying and girls, it still sounds very good. His rhyme scheme, speed, and lyrics are just awesome.

Tech's creative lyrical content and the pace he delivers them in is astounding. Being an underground rapper, he is still very successful gaining the attention of many mainstream artists. Tech has been around since the 90's and is still here constantly on the road with his strange music label doing massive tours, and still putting out amazing music. His flow and rhymes are

Tech spits sicker than a cancer patient with AIDS. No disrespect to those with the diseases, it's just a metaphor. He is one of the fastest with a flow that makes rivers jealous. He can rap to any kind of music no matter how hardcore or laid back. And who do you know that can go for years unnoticed and then take over mainstream while running their own record label? Not Drake, definitely not one of these illiterate rappers who yell gibberish in the mic and call it good. Tech N9ne is not only the best rapper, but also a tru rap god. PRAISE KOD!