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1 Plasma Coil

It is the most destruction you can do with just one shot.

I love the solid destruction.

This gun is so good and fun, and kills enemies so fast! It's so funny killing enemies with this! I was both good in gc and uya!

Esta es una exelente arma ya q electrifica a todo lo q este serca

2 R.Y.N.O.

The definition of overpowered I love this s weapon especially the original and redone one

It's the best weapon in the ratchet and clank series

The R.Y.N.O is such a powerful weapon hard to get but if you get it it is so worth it. I played the redone version of ratchet and clank and that game's ryno destroyed the final boss so quickly

This Is The Best Weapon I Can Get!

3 Tesla Claw

Used this against Drek in the first and easily beat him. awesome weapon.

In Ratchet and Clank 1, you can play the entire game with the tesla claw and it is incredible. when there are large groups of the small enemies, the tesla claw just destroys them all instantly. also, it is very helpful for breaking box crates, the ammo is really cheap and it holds loads of ammo.

Best weapon in the series! :D it got kind of weak in Going Commando but in the first one? EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC then... Dun dun dun GOLD TESLA CLAW O: in my opinion, strongest weapon in ratchet and clank 1, and best weapon in the series.

This thing is amazing. A big ass claw that shoots an arc of electricity that takes out crowds of enemies with ease. It was less effective in going commando, but for me and many others who played Ratchet & Clank, the tesla claw will always be remembered as pure awesome.

4 Suck Cannon

Great weapon, excellent combo with the morph-gun. Shame it didn't show up in the sequels.

You suck in enemies, and then fire them out... Is any more explanation necessary?!

This one gets really powerful with more upgrades. - Garythesnail

He fuzzball! Your passing me off!

5 Bouncer

Getting clear of enemies... done! :D

It’s broken

6 Devastator

The devastator, a rocket launcher that can be used as a sniper and has a high rate of fire

Upgraded gold version makes its hoot three missiles at a time

A classic rocket launcher with no gimmicks.

Pretty powerful, I would say!

7 Morph-O-Ray

People who have played UYA have oveously NEVER bought this fun you can turn your enemies into ducks and sheeps it blew my mind the first time I used it because it made hard enemies become easy just shoot them 4 like 2 seconds and they r a animal! It's what I think the winterizer is based off of.

8 Pulse Rifle
9 Sheepinator

This is hilarious

10 Rift Ripper

Summons black holes that sucks enemies into them, so useful, and at cover!

The Contenders

11 Magma Cannon
12 Agents of Doom

Really, if you have thought this weapon is useless before look at it after the reboot. I've always felt that Agents' role in Up your Arsenal was a bit outta place - They just acted like discount Synthenoids even though they could easily bring 'em back via Slim Cognito if that was their goal all along (Just like they did with the Lava Gun, the Bouncer, the Plasma Coil, should I go on? ). Point is, PS4 Ratchet's Agents are finally a good and viable weapon which keeps both it's theme and purpose. Also, they FINALLY started using the old GadgetBots' design for the Agents, och, I'm so satisfied.

13 Hoverbomb Gun

Instagram @elihkas

14 Mr. Zurkon

From all those weapons listed, Mr. Zurkon really shows the essence of Ratchet & Clank: It's deadly, shiny, high-tech and super funny at the same time. Besides, his quotes are amazing, I only wish they'll someday go ahead and make planet-specific quotes which play based on the enemy he's fighting against.


Mr Zurkon's currency is not bolts. Mr Zurkon's currency is pain.

My only true friend in Crack in time (besides Clank of course)

15 Visibomb Gun

Nearly as powerful as RYNO, and you CONTROL where it goes. Perfect for strong enemies.

This was my most helpful in R&C 1. - Garythesnail

I'm the best

16 Shield Charger

Upgrades to tesla barrier which has moore protection and can shock enemies

Charge a shield that can protect you from guite a few blasts

Three words: Ultra Tesla Barrier
Most broken weapon in Going Commando and I love it so much

17 Buzz Blades

Great weapon in a crack in time.

18 Nitroeruptor

I love this gun so much! The bombs are a good! Its blast radius is good!

19 Electroblaster

Such a well rounded weapon, great at any stage of the game, and beautiful effects

20 Glove of Doom

The doombots' maniacal laughter just sells it man.

21 Heavy Bouncer

Note the heavy in the title. I hate the regular Bouncer, which made it all the more awesome when I upgraded it to this bad boy. It shoots a big bomb with smaller (yet still soccer ball sized... Maybe a bit smaller) sized bombs in it that homing bounce and deal massive damage!

Such an amazingly destructive weapon. Amazed its not in the top 10!

The r.y.n.o 2 kills the final boss in seconds, This is the only other option to beat him in a minute.

22 Ryno 2

One word OP

Basically the best weapon in R&C2, monster damage, monster fire rate, monster capacity.
Nevermind that, it is also statistically the best R.Y.N.O. weapon in all the franchise.

Everybody says it's the best but not in my opinion

Don't listen to last comment

23 Pixelizer


24 Plasma whip

A strong weapon in up your arsenal

Like that it's blue

25 Leviathan Flail


the screen shakes and with some of the songs in deadlocked its really like a punk rock consert

In deadlocked this weapon destroyed everything in my way with just a swing or two. I never thought smashing things would be so fun.

26 Groovibomb Glove

The most hilarious and most awesome weapon I have ever used... No-one can resist the power of the groovibomb, it even gets Ratchet distracted! You can see him smiling and bobbing his head to the music

The best version is in A Crack in Time, where EVERY BOSS DANCES

I want a groovibomb glove! :'(

Even the vendor dances!

27 Walloper

I honestly think this weapon deserves more love, it could easily replace the wrench or pretty much anything for close range, even the Tesla Claw (That is if you're facing multiple enemies up close). It was kinda better in Secret Agent Clank (Or was it Size Matters? Too lazy to check), I just wish they'd reboot it at some point.

I enjoy punching enemies and how much damage it did in R&C 1. This weapon is underrated.

28 Warmonger
29 Ryno 5

Wow, great for a crack in time

30 Rift Inducer

AHEM- Where is this on the list? Hmph? Obviously the creator of this list knows nothing about life. PLASMA COIL... PLASMA COIL IS FIRST! WHAT? This does more than that. people like it more because it's a free weapons in UYA but come on... its crap compared to this utter destruction. - EchoTheKiller

31 Combustor

It's a good gun, no doubt, good at killing man! I love this gun, as well as the shock blaster/cannon, I'm not sure which one I like the most, since I love the shock blaster/cannon so much too!

This was good on the future series

It's Really good for cover fire

32 Mini Turret Launcher
33 Harbinger

This weapon is really powerful and can pack a punch to it. When it comes to this and the RYNO collection, it is a really hard decision.

34 Pyrociter
35 Alpha Disruptor
36 Bomb Glove

I love this one so much!

37 Taunter

It is funny because the litle monsters are getting crazy and if you know the trick for the bolts in ratchet & clank 1 you will get ritch

38 Shredder Claws

Got me past a lot of hard areas in tools of destruction

39 N60 Storm

Not the strongest, but definitely the best! You take out multiple enemies at once, because of the high fire rate!

This shoots fast like the ryno 2! Also this helped me a lot! Killing enemies, even the hardest, and then it got to v5 it was a killing machine, so good a gun, love the design too!

The first weapon you really buy in Up Your Arsenal. Unless you are an idiot, this will help you the entire game. It was my first V5 and first Mega Weapon.

40 Shock Blaster

V5 is beast, v1 is pretty good too and v3 and all of the V's, so good against enemies

41 Ryno IV

A game breaking weapon. Don't use it. It can kill the final boss in seconds

42 Lava Gun

I loved the Lava Gun a lot. It was so easy to hit multiple enemies with the molten rocks simply because the stream seems to continue to damage them regardless of its position as it hits - It's wonderful.

And don't mind me about Meteor Gun, they could easily fix it if they only made meteor projectiles explode in a very small radius; Still great against groups.

I just really liked using this gun, even when it upgraded

Shoots lava! So cool! And the gun has so many tactics!

43 Spiderbot Glove
44 Ryno 3

It's started off good but then later became crappy

Likley the worst ryno in the series but is still a good weapon

45 Grovitron

There's no such thing as "Grovitron", nice try though.

Good for making a distraction

46 Electroshock Armor

Good but weak and slow

47 Blaster
48 Flux Rifle
49 Liquid Nitrogen Gun

This weapon releases a stream of liquid nitrogen that when upgraded will freeze most enemies instantly. Then you can deliver the kill blow, or watch then fall apart seconds later. Tough choice between the tesla claw and this.

50 Quack-O-Blitzer
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