Top Ten Rare Monsters from My Singing Monsters

The Top Ten

1 Rare Furcorn

Rare furcorn is cute

2 Rare Pompom
3 Rare Cybop
4 Rare T-Rox

There is one now.

Hey, I agree, there are NO ickle rare rocks- kins

There A Rare T rocks Out Now!
PS I Wrote The One With 😳😳😳!

5 Rare Thumpies

The regular ones are cute, but the rare ones look disgusting.

6 Rare Entbrat

Entbrants are already rare enough. Imagine how rare a rare one is! 😱

7 Rare Pango
8 Rare Quibble
9 Rare Dandidoo

Lol she has the idea of Ghazts in hats!

10 Rare Reeling (Spring Reedling)

You are so cool

The Contenders

11 Rare Pummel
12 Rare Clam Ble
13 Rare Sounge
14 Rare Oaktopus
15 Rare Riff
16 Rare Drumpler

Really got to hand it down but AWESOME

17 Rare Hoola
18 Rare Bowgart
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