Wiz Khalifa

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Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known by his stage name Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor. He was born on September 8, 1987


I like wiz khalifa, he is just amazing. I like his old style better. Like "goodbye", "make it hot", "the moola and the guap" and stuff like that. But, he really surprised me in the cover with snoop. "young wild and free" is really good, the same with "no sleep", "black and yellow", "get your s***", "on my level", and "fly solo". This young artist should be in AT LEAST the top 15 or top 10. He is really good, and he deserves it. I like his lyrics, and his flow. He is my favorite artist.

Wiz Khalifa is something rare in mainstream Hip Hop. Where a lot of the guys on top are talking about how gangster they are or constantly preaching about how great they are (eminem), Wiz chose to make hard work and the fruits of it and individuality as the core of his message and speaks directly to the people he influences. Do those who disagree, in a lot of his songs (non radio, you'll hear him talk about individuality, hard work and determination. I think those are three qualities too many people lack in America, which is why I can really appreciate Wiz Khalifa's music.

Wiz Khalifa is the best because he has a killer flow and he has good rhymes and he has some sick beats and he is a real person who doesn't make up stupid stuff that isn't true about him and he made it in the buisness on his own and he has great songs like black and yellow, This Plane, Say Yeah, Make It Hot, Rooftops, When I'm Gone, Roll Up, On My Level etc. But the point is that he is one of the best rappers ever and I think he belongs in at least the top 20's.

NO WAY, as if people actually think Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are better than Wiz. Lil Wayne's flow is TERRIBLE, his freestyles are actually shocking! I hate that most people only recognize Wiz because of 'Work hard play hard' and 'Black and yellow' because they were in the charts, he has so many better songs and freestyles, he's unbelievable, but no rapper will ever be better than Tupac.

Come on Wiz came up faster than most people and gave his life to his music. He worked hard now people complain about how his music is "always about money and champagne, well what would you write about if everyday you seen the same thing? " he is a musical genius as far as beats go and his delivery timing is almost perfect, and he still has years to go!

Wiz Khalifa Is Sick! He should be #1
His songs are sick & his mix tapes are awesome!
Wiz is young & he has many more songs to come.
He is a amazing rapper.
All of you that think he is not good, something is wrong with you.
He is a awesome rapper. He is going to be #1, the best rapper in the world

Great artist, really knows how to get his fans to sing along at his concerts, good flow, great mind, made new commer of the year, has songs for absolute everything, cares about people, he deserves minimum top 10 or at least top 5, and he gives out free music not like those other rappers who make you pay for everything!

Taylor gang or T bag a bear trap

Wiz is at the top and is is good as hell there ain't no comparison his rap the style of it is crazy he can rap to so many different beats and make it raw man wiz Khalifa is the best rapper

One of the best rappers because every new album he drops is a different style. I think he does a very good job at it too. Also sound just as good live than in the studio. There's a reason why he is climbing up the charts fast. He will be a legend in 10 years!

Wiz Khalifa is A Young But Proud Rapper, Unlike Some Other Rappers, Every Photo I see of him, he has a smile on his face. But Besides That, His Songs Are Great, Lyrics are great, And Once Again Unlike Some Other Rappers, He Started off a success.

Wiz khalifa is one of best rappers of all time and some of these lame rappers need to be at the bottom instead of top so this must be wrong to put him on 41.

No way he is 108...
Black and yellow, roll up and never been

Good rapper top 20 at least I hate how people talk about the old rapper there great yes and better than wiz but he's one of the best new rappers around second from big sean and a lot better than drake and Lil Wayne

Wiz is already a legend. He's created his own fan base ON HIS OWN, and he's only put out like 3 albums. If you actually listen to wiz though, you know that you won't get a true evaluation unless you listen to the mixtapes. The real reason he's already top 10 though is because of how his music feels. Nothing but good vibes in all his work even when it's going hard.

Here's the thing how is Snoop any better than Wiz all snoop raps about is weed sex celebrating and threating people same as Wiz but No Snoop Dogg is one of the greats but Wiz Khalifa gets hella hate - LeafyIsHere

Wiz Khalifa is my favorite rapper. He has style and flow that just goes with his lyrics. He should definitely top 3. His Mac And Devon album with Snoop Dogg, is one of the best!

Wiz Khalifa has such good flow to his music. He raps about his everyday rap which is smoking weed and partying and having a good time. He will start to rap more about family, and life in general.

Wiz is the rapper of new time! He is going to be a legend! Snoop Doggy Dogg is his mentor and we all know what the dogg is capable of! I say that he is the legatee of hip-hop!

He's the best! Listen to young wild and free with snoop dogg!

BEST DAMN RAPPER Of All TIME! PERIOD! He is the bomb. His songs aren't crap like jay-z.

He has the best flow ever, even thought he is considered mainstream, he is a real mane, because he chilled and stays in his own lane. Appreciate his music!

I just want him higher than Lil Wayne and drake so please vote for wiz he always going to be remembered in the same category as snoop and all stoners

He has only been on the scene at he's current level for like a year just wait and see he'll be in the TOP 3!

I may not smoking weed but I like him as a great rapper.. His songs are amazing and most of his chorus beat and melody is awesome..


What is Wiz doing down here? He should be first! Don't forget See You Again, people. One of the most popular songs in the world is his! You can't get better than that.