Best Reaction Channels On YouTube

This is a list of the best YouTube channels that primarily make reaction videos. Remember, they must PRIMARILY make reaction videos. If they only sometimes make reaction videos, it doesn't count.

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1 BlastphamousHD TV

The best. I don't enjoy anyone's reactions more than his.

Dude tells it like its. Especially when people do stupid stuff.

React should be number 1

He is so funny

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2 Reaction Time

The best reaction channel in my opinion. He's funny and you can tell he spends a lot of time editing.

I love his channel so much I like him every time I watch him

His edits are the best and his reactions are funny

️ because I love him!
😍Because he's so cute!
🤣Because he's so funny!
💕💞Because I love him with my hole heart!
🤤Because his smile is everything!
🤦🏽‍♀️Because Anthony needs to be put in a mental hospital ASAP!

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3 RashadTheReactor

He is so annoying - XtremeNerdz12

The dude is weird - bobbythebrony

"I Hate Everything; I ALSO HATE GOOD EDITING! "

"If you hate everything, does that mean you hate yourself? "

Well, I HATE YOU - xandermartin98

4 TheReelRejects

They're funny - bobbythebrony

They're legit

They show real passion to movies and their reviews, thoughts, and reactions are absoulelty brilliant

5 Tyrone Magnus
6 Blind Wave

These guys push to be excellent reactors as well as original content creators. Also the fact they dedicate a lot of time to their fans is amazing!

Great group of guys, always hilarious, always bringing up excellent points!

Great group dynamics.

Best when it comes to discussions

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7 CharmX

No need to explain, just look him up and you'll see why he's so entertaining and deserves to be in the Top 5. - NickLancer

The best reaction channel

Charmx is awesome. - KianaLexi


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These guys have perfected the reacting formula. With the variety of things that are reacted to, and the variety of people who are doing the reacting, no one even compares. I know React World was a bad idea, but don't let that detract from the quality of their videos

Love love love them

FBE, Chadtronic and h3h3 are the only good ones why aren't they higher?

9 Zias!

Gassed for them bars

The best reaction YouTuber on earth


10 Jinx

He just sits there and says stuff like "what the f" - SammySpore

I don't like him - Dashiefan

Very good YouTuber

The Contenders

11 H3H3 H3H3

H3H3 at 11?! Chadtronic at 17?! They are the only good reaction channels on YouTube! They both put editing and effort into their videos, they are relatable and likable people, they put on skits that they put effort into, they're both funny. Why aren't they at the top?! And for H3H3, Ethan and Hila are the perfect couple on YouTube! Their chemistry with comedy and context works so well!

H3H3 is the best, Papa Bless!

Bo's in the house...

The only reaction channel I like

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12 Dwayne N Jazz Dwayne N Jazz

So great and funny


13 KT-TV
14 Oprahsideverson

He's literally the funniest reaction channel on you tube and his editing for his videos can't be matched from the music in the background to the zoom ins. He's almost at 700k subscribers he gets like 10,000 followers a day almost.

He's funny asl I watch him every night


He's great bro. HESO MELO JELO!

15 ratchetness

I like this guy - bobbythebrony

He actually takes time to edit his videos, at least he's adding something unlike Jinx's neverchanging face and the occasional laugh.

16 FlightReacts

funny asf

17 SupTho Bros
18 Renegades React

These guys are very funny and they actually react to and talk about the videos

I love these guys! They can be both serious and funny in the same video. Give them a watch and you will be hooked! They react to a wide variety of different videos and they take suggestions.

Love you Nate, Ben, Micah, Elena, Caleb, Wyndem, Colton and Beau!

P.S. Not everybody is in all of their videos.


He doesn't do ANYTHING in his videos. His face never changes, and he barely speaks. - GamingGoku757

No, just no.

20 Kyutie

She's so cool I have to catch up with her I watched her everyday and became caught up in other things - Humancentrist2999

Shes awesome

She is probably the best reactor ever.. because she just surprise you with a warm welcome and even you don't know her it's like you knew her for years!

Vote for kyutie she's the best reaction youtuber ever

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