New Episodes for the Week of June 5-8

(Ok, I know lots of people here don't know what RJG is or don't like it, so this is only for Eraser, ReadyJetGoLover2017, DynastiSugarPop, and Trollsfan536) A lot of my favorite shows are airing new episodes this year, like Andi Mack, Rick & Morty, and Samurai Jack. And so is Ready Jet Go! When Wind Dancer Films announced that RJG was renewed for a Season 2 in August 2016, I was really excited! Then, like last month or so, I went digging on the internet and discovered that Australia and Canada had already aired new Ready Jet Go episodes and posted the videos on their websites. I can't view them because I'm not in either of those countries. But today, I went on my most reliable source of new RJG information: the WTTW Chicago website! I don't live in Chicago (I live in North Carolina), but I've always used that specific website for RJG infomation. And what do you know: they announced that the episodes that aired in Canada and Australia are airing in June!!!

Here are the episodes!
Beep and Boop's Game: The kids help Dr. Rafferty and Bergs get Mars Rover BOOP over a ravine on the red planet by simulating actions in the DSA 'Mars Yard' using BEEP (Boop's sister)! Trial and error leads to success. Along the way, the kids learn just how scientists communicate with far away rovers - through satellites above Mars. The kids then solve a new mystery set up by Bergs, figuring out that Beep and Boop are communicating about... a game of Mars/Mars Yard tic-tac-toe they're playing!

Constellation Prize: When Mindy thinks she's found her own star, the other kids explain how stars are labeled and identified by constellations. Mindy eventually learns that she hasn't found a new star, but that she CAN create her own version of a constellation by connecting patterns in the sky.

Whole Lotta Shakin': The kids and Sunspot attempt to build the tallest tower ever on the Moon, hoping to beat Jet's cousin's record. While building, the Moon's surface shakes. Huh? The Earth kids are amazed to learn that the Moon has quakes, and Jet is just as amazed to learn that Earthquakes exist. After learning about the causes of moonquakes, the kids attempt to build a Moonquake-proof structure.

My Fair Jet: Sean and Sydney are planning to take Jet to the DSA Open House the upcoming weekend. The Earth kids are nervous that he will get in front of a crowd of strangers and forget to keep the secret that he's an alien from Bortron 7. After a hilarious outburst from Jet, the kids are motivated to try to'train' him to behave less like an alien from outer space, and more like a 'regular Earthie kid.' Jet's doing well until he ends up using his Bortronian jet-pack to fly up to rescue the DSA weather balloon when it's about to get away in some bad weather.

The Mindysphere: Mindy's mom has gradually been giving Mindy permission to go a little bit farther in the neighborhood on her own, and Mindy is trying to map out exactly what her boundaries are. Sean compares her 'Mindysphere' to the helisophere-the boundaries of the Sun's influence. The kids get Celery to fly them out past the heliosphere into true interstellar space. Back on Earth, they make their own Voyager 1 (out of a wagon) and take Mindy to the outermost edges of the Mindysphere!

Lone Star: Sydney knows a lot about Boxwood Terrace's early history, and she tells Jet stories about a local pioneer who went by the nickname 'Lone Star.' He got that name because he was an early astronomer who liked the hills of Boxwood Terrace for their excellent views of the night sky, and built the first Observatory on the hill that now sits at the center of the Deep Space Array. As Jet imagines Sydney's story of Lone Star, the kids turn the story into a Western-flavored musical.

Space Race: Jet, Sydney, Sean, and Sunspot join Celery as she competes against her brother, Uncle Zucchini, in an 'Earthie-style race with a winner'! The race is tight until Celery uses the kids' proposed secret'strategy' - a 'gravity assist' off of Jupiter, to increase their saucer speed, and win!

Jet's Time Machine: Jet uses his Bortronian skills to test his first experimental Time Machine so he and his Earthie friends can go back to an exact time - 3 minutes earlier - in order to see a spectacular moment in a meteor shower that they missed. A mistake happens the first time, so he keeps trying to go back in time to fix the first mistake, but more mistakes keep happening and snowball into hilarity.

The episodes I'm most excited for are My Fair Jet, The Mindysphere, Lone Star, and Jet's Time Machine


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