Best Reaction Channels On YouTube

This is a list of the best YouTube channels that primarily make reaction videos. Remember, they must PRIMARILY make reaction videos. If they only sometimes make reaction videos, it doesn't count.

The Top Ten

1 BlastphamousHD TV

He sucks and annoys me so much.

I agree FRReacts is awesome. They will be on top. Love their reactions you have to check them out

Check out FRReacts new channel getting it done right.

Hell yeah

2 Reaction Time

Tal long neck

He so hot and cute

He amazing YouTuber ever.

I love giraffes lol


I love the fbe

The difference between FBE and other reaction channels is that they are diverse! Kids react, teens react, college kids react, adults react, elders react, Youtubers react! It's different people giving their reaction and it's not the same generation every time! They even got generations react! Their videos are amazing and for those that are really big fans like myself, you know about the live streams and the vlogs, and you connect with the reactors on a bigger level compared to those who only watch them once in a while! This channel is the best react channel because let's be honest, they made reaction videos popular. And I'm so glad they did. They made the path for other react channels, but they will always be nr. 1, at least in my heart. - Jettus

AMAZING channel

These guys have perfected the reacting formula. With the variety of things that are reacted to, and the variety of people who are doing the reacting, no one even compares. I know React World was a bad idea, but don't let that detract from the quality of their videos

4 Dwayne N Jazz Dwayne N Jazz

They need more attention, honestly

Whenever I feel stressed or sad I always look at their videos and my whole attitude changes into happiness, they are really my favorite channel to watch.

They are funny and just fun to watch!

They deserve more subscribers!

5 CharmX

Been with him since 2015. Never let me down.

Is amazing

The best out this list

The only reactor worth watching.

6 Blind Wave

Professional, Good Discussions and great personalities

(also great choice of content to react to)

Professional yet heartwarming like a family

These guys are tied with Semblance of Sanity for my favorite reactors, they always try to analyze the things they watch and speculate about the future, it's great.

They are professional about their reactions; they don't just sit on a couch and react but also take notes, recap the previous episodes, discuss plot lines, predict outcomes, ramble about nonsense, and occasionally slap each other. Best guys out there.

7 RashadTheReactor

Cool kid!

He is so annoying - XtremeNerdz12

The dude is weird - bobbythebrony

"I Hate Everything; I ALSO HATE GOOD EDITING! "

"If you hate everything, does that mean you hate yourself? "

Well, I HATE YOU - xandermartin98

8 Tyrone Magnus

Funniest laugh, very good impressions of voices and sounds.

Oh dude. WOOO. WATERFAST. Wha is happening magnusite

9 Jinx


The best man

He just sits there and says stuff like "what the f" - SammySpore

I don't like him - Dashiefan

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10 TheReelRejects

They're funny - bobbythebrony

They're legit

They show real passion to movies and their reviews, thoughts, and reactions are absoulelty brilliant

The Newcomers

? LegendBTV

The Contenders

11 Zias!

They funny asf shoutout B-Lou

They’re funny and really energetic plus they have bars too. 1-2 minutes in I already love these guys!

They are the funniest reactors and have awesome free styles

Brotherhood gang

12 H3H3 H3H3

They actually have some imput on their videos

What the heck...

We have jinx, rushed, and a bunch of other """reactionists""" that do nothing but sit there, while we have the god over here at only 12, and chadtronic at 22. These people actually try, actually edit, and are hilarious. It's sad that Jinx is above him... - Kyledren

H3H3 at 11?! Chadtronic at 17?! They are the only good reaction channels on YouTube! They both put editing and effort into their videos, they are relatable and likable people, they put on skits that they put effort into, they're both funny. Why aren't they at the top?! And for H3H3, Ethan and Hila are the perfect couple on YouTube! Their chemistry with comedy and context works so well!

This needs to be #1

13 Abraham Foulkes
14 Renegades React

These guys are very funny and they actually react to and talk about the videos

I love these guys! They can be both serious and funny in the same video. Give them a watch and you will be hooked! They react to a wide variety of different videos and they take suggestions.

Love you Nate, Ben, Micah, Elena, Caleb, Wyndem, Colton and Beau!

P.S. Not everybody is in all of their videos.

15 King KTF

Understands that Tool are 4 minor deities that got together and make the most exquisite sounds

Humble guy who seems to love listening to music. Can cheer you up when he reacts to Dio or Iron Maiden. Plus the videos are well put together and he speaks some good truths

This guy really digs & loves the music, he's great m/

His reactions to Iron Maiden, Dio, Metallica, Pink Floyd etc are amazing. He is really passionated about their songs and he doesn’t pretend. - Userguy44

16 KT-TV

Jaby koay is best reaction channel in this world

Best reaction channel in the world

The best. Hands down

Best means best

18 Oprahsideverson

This is the funniest man on youtube, I watch his videos so godamn much, but his new videos are trash. Watch 2017 OSN and you'll start laughing like him.


He's literally the funniest reaction channel on you tube and his editing for his videos can't be matched from the music in the background to the zoom ins. He's almost at 700k subscribers he gets like 10,000 followers a day almost.

Fire ass reactor

19 Kickassreaction Kickassreaction

He was amazing, wish he would come back!

20 SmurfVlogs
21 FlightReacts

This guys is the best reaction youtuber of all time also does irls but is still a walking L

Doesn't just sit there and be quiet but he is still a walking L

funny asf

22 ratchetness

I like this guy - bobbythebrony

He actually takes time to edit his videos, at least he's adding something unlike Jinx's neverchanging face and the occasional laugh.

23 SupTho Bros
24 SSSniperwolf SSSniperwolf

She is good

Just watched her prancing strangers texting video today one of them and lol the stupid model

yas queen

Sniper Wolf is a great youtuber! I love her weaves and they are on point. She is very humorous and she does daily content!


He doesn't do ANYTHING in his videos. His face never changes, and he barely speaks. - GamingGoku757

No, just no.

26 Chadtronic Chadtronic

Ladies and fricks.

Probably my favorite youtuber of all time. Also if you like Chadtronic, watch some of his friend's channels like Peanut Butter Gamer and Brutalmoose.

Why the FRICK is he not higher?!

He can make good jokes and sometimes does random stuff at times.

27 Daz Games

One of the rare youtubers that make me laught.

One of my all time favorite youtubers. Also really good gaming videos!

An absalute legand (English accent)

28 Kyutie

She's so cool I have to catch up with her I watched her everyday and became caught up in other things - Humancentrist2999

She is probably the best reactor ever.. because she just surprise you with a warm welcome and even you don't know her it's like you knew her for years!

Shes awesome

Kyutie and Reaction Time should collab they are both amazing

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the two live in different countries. - sandycheeks

29 React Bros
30 James' YouNiverse

Needs more subscribers

31 ManAmal
32 Gattor Martin

Great Reactor

33 Azzyland

She is so lovely and kind and a good reactor as well. She makes everything interesting bland funny, always has cool ideas and videos are heart warming. Her outro especially makes my day! "I love you guys so muuch! Stay awesome, stay sweet, and don't forget to be nice to each other! Bye bye! " She is honestly a wonderful human being. She should be further up on the list.

She is great

She should be higher on this list

So cute and Funny, and makes a wide variety of videos!

34 Torchwood Boy

He's just ace, has a lot of funny content and is always giving 100%. Love him!

Maybe not the best, but without the doubt the funniest. He made the GoT King's Landing joke before it was cool!

35 Pyrocynical Pyrocynical

He needs to be higher

This guy should be first

Cool GuY I wAnNa DiE

So GuYs,wE dId iT

36 Kushowa

Funny, actually talks about video, and he's really friendly

He's Awesome

37 Alex Hefner

Loves the music, gives honest reactions. Makes my day!

38 NoLife Shaq

He is so honest and funny! He loves everyone and is so funny and fair that everyone loves him back! - Mommy2ThreeReds

Beat youtube reaction channel hands down

39 Reacticorns

Wengie is the worst. She is a pathetic fake because she lied to everyone about her plastic surgery. Her annoying voice just makes me want to vomit. Also, who dyes their hair that color? She is SO immature!

Reacticorns is the best. Love you pink and blue unicorn. Also know as Wengie and Max

I do not know any thing better than reacticorns and reaction time but reaction time is already on the list so I am going to say that wengie and max (the main people on reacticorns) are so funny and humerus I love them so much you do not understand pleese watch reacticorns!

40 AJayII

She is so fun! She makes me wanna get up and dance. She is sassy, funny and dances to every song/video. Her Melanie Martinez reaction was priceless!

Just the best.

41 Ecomog

These dudes are comedy! DAY ONE!

Cool concept and good videos. hilarious!

42 Kwesi Bouie

I love kwesi

43 Couple Reacts

Honest and loving couple! They are real while not ever being mean. Love it!

44 Snow
45 WeabooReacts

This guy is pretty funny. - Userguy44

46 LeafyisHere LeafyisHere

What happened to Leafy? - Stalin

He Doesn't Upload. Why am I even here. But he's a good youtuber

47 Chris Ray Gun
48 Freelancer Amber

I started watching Amber's videos due to her reactions relating to my fandoms. However, she has one main thing that makes her such a good reactor. She expresses exactly what she's thinking when she's thinking it. The entire reason most people watch reaction channels is to see & compare what others think while watching something. The amount of energy & emotion put into Amber's reactions are exactly what people watch these type of videos for.

49 Mitchell Reacts

He is so funny, has good feelings. GO WATCH HIM OR ELSE...

50 Reactbombs
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