His mixtapes are the bomb! This guy reeks legit swag. He is a hardworker, ambitious and forever a hephap derp. After everything that happened these past few months, he has come back stronger than ever with an amazing feature in JJK's new song Give and Take. - from a BBC waiting, anticipating BLOCK B's next album!

His rap always includes his unique voice and his rap is rather precise. The lyrics he wrote himself, are often very encouraging and frankly speaking, it makes me feel good and boost my ego. Laugh out loud. Before debut, he has already had over hundred mixtapes and the lyrics were written by himself. He even produced some of Block B's songs which was rather amazing for a guy at his age. With only 20 this year, he had so much potential to be even better. Moreover, he is like an experienced rapper before debut unlike many other idol rappers.

This guy is so amazing I wish he was in the top ten at least. No offense to Suju fans and I love Eunhyuk but his rapping and writing skills are not that great. Anyway I hope block b make a comeback soon and can't wait for the day where they win their first k-chart/mutizen award.

He's the best! Because of him and Block B I started researching Korean underground hip hop. Just listening to Zico's (and Kyung's) mixtapes vanish all my worries. In fact I enjoy life again, not that I didn't before knowing about Zico or Block B but I'm really glad that I didn't look away when they debuted. That was one of the best decisions in my life.
Thanks to you I enjoy life more. I love you no matter what Zico and Block B.

Zico got a lot of passion when it comes to the word "RAPPING"
He just don't rap for others to idolize him. He raps because that's what he really wants to do. He raps to express not to impress.

He's not just another Korean idol. People should REALLY listen to him. He's born to rap, he's different from others who always think about their appearances. He's the best thing that ever happened when it comes to 'Asian rapping'.

A 19 year old musical genius. Everything he says has meaning and his flow is perfection. If you read through his lyrics you'll know what I'm saying. He is a true artist and isn't recognized enough for his talent.

B E S T - no need to explain. He has the voice, he has the rhythm, and he he has this HIP HOP swag.
In love with him, his music, his voice and his solo tracks.
Good rapper should not only be good at music, but also has to have this thing to attract people and get them into their performance. He has charm and swag. ZICO is the best!

Even before BlockB he's been an amazing rapper. Watching his solo live performances, you can basically feel the passion he has for rapping. And he has amazing stage presence, and fantastic delivery.

ZICO YOU DESERVE THIS! Even if people can't understand him because of the Korean. You know one else can rap as fast as him/ And I love the fact how many Kpop artists are on here.T.O. P, G-Dragon, CL, Minho, Mir. They are all great.

Zico is FOR REAL! He's the REAL thing! And only a fool would not acknowledge how great he is just because he doesn't speak English. South Koreans acknowledge American & English speaking artist, so they deserve the same respect. They already know you'd have to be a genuine ass to miss out on the best just because they speak a different language from you... I love Bang, I love GD but they ain't ready for Zico

Because he's a genius lyrically and he's got flow. Of course, there are a lot of other rapper within the industry but he's got quite the experience underground to back him up. A talented young boy who deserves much more recognition.

Definitely one of the best rappers I've ever heard. He can go from slow Hip-Hop to spitting the fastest of rhymes towards your direction. Not only does he rap but he makes and produces all of his own as well.

Of course Zico should be the first! His amazing rapping style and the speed of his rapping are equally great and he raps about something that is applicable to what is happening in society, not just sex and drugs.

This is too low for someone who is a speed rapper, his music has soul and power, and it's just... Amazing. Nacseo should be higher than this, his lyrics are about what he is, and he doesn't care about his image like most celebs/idols.

He is one of the most incredibly talented free-style wrappers I have ever seen. Although hugely underrated, he can produce, write, compose and lead his group well. In short, incredible.

I love Zico so much! He deserves more recognition, his talent is amazing and I have so much respect for him. Definitely my favorite from South Korea.

Definitely a sick rapper, this guy! He writes his own lines as well as creating and producing his own beats. He hasn't released a hundred mixtapes, however, like a previous commenter stated; he DID release over a hundred tracks before Block B's official debut, though! Still quite a feat for someone who's only 19 years old. He's got more than enough talent and swag to brag about.

G-Dragon is clearly homosexual and doesn't even rap that much he sings! And Eunhyuk is more of a dancer then a rapper! Zico is one of the only genuine idol rappers along with Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, Himchan, and Miryo. Zico had relased a bunch of mixtapes before his debut and is HUGELY underrated. And Eunhyuk is under Noutorious B.I. G? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He should be somewhere in the 100 stupid ELFs.

Genius lyricist with great flow and strong beats. He's young, and he improves quickly. His mixtapes are really good. Underrated kid is underrated.

I suggest to hear one of his mixtapes, more than reading his talent in words. Before his talent which is endowed, he exerts all efforts in his work with his passion in music, and we can feel this by listening to his music. It's unbelievable that his age is only 21, he composes and produces, and their quality is quite promising. Sure that he will meet this expectation by such an awful growth. Competent artist. Awesome!

Zico is one of the most incredible rappers. He is only 20 years old, has released over 100 amazing songs (that he wrote and produced himself), is the leader (and writer, and producer, and choreographer) of one of the most amazing and unique South Korean bands that exists today, and is an overall incredible and generous person. He should definitely win, ZICO FIGHTING!

Just listen to this guy's pre-debut mix tapes! He's extremely fast and a damn good writer. In my opinion probably the best in all of Korea!

He's one of the best rappers for me because he's not just got a lot of swag, but because he can rap about anything. He can make a verse in minutes. He's creative. He's also very smart. And MOST IMPORTANT, when you hear Zico rapping it's not the beat what guides his rap, but it's Zico who guides the beat with his rap. Woo Jiho is an AMAZING rapper. I'm proud of Block B's leader. I feel more than proud of calling myself a BBC. Block B fighting!

Best Korean rapper! Really makes Korean sound like the best language you can rap in

Zico is the leader of a Korean hip hop group "Block B" and before he was discovered, he did underground rapping. He shows determination when he sings and a passion for what he does; and despite everything he has been through alone and with Block B, he remains true to himself and continuing to do what he loves. That kind of devotion is what makes him a great rapper and a great leader.