Rare Boys Names

The Top Ten

1 Sorren

One of my all time favourite names for a boy

2 Rooks

A type of bird.

3 Ocious

From a Egyptian myth ocious is a murdered brother of Chleopatra

4 Sage

A type of green and wild plant/ spice which some boys and unusually girls are named after.

5 Cian

Is the the way you pronounce this name originally from Ireland.

6 Charity

Known as a girl name, I have met a boy from England named charity. It means giving and willing to help.

I know 16 boys named this trust me or not

It's the British way.

7 Eclipse

There are actually people with this name? I thought Eclipse is a fantasy name - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

A rare, unique and slightly mysterious name, related to the moon.

8 Siluck

A rarely heard male name, meaning fast and slick.

9 Zacher

Usually a surname for Americans but in some cases a male first name

10 Ayvion

A name meaning brave, only 3 babies In the world where names this last year

The Contenders

11 Matias
12 Eros
13 Xander
14 Everett
15 Arae
16 Zaur
17 Fuad
18 Quinlan
19 Oxley
20 Raven

I thought this is a female's name - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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