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1 The Godfather
2 The Shawshank Redemption

The Matrix Revolutions and Deadpool are seriously above the greatest movie of all time? - jack2244

Not only should it be the #1 movie but also the #1 R-rated movie - jack2244

It is finally at number 2, now just get it one number higher - jack2244

The Matrix Reloaded is seriously ahead of this? - jack2244

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3 The Hangover
4 The Passion of the Christ

Even if you're Christian, you should probably wait a little while till your kids are old enough to handle it

Roger Ebert thought the movie should've been rated NC-17 because of how graphically brutal it was and that parents should never take their kids to see it.

An NC-17 rating is even harsher than an R rating.

5 Ted

Its great and who doesn't like a psycho fat boy and his dad trying to take a real life talking teddy bear

This is a sad, sad list. - BeatlesFan1964

6 The Hangover Part II
7 The Matrix Reloaded
8 Saving Private Ryan
9 The Godfather, Part II

I love this movie. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro best actors ever.

10 The Exorcist

Roger Ebert thought the movie should'be been rated X instead of R because of how unusually graphic it was at it's time.

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The Newcomers

? The Silence of Lambs
? Apocalypse Now

The Contenders

11 Fight Club
12 Taxi Driver
13 Beverly Hills Cop
14 A Clockwork Orange
15 Pulp Fiction

Duh. It's one of the best films ever made. - Elric-san

16 Deadpool V 3 Comments
17 Superbad
18 Ted 2
19 This is the End
20 The Matrix
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1. Fight Club
2. Superbad
3. This is the End
1. Ted
2. Deadpool
3. Ted 2
1. Taxi Driver
2. The Godfather, Part II
3. The Godfather

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