Top Ten Best Rave Songs

The Top Ten Best Rave Songs

1 Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skrillex

Skrillex is bad ass it is the first song I have heard from skrillex and the first ever dubstep track I've ever heard

No doubt


good job

2 Caution - Victim (Industrial Hardcore Dubstep Remix)

Search it on YouTube it is so horrific and when you are searching it, search (caution-victim (industrial hatdcore dubstep
Remix) it should come up as the 28 days later logo and it was uploaded by Roy van der molen and listen to all of it

This song just makes skrillex look like teletubies because it is a different type of dubstep
It is 183 bpm turn up the volume because this is the scariest dubstep mix ever! K

3 Lights (Bassnector Remix) - Ellie Goulding

This song is so awesome ellie goulding is a great singer and the remix is great!

Ellie goulding is a very talented singer and lights is an amazing song but have you listened
To the remix version by bassnector it is so amazing, please listen to it.

This siong is awesome!

4 Shadow Moses - Bring Me the Horizon

Bring me the horizon is absolute amazing, shadow Moses is defiantly the best song by bring me the horizon

Not surprised they won an award at the kerrang awards 2013 because they are that good.

5 No Problem - Chase & Status

What a cracking song, every time they perform this song, no one just stands there and watches them, they just
Jump around, running into each other and bashing into each other

Nothing can beat no problem, it is 100% chase and status

6 Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy

This is probably my favorite song by The Prodigy, it's so catchy and has a little rock edge to it. The Prodigy is outstanding and is amazingly talented, especially when they first started coming out with music when no one had heard music like that before. Big ups to them and many thanks for creating such an amazing song like this!

How to steal a jetfighter should be coming out some point this year or next years

The song is so amazing, and I <3 the prodigy
I hope they will bring another album out soon, I watched this at the warriors dance festival
And I was raving all the way through the song

There were a lot of mosh pits there but that didn't matter
It is an amazing song!

7 I'm a Raver - Zero Bass

All the way down at 66. WHY?! - GigaYoshi


8 Smack My Bitch Up - The Prodigy

Every Prodigy song could fill this list

9 Bangerang - Skrillex

Skrillex has bangerang end it top the list because bangerang is
Amazing and one of the best songs by skrillex

I though skrillex did better with scary monsters and nice sprites
But still, totally sub zero

10 Make It Bun Dem - Skrillex

I've seen skrillex perform this live and the best thing about it was the crowd because they were jumping around.

The Contenders

11 Fool Yourself - Chase & Status

I see why they always perform this song last because it is a brutal heavy rave dance
Track and there are a lot of strobe lighting and a lot of smoke machines

Watch this song live, it is amazing especially when they were performing at
Glastonbury 2013 it was. Mental, I wish I was there but hey I've been to see the prodigy.

12 Charly (Original Mix) - The Prodigy

The song is amazing, it is totally bad ass

I hope the prodigy is still together and I hope they make another album

Or another song at least!

The alley cat remix though!

13 Doomsday - Nero
14 Ghost N Stuff - Deadmau5

One of Deadmau5's few rave songs. It combines a killer beat with vocals that make you want to sing along.

This song seriously needs to be higher on this list

15 You Only Live Once - Suicide Silence

Brutal rock song and so hardcore

But brilliant to rave to.

16 Bonfire - Knife Party
17 Before I Forget - Slipknot

It doesn't have to be electronic music to rave to, it could also be bad ass metal songs
Like this song by slipknot, it is amazing.

18 Warrior's Dance - The Prodigy

Very good song by the prodigy.

The album invaders must die is the best album by the prodigy

19 Propane Nightmares - Pendulum

What utter bad ass music. Propane nightmares & mutiny are one of the best songs by pendulum

It is a shame they are two members short but that's kind of good because they are in another electronic
Band called knife party and I think they do better music but this is a lot more better rave song.

Knife party have done really good rave songs such as bonfire, internet friends, centipede and fire hive.
They are amazing when they are performing live.

20 X Rated - Excision

It's not just 5 star dubstep it's triple x rated

21 End Credits - Chase & Status
22 War Child - Hollywood Undead
23 Omen - The Prodigy
24 Firestarter - The Prodigy

When this came out, I was listening to it since 1996 and it's near 2014

What an amazing song

25 Flashing Lights - Chase & Status

If anyone is going to listen to chase and status then they have got to listen to flashing lights it is amazing

26 Me & You - Nero
27 Elekktroshockk - Dubsidia

What a brutal drop

28 Guilt - Nero

One of the most heavy nero songs ever

29 Surfacing - Slipknot
30 Blind Faith - Chase & Status
31 Smash TV - Chase & Status

One of the best rave songs ever, I saw this song live at Brixton academy
And people were just bashing into each other.
I'd love to be a part of that<3 chase and status are one the best rave groups ever

32 Pieces - Chase & Status

Nobody should say its a bad song because it isn't, It is amazing and it's amazing to rave to.
It is a shame it didn't make it to the top ten list.

Please try and vote for this song and get it into the top ten list.

33 Duality - Slipknot
34 Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me the Horizon
35 Breathe - The Prodigy
36 Internet Friends - Knife Party

Best knife party song

Keep it up knife party

37 Blood Red - Feed Me
38 Fire Hive - Knife Party
39 Destroy Them With Lasers - Knife Party
40 Slaves to Substance - Suicide Silence

Good song R.I.p Mitch lucker

41 Take Me to the Hospital - The Prodigy
42 Mutiny - Pendulum
43 Pink Lady - Feed Me
44 Brixton Briefcase - Chase & Status
45 Psychosocial - Slipknot
46 Cinema (Skrillex Remix) - Benny Benassi
47 Thunder - The Prodigy
48 Ill Manors - Plan B
49 The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
50 In the End - Black Veil Brides
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