Top Ten Ready Jet Go! Episodes that Should Be Created

Here is the list of episodes that the amazing PBS Kids series "Ready Jet Go" should make. Someone needs to send these ideas to Craig Bartlett, the creator of the series. You are allowed to submit ideas, but no submitting death, abuse, sexual, barf, poop, pee, Different Way, fart, toilet, booger, twerk, butt, burp, diarrhea, torture, or any ideas not related to RJG.

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1 Return to Bortron 7 (1 Hour Movie Event)

Actually, this is a legit episode. You can look it up online. Its going to come in August 2017. It focuses on Sean and Sydney visiting Bortron 7 with the Propulsion family - Cartoonfan202

I watched ready jet go this morning, and it was pretty good! It is better than caillou and PJ masks. PJ masks doesn't teach you anything and it's just 3 kid wannabe superheroes running around like lunatics. Ready jet go is about the propulsion alien family and they actually give a crap about what's going on. They teach about space and science. Jet's mom is so funny when she sings in the car! I can't wait for return to Bortron 7! Ready jet go is an awesome preschool show. - Trollsfan536

Lol, What is even ready jet go? - VideoGamefan5

Awesome movie idea! :D - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

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2 What are Tides?

Sean, Sydney, and Mindy take Jet to an Earth beach to collect seashells, but their plans are ruined by tides. The kids want to know what tides are. Jet's mom takes them to the moon to learn how the moon controls the tides - Cartoonfan202

3 Mindy's Space Adventure (2-Part Special)

Mindy is almost 5 and she is very impatient for her birthday, since she wants to able to go to space with the other kids. Meanwhile, Sean needs to write a report on comets for Space Troops, and Jet's mom takes him, Jet, and Sydney to space. However, Mindy lies to her mom that she's going to play at her friend Lillian's house, but she sneaks in the back of the Propulsion car. She is really excited. But when they are in space, and the car changes into a saucer, Mindy realizes that there is nowhere to hide in the saucer, and gets exposed. Jet, Sean, and Sydney are surprised. Jet asks his mom to drive them back to Earth to drop off Mindy, but Mindy whines and wants to stay in space with the others. Celery does let Mindy stay in space with them under the grounds that she does not tell her mom she went to space. - Cartoonfan202

4 Christmas on Earth

I think this is going to be a legit episode, but the title isn't real. I know that this is legit because on Christmas, the RJG twitter posted an image of Jet, Sydney, and Mindy dressed up for Christmas. Anyway, it's Christmas in Boxwood Terrace, and Sydney, Sean, and Mindy want to make Jet's first Earth Christmas special. They put on a play (not a Nativity play though), and help decorate Jet's house. Along the way, they also learn about seasons. Meanwhile, Mindy wants to see Santa. Mitchell tries to find proof that Santa is real. - Cartoonfan202

5 Jet's First Day of School

Sean, Sydney, and Mindy realize that Jet has never been to school on Earth, so they take him to their school, Boxwood Terrace Elementary (I think that Sean and Sydney and Jet are in 5th grade and Mindy is in kindergarten). Carrot and Celery buy Jet earth school supplies and Carrot (attempts) to make him an Earth lunch. However at school, Jet has a hard time following the rules and keeping his alien identity a secret. - Cartoonfan202

6 What Makes Magnets Stick?

The kids learn about magnets - Cartoonfan202

7 How Sunspot Got His Name

The kids learn about sunspots - Cartoonfan202

8 Our Neighborhood Planets

The kids learn about our neighborhood planets - Cartoonfan202

9 Jet Gets Exposed (1 Hour Special)

I don't care if its too dark for PBS

A paranoid group of alien hunters records footage of the Propulsion vehicle turning into a flying saucer and show it to everyone in Boxwood Terrace. The government founds out that the Propulsions are literal illegal aliens, and Sean and Sydney's parents find out that Celery takes their children into space, and threaten to sue. Will Jet ever live on Earth again? - Cartoonfan202

10 Dinosaurs in Space

This might be a real episode, on Twitter, the creator of the show said that PBS wants them to do a crossover between Ready Jet Go and Dinosaur Train. But I made up the title. Also, if you watch Mindy's Weather Report, one of the channels Mindy goes to as she's watching T.V. is showing Dinosaur Train. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment - Cartoonfan202

The Contenders

11 Jet vs. Miles

Even though Miles is not from PBS Kids and is from Disney Junior, I would pay to see Jet punch Miles in the face. - Cartoonfan202

12 How Many Stars?

The kids learn about Stars. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

13 Pee Pee in Our Pants

The kids pee their pants and tell everyone that they should do the same.

14 Different Way
15 Sean Poops
16 Jet Gets Bullied

Jet is hanging out with his friends and then some mean boy starts calling Jet names

17 Earth Age Surveying

Jer goes around Boxwood Terrace to ask ages of babies, kids, tweens, teenagers, and adults to calculate ages of the solar system

18 Jet Gets a Sibling 2 Part Special

Just like the episode so many moons, Jet will get a baby sister named Lettuce Propulsion and Carrot and Celery will go to Bortron 7 to do a travel report and get the baby on Bortron 7. But then Jet's parents will get some ice from Enceladus to compare it to earth ice, and Jet Propulsion will try to make an outer space looking room for the baby, and make an observation space area near a window to help his baby sister learn a at about outer space along with being driven to outer space.

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