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1 Plasma Coil

It is the most destruction you can do with just one shot.

I love the solid destruction.

Esta es una exelente arma ya q electrifica a todo lo q este serca

2 Tesla Claw

In Ratchet and Clank 1, you can play the entire game with the tesla claw and it is incredible. when there are large groups of the small enemies, the tesla claw just destroys them all instantly. also, it is very helpful for breaking box crates, the ammo is really cheap and it holds loads of ammo.

This thing is amazing. A big ass claw that shoots an arc of electricity that takes out crowds of enemies with ease. It was less effective in going commando, but for me and many others who played Ratchet & Clank, the tesla claw will always be remembered as pure awesome.

Best weapon in the series! :D it got kind of weak in Going Commando but in the first one? EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC then... Dun dun dun GOLD TESLA CLAW O: in my opinion, strongest weapon in ratchet and clank 1, and best weapon in the series.

Why isn't this back in the reboot? I DON'T LIKE CHANGE - Garythesnail

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3 Suck Cannon

Great weapon, excellent combo with the morph-gun. Shame it didn't show up in the sequels.

You suck in enemies, and then fire them out... Is any more explanation necessary?!

This one gets really powerful with more upgrades. - Garythesnail

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4 R.Y.N.O.

The R.Y.N.O. is definitely the most powerful weapon in the Ratchet and Clank games.

Come on, we all know this is the best. - Garythesnail

Did you see how fast it killed the final boss? It is awesome!

The song that goes with it is amazing.

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5 Devastator

The devastator, a rocket launcher that can be used as a sniper and has a high rate of fire

Upgraded gold version makes its hoot three missiles at a time

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6 Morph-O-Ray

People who have played UYA have oveously NEVER bought this fun you can turn your enemies into ducks and sheeps it blew my mind the first time I used it because it made hard enemies become easy just shoot them 4 like 2 seconds and they r a animal! It's what I think the winterizer is based off of.

7 Pulse Rifle
8 Hoverbomb Gun
9 Magma Cannon
10 Shield Charger

Upgrades to tesla barrier which has moore protection and can shock enemies

Three words: Ultra Tesla Barrier
Most broken weapon in Going Commando and I love it so much

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11 Heavy Bouncer

Note the heavy in the title. I hate the regular Bouncer, which made it all the more awesome when I upgraded it to this bad boy. It shoots a big bomb with smaller (yet still soccer ball sized... Maybe a bit smaller) sized bombs in it that homing bounce and deal massive damage!

Such an amazingly destructive weapon. Amazed its not in the top 10!

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12 Visibomb Gun

Nearly as powerful as RYNO, and you CONTROL where it goes. Perfect for strong enemies.

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13 Glove of Doom V 1 Comment
14 Nitroeruptor
15 Ryno 2

IT IS A WEAPON OF ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION! It shoots out missles as fast as a machine gun and can destroy the final boss in seconds. Not to mention how it can clear out a level with ease, only downside is the cost of ammo, which if you had the money to buy t shouldn't be a problem

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16 Electroblaster

Such a well rounded weapon, great at any stage of the game, and beautiful effects

17 Ryno 3

It's started off good but then later became crappy

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18 Ryno 5

Wow, great for a crack in time

19 Mr. Zurkon

From all those weapons listed, Mr. Zurkon really shows the essence of Ratchet & Clank: It's deadly, shiny, high-tech and super funny at the same time. Besides, his quotes are amazing, I only wish they'll someday go ahead and make planet-specific quotes which play based on the enemy he's fighting against.


My only true friend in Crack in time (besides Clank of course)

Mr. Zurkon is here to kill!

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20 Groovibomb Glove

The most hilarious and most awesome weapon I have ever used... No-one can resist the power of the groovibomb, it even gets Ratchet distracted! You can see him smiling and bobbing his head to the music

The best version is in A Crack in Time, where EVERY BOSS DANCES

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