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Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known as 2Pac, was an American rapper and actor born on June 16, 1971 in East Harlem, New York. Tupac sold over 75 million records worldwide and has been referred to in multiple major publications such as Rolling Stone as one of the greatest music artists of all time. 2Pac was ...read more.


This man right here was the greatest Emcee to ever live. He truly took rap to the next level. Those of you voting Eminem above him need to go listen to 2Pac because even Eminem said in his own words that 2Pac was the greatest songwriter in history! No joke, he is above Elvis, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson... All the great legends of music. 2Pac reached the next level. He wrote and created music not just about his own circumstances, but a society and a world. The man could recreate his own authentic soul into a musical form that the majority of the ignorant world overlooks because it is created by underclass people in the ghettos. 2Pac put his voice out beyond people sharing his community and cultural background(he did this though); the man like no other rapper before or after him recreated an experience shared by everyone in the world. For example he raps about things like being trapped, having to make money to survive, our hyper-competitive world, relationships ...more

I know; people who vote Eminem against 2pac are those who started listening to rap / hip-hop many years after tupac died. What you should know is: Eminem is only trying to be a reincarnation of Tupac (a resurrection of Tupac Shakur)... He uses 2Pac's style and brand of making sense with rap lyrics with emotionally touchy tunes and chorus... He has also remade several of Tupac's original tracks - And those white racists (excluding me) who didn't care to listen to 2pac can now listen to 2pac's words through Eminem.E. G: Tupac said: "Till I die", Eminem twists it to: "Till I collapse". By the way, I'm white but I've gotta be honest here. Eminem is creative as an artist while Tupac remains a legend of rap / hip-hop. No one could do what he did in such a short time in life and in the entertainment industry. RIP tupac, you put rap music on the map

First off... Tupac was an exceptional rapper. He, if not mastered, had a dominating proficiency in delivery and flow, as well as an excellent lyricist. But Tupac is unique in the fact that he took rap to a whole new level. He not only talked about political issues like the rappers of the mid-80's and early 90's (Public Enemy, KRS-One, etc. ), but he also talked about issues that were deeply personal and self reflective. Also, from being raised in a home that was involved in the Black Panthers, he was taught as a boy to hold truth up with grave importance. He read everything he could get his hands on from The Autobiography of Malcolm X to the Kaballah, to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and his vast intellect is revealed in his lyrics, even in those songs that were meant for entertainment. For example from "All Eyez on Me", "How Do U Want It" is a party song, but it also mentions the efforts to ban gangsta rap, even mentioning by name Delores C. Tucker in the line: ...more

Intellectual, spiritual, poetical, highly emotional & to a degree even radical. 2pac tirelessly struggled to shine light on highly volatile issues within our society through his music & celebrity. Although immersed in a culture & lifestyle that was saturated with drugs, violence, greed, jealousy, contempt, etc... He constantly challenged his own beliefs, demons, & also the status quo. There are few people, let alone famous musicians that are/were so outspoken about their ideologies & concerns with the direction in which the "lifestyle" was taking him & thousands of others. He, along with his music, left positive impressions upon countless individuals in a time of chaotic negativity. He & his music grew in much the same manner. When everything & everyone around him was spiraling and spinning out of control he still poured his soul into the music. That music was his gift to us in hopes that we would truly listen. In that sense alone, I would put him at the top of any list ...more

I was quite surprised that Pac wasn't number one here, but on second thought, he is way more than a rapper. He is one of the definitions of men, a poet, an actor, and nothing less than a greatest artist of all time. It's easy for us outsider to witness the struggles of African American ever since the old Black Panther days to even nowadays' society. The rapping is so visual, and the rhymes are so dark but so true. While other rappers could only raps about their own life of success or struggles, he was rapping about a society, a country, a race and even the very core of humanity.

If the best rapper of all time means an entertaining rapper, I'm so glad that 2Pac is no on the list. They're just too much gimmicks of the whole East Side /West Side bull involved when most of the people talk about 2Pac. 2Pac is not about gangsters, rapping is not about gangsters, teenagers shouldn't think that rapping is cool and all because it brings money and women. Look for the meaning behind it ...more

The way I see it is 2pac's number 1. Not taking anything away from eminem but a true rap/hip fan will know that eminem cannot be above tupac regarding the GOAT of rap. Tupacs music influenced millions from america to england, france, spain, poland, russia, canada, pakistan, india, africa basically the whole world and everyone could relate to him. His rap hasnt only influenced his fans but other rappers to the point were they are actually copying him but their cannot be another pac! Iv been listening to pac since I was 12 its been nearly 6 years now and I ain't heard anyone better, word. The way he emphasizes his words as if he meant it from the bottom of his heart really distinguished him from other rappers its like tupacs at level 50 and the the rapper at 2nd position is at level 15 that's the difference. Its gonna take a lot for someone to surpass that mark that its pretty much impossible. I truly believe there wont be another lyricist ever as good as pac. RIP (Return Is Possible) ...more

He went above and beyond rap. No one was on his level, and he is still the one to beat in hip-hop. I don't think he will ever be surpassed though, because his lyrics are becoming even more iconic and inspirational as the years after his tragic death have gone by. His lyrics are the deepest, most thought provoking and intelligent to ever be created in rap music. I can agree that Eminem is a legend for this time and probably the best rapper alive, but even he pails in comparison to the late and great Tupac Shakur. Even Eminem credits Tupac as being one of his greatest inspirations. Tupac spoke on issues that no one else could put into words that were felt by everyone. When it comes to rhythm and poetry, he was the greatest because he had the best poetry, and one of the smoothest flows ever. When him and Big died, rap was never the same, and has actually downgraded its art form because these two legends were not around to lead the game. Tupac will always be the greatest because he had a ...more

Tupac to me is the greatest rapper because to me his lyrics resonates the most with people. No matter what your class status is, people can find something to relate with Tupac on. His lyrics is the most relevant of any artist who has touched the mic. Plus his ability to write songs so quickly is incredible. His fan base is huge. Tupac has fans on parts of this planet that I didn't even know listen hip-hop/rap like Afghanistan. Let alone know of the genre. Also he is being studied at universities in the United States and, if I am not mistaken, there is a university in the United States that has made him into a college course like English that students can take. His song Dear Mama was inducted into the Library of Congress in the United States. This makes him the third rap artist to be inducted. The Vatican in Italy put his song Changes on their music play list with other artist from around the world. Plus his two disc Greatest hits album surpassed his All Eyes On Me album in sales and ...more

I'm shocked with the people who are on this list. Eminem tupac biggie nas and jay z are top 10 rappers. However, 50 cent, Lloyd Banks in my opinion don't even crack the top 15. People forgot about Andre 3000, Lupe Fiasco, NWA as a whole. People who revolutionized hip hop, who changed the way we listen to music. Tupac and Biggie are the best to ever touch a microphone, so its hard to even choose who was better, however, I enjoy listening to pac more that's why I voted for him. The list of best rappers goes like this in my opinion
Tupac (West coast king of rap)
Biggie (East coast king of rap)
Jay Z (His help to expand hip hop, and not fearing to collaborate with completely different sounds)
Nas (Purely for his lyrics)
Eminem (Help breaking down the barrier wall, with ridiculous lyrics, psychotic deliver)
Lupe Fiasco (His ability to to get his message out, even though Lasers is not what he wanted, his message came out)
Andre 3000 (Most unique sound I've ever heard. ...more

This is supposed to be the greatest rappers of all time. One song or one album is gonna make somebody one of the greatest rappers ever. Some of the rappers in the top 10 on here shouldn't even be in the same breath as others. Lil Wayne? 50 cent? Lloyd banks? The top 5 should be 5. Pig pun 4. Rakim 3. Nas 2. The notorious big 1. Tupac. When you listen to these guys they tell a story with feeling they make it feel like your in the same boat with them. All these kids get on here and vote for just rappers who they like a song by, that's not greatness! Oh and whoever voted for soulja boy, will smith, John Cena go listen to real hip hop please. Over the half the dudes on this list don't even belong on this list or in the same breath as some of these guys.

Tupac is the Elvis of Rap, the Rolling stone of Rap, he set a blue print for all good rappers today. He talks about things that people can and do relate to. Not like phoney rappers who rap about how much money they have and all these things they own witch people can't relate to. His involvement with helping the less privilege and fighting injustices through his music and out of his music is incredible. He also seems to have all these different types of personalities that attracted people to him, one second his Angry next political and caring. A lot of today's generations get to court up with the mainstream rap and forget about the rappers like Biggie, Pac, Big L, and are left with only a few really talented rappers get all the recognition like Jay z, Eminem, Dr. Dre. There is still some dope rappers around today like The game, Nasty Nas, Tech Nine, Busta Rhymes, DMX and others. But not so talented rappers rapping about bulls*** seem to be making it bigger witch is wrong and proves ...more

He mastered every part of flow and emceeing. He is the best because the game is rhythm and poetry, and he is simply the best poet to ever rhyme. He should be number 1 even above Eminem. There will never be another force in music that was and continues to influence the collective unconscious that Tupac Shakur embodied. He was painted by the media and society as something he truly wasn't. Pac was never a thug, he was rapping for black people and other oppressed people throughout the world and was not afraid to challenge the status quo through his music. Hip-Hop did not die out, but with the death of Tupac; it felt like the soul of the music was gutted out, and has yet to be replaced by any rapper. Even though Eminem is the closest rapper to his level of talent, even he cannot compare to the style and message that Tupac died to share with us. People that say he is only famous because he died are idiots and don't really know the truth about rap. It was as if God sent Tupac to this earth, ...more - RhythmEverlasting

Best rapper of all time. True voice of the young generation. This man was a true hero and sacrificed his own life to stay true to himself and his spirituality. His words are much needed today in a world succumbed by greed and superficiality. The people in power want us to forget this man and what he stood for. That is why he is so misunderstood by the majority of American society. He was not a "thug" but used his "thug life" persona to identify with struggle and love for the people. He was not without his own mistakes and shortcomings, but he understood truth, and made a choice to share it with the world through his music, wisdom and poetry. Tupac's interviews demonstrated his intelligence and wisdom in the face of adversity. He was truly a man far ahead of his time. He not only inspired black people in the ghetto, but to all who are struggling in our crazy world. Tupac wanted to be a leader in the world wide struggle for justice, and this is why he is unequivocally the greatest ...more - CrossRoad

Tupac is the most influential rapper ever! If not the most influential person/singer ever! He fought hard for his and other peoples rights, as well as rapping about them, he made history, and worked against the system of illuminati, which is currently ruining the world. His lyrics are just heavenly, and the express what he and other people can't express.

I don't know why they compare him with people like B.I.G or eminem and the new fake rappers, tupac isn't on this level, tupac is on a level no one now will reach.. cause no one now thinks like tupac.. cause they haven't been through what tupac has been through.. enough said

Tupac Shakur otherwise known by his stage name 2Pac was the best rapper that ever lived, he supremes by his very relation, connecting with every living soul in the world. 2Pac could do it all great lyrics, flow, rhymes, music styles, collabos, tribute, he was unpredictable he would surprise everyone with all ways something new he was known for that. 2Pac may have been known as most controversial, big mouth, had major beef, but for his music alone 2Pac excelled soaring above other greats in music standing behind only Michael Jackson. 2Pac's most influential inspiring many celeb's by their goals motivated by this legend musically, personal, coolness, handsomeness as standard but in their own way. 2Pac had a very broad audience, but also the most edge 2Pac ever had over many was him as a master-poet. Poetry is the very basic make-up of rap, 2Pac learned from very known notable figures that he credits and influence to the person he became for the world.

Long Live 2Pac he will be ...more - Evanjay28

His flow is incredible and the way he raps, every thing he says just go together and how he can talk about others and still give thanks to his family and the community. There is only one 2pac because the mystery of his death and he gives a positive message to kids because rappers now talk about getting drunk and talking about bitches and hoes but 2pac says to respect women because the kids look up to them and there going to start thinking that women are nothing and that's why he's an inspiration to lots of people and he came from nothing and became a star. One quote he said was "that I came from the gutter and I'm still here" and that's what kind of message he was trying to send out. It was how got where he was that inspired us all

I started to listen to rap.. Via Tupac. He was a soulful person who spoke not only about his own personal life but of the things that we as people could do to make our lives better. To see the way things should be or could possibly be through his lyrics. He still gets air play today so many years after his untimely passing. Eminem Though definitely following the path of Tupac is good.. Don't get me wrong but Tupac opened it for him and let him see how he could make his life better.. All you have to do is open your eyes.. Shut your mouth and listen to the world around you and you can change yourself for the positive..

There are many great rappers out there that can paint a picture through their lyrics and show us what they see in that instant. Tupac however didn't paint pictures, but opened our eyes to the world around us as it is happening. These same sociological and political problems plague us even today and will more than likely continue to plague us until the end of time. It is the emotions that are stirred up in us during those times of turmoil and triumph that Tupac was able to control, and as such made his very lyrics timeless.

I have respect for Eminem and think he is very talented, but there is a reason even he raps "One Pac, 2 Pac, 3 Pac, 4, 4 Pac, 3 Pac, 2Pac, One, Your Pac, He's Pac, No Pac's NONE"(8 Mile). In the end even Eminem knows that Tupac is the standard by which all rappers will ever be judged.

Tupac is the greatest rapper of all time and honestly will never be replaced every rapper in the rap game respect every thing that he stood for and his extreme skills in rapping. No rappers gets as much recognition as 2pac and honestly 2pac deserve even more respect than he already gets. Its like Jesus was in him and spoke through him in his songs. He had many positive songs that are uplifting and could even be played in church as well as in the streets. He inspired me to rap, he always recognizes any deaths that happens and showed love to his community. He was one of of Gods gifts sent down. He had his time he snapped but we all human and if we get shot most of us will snap too but aye at the end of the day when you look at it his life was positive on this Earth. He painted perfect pictures and had an unrecognizable flow so its like no one could steal it cause only he know how to do it and had the voice to do it. He let you know that you not alone and to always stand up for what's ...more

although Tupac didn't create rap he put a new face on rap and put his true feelings on a page and that's what rap is about but the early rapers made there songs way too violent like snoop dogs early raps they were so violent they didn't even make it on radio or TV or CD cause it was only about killing white fellers and tupac was a warrior and snoop was a survivor so tupac found a way to let out he's anger but just light enough so it could make it on radio TV and CD so the black peoples word would get out and that song hit em up parents wouldn't dare let there kids listen to that song but is actually good cause at least he uses word not fists not guns I've listened to tupac my live and and a punch of other rappers and that's why tupac is the greatest and I'll be just like him one day

Id say Tupac is the best rapper of all time because of he's lyrics and way he sang it was emotional and made people think of life. Eminem is the best mc now but pac died when he was growing when he's music was growing worldwithe, but Eminem is still alive and he's music grew worldwithe that's why people think he's better than pac. 2pac for life! He showed what rap was. He's lifestyle was cruel and he was a man that struggled to live. He speaked the truth in all he's songs. Eminem is good and the king of rap but Tupac is a legend and the god of rap. They killed him when he was becoming more and more big. If Tupac was alive today don't think any rapper would compare to him except of Eminem and nas. Id say Tupac should be first and Eminem second that's pretty fair in my opinion. Tupac showed the world that you can survive anything and never loose hope and always believe and never go in front of god. RIP Tupac Amaru Shakur.

Tupac, oh sh.. I got so much to say about the man I almost consider as a brother even though I never saw him. If you take the time to listen and to analyze his lyrics and the message he tried to send through it, you'd just be amazed. He exposed what's really going on in the USA's ghettos, he was so real, maybe too real for some people. And even though his lyrics were hard he sent a message of peace and unity, no matter your skin or where you come from, we're all brothers. That's what he said, but he was not the best only "musically". Tupac is a concept, and idea, Thug Life. He was only 25 and he was really mature and aware of his generation's problem and he dedicated his whole life to expose it and to make it better.
For people who had time to analyze his personnality and his music, they realize how great he was and great he could have became.
R.I.P. in Thugs Mansion to the Black Jesus

Tupac was and still is the best rapper of all time. He sang from his heart and now all that rap is about now a days is about money, hoes and drugs. Yes he made mistakes but he is not only a rapper, but a poet and that is what makes him the best rapper ever. Tupac has the best lyrics I have ever seen in a song. RIP Tupac, you were and still are the only true rapper.

PAC is the most influential rapper of all time, while other may have a better "flow", there are none, and have been none that can compel and draw the emotion within rap that Tupac did. He is the epitome of rap and is the single most polarizing figure within the history of rap. While some have tried, and all failed, there has not been and likely will not be such a force within any genre of music, let alone rap, that within their own right they might rival that which was, and still is 2pac!

Its as simple as this :
Tupac's Intentions as not only a rap artist, but an influential character for people of every kind, never changed as he gained money, power and fame. Till the day he died, he still cared about the world, about poor people, about people that aren't treated well. That brings me onto the point how Tupac was very different and original compared to other rappers. Nearly every rapper on this list was changed by money and fame, but pac wasn't.