Top 10 Real Estate Websites for Property Search in India

There are numerous real estate web portals in India however with regards to look through the property, frequently individuals get confused which one to check.

Although most of the people depend on local real estate agent when it comes to buy or rent a property but there are many great deals, you can find with your property dealers.

The Top Ten Real Estate Websites for Property Search in India


The first real estate web portal is 99Acres. This is another premier website for buying and selling properties. They claims to be India’s number 1 real estate web portal.

This site could offer you a vast enumeration of locations, projects or societies if you want to resale your apartment, a villa or a commercial property. - NileshKasurde


Second web portal is MagicBricks in the top 10 list.

This web portal is designed for buying and renting purposes. I liked their buying search engine because the results were very satisfying. If you want to rent then also the database is OK. - NileshKasurde


CommonFloor gained popularity in very short span of time.

It focuses on buying and selling in major top tier cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and other few. - NileshKasurde


IndiaProperty is fourth in the list.

The site works well if you have to do research about a particular property you want to buy. You can get into details for a particular city and get all the information that you need. - NileshKasurde


The best thing about is the accuracy of their database. According to their verified listing is over 1 million. - NileshKasurde


Grab House is number one site for roommates and PG in Mumbai only. If you are living in Mumbai and want a roommate or want to share a flat then GrabHouse is the best. - NileshKasurde


Makaan claims to have a good database for sub metro cities like Ahmadabad, Pune and Hyderabad. - NileshKasurde


PropertyWala is only for buying and renting purposes. This will be useful for you, if you are in Delhi or Mumbai. - NileshKasurde


The listings are good for only two cities Mumbai and Bangalore. - NileshKasurde

Sulekha Properties

The main difference between property portals and this web portal offers is local property search in your city. - NileshKasurde

The Contenders

GharOffice is an online real estate portal which is focused on providing complete Real Estate Solutions to the people. - Gharoffice

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