Top 10 "Real" Aliens (Or Alien Looking Humans)

I cannot guarantee you will find the videos for these aliens.

The Top Ten

1 The Witch The Witch

Sorry for the low quality of the image. - TopTener

How to add a picture to this? - TopTener

Go to Обичам зловещи неща (a bulgarian Facebooker)'s page and open the Вещица video.After you watch this,I guarantee you will remain terryfied for at least two days.It's not actually an alien,it's a mentally unstable old woman. - TopTener

2 The Giant Spider in Russia The Giant Spider in Russia
3 The Fresno Nightcrawlers The Fresno Nightcrawlers
4 The Four Legged Spider Creep Chasing a Car in Russia that Spits Slime from Its Mouth

This is completely real (I think).Watch SCARIEST CREATURE EVER CAUGHT ON TAPE CHASING A MAN! video on youtube.This also looks like a video game character but I don't think it is.I don't want to scare people! - TopTener

5 The Alien in Brazil The Alien in Brazil

This is real! - TopTener

6 The Mantis Man

A pink creature that looks like a mantis and Yarael Poof from Star Wars is spotted on the roof of a house in USA.I don't know if it is real or not. - TopTener

7 The White Creature Caught on Tape During Japan Tsunami The White Creature Caught on Tape During Japan Tsunami

It may not be an alien.It's most likely some sort of underwater creature,but still... - TopTener

8 The Flying Humanoid The Flying Humanoid

Caught on tape by a camera which was about to take a photo of two friends. - TopTener

9 The Sewer Monster The Sewer Monster

It is actually a April Fools joke by the United Utilities. - TopTener

10 Area 51 Alien

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11 Africa Alien
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