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This series is about the cast of all four of The Fine Brothers' series, Kids, Teens, Elders, YouTubers, and the special with celebrities, which could be a special. Suggest your own favorite reactors from the special and each of the series. Please specify which React series the reactors are from (e.X. Tom - Teens).

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1 Rock - Elders

Rock is a down to earth type of guy, his mind is adapted to our messed up generation and is truly a good guy as you can easily tell from his awesome, and honest opinions that he provides the viewers with each episode he is on. He is definitely my favorite react character, and he's probably the only reason I watch TheFineBros. His laugh is very contagious, his humor always amazes me, and I wish he could be my grandpa, I would be so happy.
He feels like the kind of guy who will answer a question like "how old are you? " with a funny reply like __ years YOUNG! (haha... ) Overall I hope that when I become "older" that I'll be like Rock, a guy who doesn't mind sharing what his views are and still be an approachable funny guy! :D
Hopefully he'll be on many more episodes as I can't wait to see a new episode with him! Would love to hear his advise and opinions 100%!

Rock has a very bright mind for his age. His reactions in the series are the least amount of things you would expect an elder to say, and it proves to me that he is a very cool grandpa! Could I perhaps get your number, Rock? (I'm kidding) - Jacebook

I was smiling when I saw his laugh, I think he is a honest and humble guy. I so hope can meet him in next day! When I am old, I want to be like him, humble, funny, etc.. How lucky his family had him

I love him but STOP! please help me, I have a very important question, does he support Donald Trump? in the reaction to 2016 election video I felt like he was supporting him but I don't know. Please please pleasee help, I need to know! THaankyouuu!

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2 Tom - Teens

Tom is one of my favorite reactors because of how reminiscing he is of William to me. - Jacebook

Tom is the best of the reactors

He is just... Perfect


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3 William - Kids

William has been my personal favorite because there is something about it, and I don't know what, makes him feel special to the show. Yes, we miss him as a regular cast member, but his legacy will be remembered. - Jacebook

4 Smosh - YouTubers

Oh boy, these guys are hilarious on YouTubers React. Ian and Anthony have a wide opened bond between each other and it shows here. My favorite moment is when they flip out after getting RickRoll'd. Oh, by the way, I got a boy on my chin. - Anthony - Jacebook

5 Chris Hardwick - Celebrities

This guy clearly was a standout from the celebrity special of React. To me, Hardwick is like a combination of William from Kids React, with Shane Dawson from YouTubers React. Enough said. - Jacebook

6 Maxim - Kids

Somebody please give a medal to Maxim's parents! I've never seen such a cute and clever boy, so interested in science and so smart for his age! He knows that bats use sound waves, that graham bell invented the telephone and speaks two languages (English and Russian! ). Wish my son will be like him

Maxim is surprisingly smart for an 8 year old, and one of my new favorites on Kids React. Plus, he's so cute, I WANT TO SQUEEZE HIM! - Jacebook

He's so cute and very very smart for his age! When he speak in Russian, he sounds adorable!

7 Shane Dawson - YouTubers

Don't even get me started on how funny Shane is on YouTubers React. Yes, he can be inappropriate for some kids, but for the rest of us, his reactions are somehow sarcastic, and unusual compared to many other reactors. Oh, by the way Shane, keep you pants zipped up. - Jacebook

8 Dylan - Kids

At first when I see the show, I didn't really care for Dylan. Now, he reminds me of William's legacy with his own little twist. And who can't forget THE SUSHI WITH MY BLOOD ON IT! - Jacebook

9 Dash - Kids

There is something about this kid and I don't know why, but I just love. Maybe it is the fact that he is very logical, like Mac from Foster's Home. Oh, yeah, and his Gentleman dance I couldn't get out of my head. - Jacebook

10 Adam - Teens

A lot of you will be asking me why I didn't put him higher, and that's because Adam is at parts a little boring or "cliche". But when it comes to him and his gaming skills, he can be more badawesome than any other reactor in the series - Jacebook

Pretty much open to everything and seems to be knowledgeable on most subjects

He funny

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11 Tori - Teens

Such a positive young lady.

Just awesome

She is amazing who doesn't like Tori


12 Catherine - Elders

Beautiful lady and very truthful but still funny and cute one of the most genuinely funny elders

She is such a fangirl, it's so cute

Oh she's great too! Cathy is beautiful and a very sympathic person. Seriously Cath, I hope I will look like you when I'm older

13 Lucas - Kids

Lucas is so funny but how do you get chosen to be there and were is it at

He is adorable and hilarious.

He's so adorable - 445956

I seiously like his reactions

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14 Jaxon - Kids

He is seriously the best of all of them and he is really funny and cute

He's just generally amazing to be honest

Jaxon you're the best. I have a big crush on you your funny smart cute where the same age I really wish I can se you 1 day I love you. Even my sister your awesome. Your are like my hero your. The best. I love. You jaxon

Jaxon is just my favorite reactor on FBE. He is super funny and he is the best!

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15 Chelsea - Teens

Chelsea is such a great girl with awesome personality and attitude! She is my favourite reactor

I could watch Chelsea react all day

16 Pamela - Elders
17 Ethan - Teens

His laugh is so funny and he seems like a friendly person

Yes I really like ethan

18 Madison - Teens

She is so funny and such a nice person

19 Sydney - Kid

Sydney Is so cute, gun & roses react she loves it and queen. She knows great music and rocks.

She listens to real music! I can tell she will become a metal head soon!

20 Alix - Teens


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